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Adam Copeland Talks Acting, Traveling With Tommy Dreamer, Working With Hogan, New Baby

Adam Copeland, a/k/a WWE Hall of Famer Edge, was on George Stroumboulopoulos in Canada. Below are the highlights:

  • Adam said the opportunity to play Dwight Hendrickson on Haven was given to him two days after he retired from WWE. They brought him in for a couple of scenes, then a couple of episodes and was then invited to join for the next season as a recurring cast member.
  • Copeland talked about being smart and saving his money. He said if they could give a class to people coming into the wrestling business about how to manage their money and keep it all in check. He said from day one he was always Adam, he never introduced himself as Edge.
  • Adam said he never wanted to be Mickey Rourke of "The Wrestler" and you never realize when you're immersed in it how crazy the schedule is. He said he's glad he's done and realizes what a slippery slope it could be with pills. Copeland said he never had a problem but after surgeries he would take them and saw how it could happen.
  • Edge talked about traveling with Tommy Dreamer and there being times where he would have to carry his bags. He made a comparison to Brett Favre and said did he still have it or did he have flashes of it? Adam said the neck forced him to go out on top.
  • He talked about getting the opportunity to work with Hulk Hogan in WWE (in 2002). Edge said Hogan was very easy going and he went back to being 10-years-old.Ada
  • Edge confirmed he and Beth Phoenix welcomed their first child six weeks ago.

You can watch the interview at this link.

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