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Adam Cole On Studying CM Punk, Preparing For A Promo, & More

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Adam Cole

Adam Cole, who will soon be seen in NXT, spoke with ESPN and had the following things to say - on cutting a promo:

“For me, I like to just do it. I can get in a zone for my promo material fairly quick. If it’s one of those deals where I arrive and immediately they’re like, ‘Hey, come and cut a promo,’ I love having like 30 seconds to shut my eyes and think about completely morphing into Adam Cole and thinking that way. This is gonna sound silly, but if I have gum, chomping on my gum like an idiot really, really helps me kind of get in the zone. I walk different. My face is different. I just try my best to get the most prepared and then let everything naturally flow. My thing is, when I’m talking, I want people to think and completely believe that I believe everything that I’m saying.”

Studying CM Punk for inspiration:

“Nine times out of 10 the promo stuff that I watched was all CM Punk. Just the way that he spoke, the cadence that he had, the confidence that he had, the look in his eyes was so believable. Punk was so smart with his promos. He talked intelligently, to where you thought he was an intelligent guy and you thought this was a fresh idea, but it wasn’t so over-the-top or so over your head that you didn’t understand it. He was very, very good at carrying himself in promos. He was definitely a guy that I studied quite a bit and still study going forward and cutting promos.”


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