A Look At The Current WWE Commentary Teams For All Shows

JBL, Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler

Jim Ross has a new blog now online on his official website. In it, JR believes the three-man both of Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and John Layfield is now a permanent staple on WWE Raw.

Below is an excerpt from JR's latest:

Looks as if the trio of @MichaelCole @JerryLawler @JCLayfield will be the permanent, Monday Night Raw broadcast team or so it seems. I think that's a good idea with the flagship broadcast now being three hours long. Guest color commentators also don't hurt the presentation as it provides talents the opportunity to expose their personalities in a different forum.

Click here to read the blog in its entirety.

The trio, who have been doing pay-per-views together, have been together on Raw in their current form since April 1, 2013.

The Smackdown commentary team is made up of Michael Cole, JBL and Josh Mathews.

While were at it, below are the commentary teams for the other WWE shows:

WWE Main Event:

Michael Cole & JBL (since April 3, 2013)

WWE Saturday Morning Slam:

Josh Mathews & a WWE wrestler (since August 25, 2012)


Jim Ross, William Regal, Tony Dawson & Tom Phillips

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