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Additional Information Regarding Some WWE Releases Today


Today has been a sad day for the wrestling business, fans and of course the people that have been directly affected by WWE releases today. Vince. You can follow our release tracker, tracking all the releases made by WWE here. 

It is worth noting that it appears all the producers that were affected by this have not been released, rather they have been furloughed at this time. It's unknown right now if that's the case for all of them but it appears to be the case.

Also speculation is that WWE worked with some talents on a release and it was a mutual decision. It's worth noting that some talents have been wanting to negotiate new deals elsewhere and then possibly return to the company but were in the middle of their current deal. While this wasn't the case for all talents it should be noted that some of the talents had a say in being released.

Some talents have taken to social media to tweet about the situation.

Please stay with Wrestling News World as we will have you covered for all the news as it happens. Also we want to reach out and thank every performer and backstage talent affected by this for entertaining us over the years and hope things get brighter for you in the future.

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