WWE Smackdown Results 12/3/15

WWE Smackdown Results 12/3/2015
Thursday, December 3, 2015
From The Giant Center in Hershey, PA
Report by James B. of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Be honest, you guys are kinda-sorta excited to see where this League of Nations deal goes, right? Maybe? I think? I hope? Tonight’s show opens with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and the Uso Brothers in the ring preaching the importance of family and brotherhood before challenging the heel stable to an ol’ fashioned fight. The New Day arrives to provide a little bit more comic relief before setting up another confusing main event featuring participants from both sides. We’ll see how it plays out later in the show.

Twenty-two! Two-two! We are 22 minutes into the show before the first punch is thrown! We've got Neville vs. Tyler Breeze with Dolph Ziggler on commentary. The match starts with a nice little back-and-forth with Breeze taking Neville down and lounging on the top rope, followed by Neville returning the favor a minute later. Another neat little sequence with Neville baiting Breeze into a badly-missed dropkick, with Breeze popping right up to his feet and superkicking Neville in the jaw. Summer Rae is very, very fun to keep an eye on during the match. She doesn't show the shock-and-awe look of fear that most managers have when their star is in trouble, but she just has a look of utter disgust. She's bringing a fun, different dynamic to Breeze's matches. Prince Pretty picks up the win with Summer providing a quick distraction and Breeze hitting the Un-Prettier for the pin.

Coming off her not-so-clean loss to Charlotte on Monday night, Becky Lynch squares off with Brie Bella. Brie earns a (legit) early laugh when she fakes a knee injury similar to Charlotte's stunt from Monday. Brie controls the action for most of the match, but when Becky attempts to attack the arm for the Dis-Arm-Her, Brie sends an inadvertent elbow to Charlotte on the outside. Becky locks in the submission, but a heated Ms. Flair storms the ring, pulling Becky off and attacking Brie. Brie picks up the DQ victory as the remaining members of Team PCB are left arguing in the ring once again.

Whelp, we figured out what the stipulation is for tonight's main event: If The New Day defeats the Uso's and Dean Ambrose, then the League of Nations (presumably Del Rio, Sheamus, Rusev and Barrett) will face Roman Reigns in a four-on-one handicap match. Ambrose works almost the entire match for the babyface team before making the hot tag to the Uso's. The match breaks down (as all six-man tag matches do), with Uso's showing off their favorite over-the-top-rope dives and Xavier Woods playing the trombone. Ambrose ends up the legal man again, but gets taken out by a kick from Kofi Kingston and the Shining Wizard finisher from Woods.

Sorry D-Von, you didn't stand much of a chance in this one. Despite the surprise appearance by Tommy Dreamer, the Dudley Boy didn't put up much of a fight against Bray Wyatt. Wyatt wins via pinfall with Sister Abigail after a brief match. After the bell rings. Bubba and Dreamer grab kendo sticks in an attempt to even the score against the Wyatts. It doesn't go as planned. Wyatt hits another Sister Abigail on D-Von, Braun Strowman locks his sleeper/bear-hug on Bubba, and Dreamer gets put through a table.

Oh man, let the Roman Reigns-Super Cena comparisons fly! Despite the four-on-one odds, Reigns defeats the heel stable via count-out. After a lengthy beat-down at the hands of Sheamus, Rusev, Barrett and Del Rio, Reigns knocks each of them out, one-by-one, on the outside of the ring before slithering back in to beat the count. After the bell rings, Sheamus drills Reigns with a Brogue Kick, but Ambrose and the Uso's come down for the save before any more damage can be done.

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