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AEW All Out 2020 Betting Odds

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is set to host All Out this weekend, one of the handful of pay-per-view events this year from the young wrestling promotion. There are tons of odds with nine scheduled matches to take place. Let's check out what the bookmakers are thinking at 888sport, heading into Saturday's show.

The Dark Order vs Matt Cardona, Scorpio Sky & The Natural Nightmares Betting Odds

  • Favorite: The Dark Order (-455)
  • Underdog: Cardona/Scorpio/Nightmares (+280)
  • First Tag: The Dark Order (-250)
  • Involved for Favorite: Lee (-150)
  • Involved for Underdog: Rhodes or Marshall (-345)

The odds indicate that not only will The Dark Order win this match, but it appears either Dustin Rhodes or QT Marshall will concede. This makes sense, mainly because Dark Order leader Brodie Lee took Cody Rhodes' championship - and so having Lee pin the older brother seems reasonable to consider. 

The odds are far too expensive however, for picking Dustin/Marshall to concede or Dark Order to win. The best bet to make for this match is Brodie Lee picking up the win at -150, as the odds are cheap enough for a small loss. Lee will be teaming with Evil Uno, Stu Grayson and Colt Cabana.

Of the three, it would seem Cabana has the best chance to be involved in the match result if not Lee. Lee is receiving a strong push however, and so for the cheap odds its worth a risk to take a flier on Lee getting the victory for his team

Betting Tip: Involved in Result Market - Lee (-150) 

Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Cassidy (-139)
  • Underdog: Jericho (+100)
  • Method: Mimosa Tank (-455)

It's official, this is the first wrestling match I have analyzed in which the favored method of victory involves a brunch cocktail. Feel free to go all in with orange when betting this match, although I might not recommend the method market.

-455 is far too expensive, despite the mimosa tank a lock to be used. What makes the -455 a bit weary is that the match can still end in a pin or submission, in which the mimosa tank is then used after the bell rings for an 'embarrassment' segment involving Jericho or OC. 

The mimosa tank will be used, that's a lock. What's not a lock is when the tank will be used and so for -455, it's not worth finding out. The winner market is where money should be focused here, as OC is the cheap favorite. It's absolutely worth taking either Jericho or OC here, but with fans now in attendance it seems OC is due for his first big win. 

It's hard to pass on Jericho as an underdog, if you can even consider him that given odds to win at 50%. Jericho's plus-value is worth a look but it seems  that AEW has been stretching this rivalry out just so OC can get a big win in front of a crowd. This seems to be the night it will happen. 

Betting Tip: Winner Market - Orange Cassidy (-139)

Jurassic Express vs The Young Bucks Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Young Bucks (-400)
  • Underdog: Jurassic Express (+250)
  • First Tag: Split (-118)
  • Involved for Underdog: Luchasaurus (-125)

This is a tricky match to bet, as the underdog might actually have a better chance to win than given (+250). It's hard to bet against The Young Bucks though, especially when they are given an 80% chance to win . This makes skipping the winner market easy, as the attention moves into the result market. 

Luchasaurus is the favorite to be involved in the match result at 55.6%, which would make more sense if Express was the favorite. They are not, which makes Jungle Boy at -112 (52.8%) worth consideration instead. I never like to consider underdogs with minus-value, but it seems reasonable to believe that The Young Bucks would more than likely get the win over the smaller competitor of Jurassic Express rather than their big leader. 

Betting Tip: Involved in Result Market - Jungle Boy (-112)

Britt Baker vs Big Swole Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Big Swole (-148)
  • Underdog: Baker (+105)

This is a very difficult match to bet on, despite the cheap odds for both competitors. Because Britt Baker might have the best charisma in the AEW women's division, her underdog odds should be heavily considered. 

Big Swole seems to be impressing officials backstage, which is why her odds might see her as the favorite. If you fancy Big Swole and the eventual push she seems lined up to be getting, her -148 odds are worth taking.

Baker on the other hand provides better value at plus-odds. Her character is much more intriguing and should be considered at the very top of the women's roster. Add that with the fact Baker has help on the outside, it's very difficult not to take her as an underdog pick here. However, when a talent is as good as Baker is, then they don't need wins to succeed. 

It appears that Baker will be just fine winning or losing, whereas Big Swole might need this win to give her character more merit moving forward. As much as I love Britt Baker, it makes more sense for Swole to pick up the win here. Go with your gut when betting this match as both women provide a cheap price tag and multiple reasons for winning. My heart says Baker but my mind says Big Swole.

Betting Tip: Winner Market - Big Swole (-148) or Britt Baker (+105)

Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Hardy (-400)
  • Underdog: Guevara (+250)
  • First Down for 9-Count: Hardy (-139)

There is really only one way to bet this match, and that's Matt Hardy being the first competitor to see a full 9-count from the referee. What does that mean? Well, the only way to win this match is to stay down for 10 full seconds.

With the stipulation that Hardy must leave AEW if he looses, it seems that this booking is worth betting on. The idea Hardy wins (-400) is nothing to bet on, because he is so expensive. However, betting on Hardy to be the first competitor to nearly lose is worth taking at -139.

Stories are usually told in a way that the hero is close to defeat, only for a triumph comeback to win. This would be the case if Guevara, a genuinely hated superstar amongst most fans, is near victory only for the beloved Hardy to fight back and win. This makes sense from a booking stand point, and is cheap enough to consider placing a wager on.

Betting Tip: Prop Market - Hardy Sees First 9-Count (-139)

Hikaru Shida vs Thunder Rosa Betting Odds 

  • Favorite: Shida (-625)
  • Underdog: Rosa (+350)

We have finally found our first official match to avoid. Now if you fancy Thunder Rosa, then bet on her as she is a heavy underdog here. Shida has an over 80% chance to win however, so unless you're playing with house money or chump change then don't bet this match.

Shida has actually been a very solid champion since shockingly winning the belt off of Nyla Rose. Im not convinced that AEW is convinced the belt should be moved off Shida for Thunder Rosa, despite the experience Rosa provides. 

If you have free money laying around and you think a shocking moment is in the works, then feel free to take Thunder Rosa. Overall though, Shida should win and she is far too expensive with no other markets available to bet on. 

Betting Tip: Avoid this match

AEW Tag Team Championship Betting Odds

  • Favorite: FTR (-500)
  • Underdog: Page/Omega (+300)
  • First Tag: FTR (-230)
  • Involved for Underdog: Omega (-200)

It's unfortunate, but this might be a match to avoid betting as well. It's unfortunate because this has the making to be the best match of the night. However, FTR is a heavy favorite (83.3%) which makes betting this impossible, unless you like Omega and Page to win.

It is possible AEW keeps the belts on Page and Omega a bit longer, as that would add even more intrigue to the story between the two. However, the story points to Page and Omega fighting each other soon and FTR winning the gold.

Expect this match to not only crown FTR new champions, but also add another element to the eventual Page vs Omega storyline. No odds are worth considering here, as this seems very predictable despite the story's intrigue.

Betting Tip: Avoid this match

Jon Moxley vs MJF Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Moxley (-250)
  • Underdog: MJF (+175)
  • Method: Pin (-400)

Moxley to win at -250 is a bit pricey, as his value was much better in August. In fact, MJF opened as the favorite to win this match. As time went by though, Moxley slowly saw his odds rise as he is now hovering around the 70% win probability mark. 

This makes sense for many reasons, most notably though is that MJF might just not be ready. As great as MJF is, there is still a lot of growing to do, especially in the physical department. The weasel-like, 'all talk-no fight' champion is never a bad idea to run with when a superstar exerts as much charisma as MJF does. However, that gimmick feels better suited for a mid-card belt.

Also, AEW has been very protective of their main card championship which favors Moxley here. MJF is without a doubt a future star and has easy potential to be a pro wrestling Hall of Famer. With that said, it's simply not the time - especially with how AEW is booking their main card champions. 

Shifting to the price tags, should you bet this match? Honestly, I wouldn't. Moxley is too expensive and MJF at +175 is not worth the plus-value. The time to bet this match was early when it was first announced, and Moxley saw odds closer to -100. Now, this match should be avoided unless you are comfortable with an expensive take on Moxley winning or an upset win from MJF. 

Betting Tip: Avoid this match

Casino Battle Royale Betting Odds

  • Darby Allin (+125)
  • Lance Archer (+150)
  • Brian Cage (+400)
  • Eddie Kingston (+400)
  • Jake Hager (+650)
  • Pentagon Jr (+700)
  • Ricky Starks (+1000)
  • Rey Fenix (+1500)
  • Ortiz (+3300)
  • Santana (+3300)
  • Shawn Spears (+3300)
  • Austin Gunn (+4000)
  • Billy Gunn (+4000)
  • Chuck Taylor (+4000)
  • The Blade (+4000)
  • The Butcher (+4000)
  • Trent (+4000)

Saving the most cumbersome match for last is the Casino Battle Royale. In this match, the winner will receive an AEW World Championship match, similar to WWE's Money in the Bank gimmick. 

It seems safe to say that the tag teams can be avoided when betting this match. Let's start with the top names - Allin, Archer, Cage and Kingston. Quite frankly, any of those names is worth consideration due to the value provided. Cage already got his moment winning a match like this upon his return, so it's unlikely he gets another title shot in a 'rinse-repeat' booking. However, carrying around the FTW Championship might lead to a title-unification match if he should win this Battle Royale. 

Darby Allin has also had his fair share of moments going after the AEW World Championship, so Kingston or Archer provide the best value with realistic chance to win. Archer was unable to dethrone Cody of his TNT Championship, so if AEW wants to hit the 'restart' button on Archer's monstrous persona, then winning this match would help. 

AEW has rewarded new superstars in the short time they have been around. Brodie Lee, Matt Cardona, Cage and Archer were all shot into important storylines upon entering the company. Kingston entered late-July, granted, but his face is still somewhat new enough for those who don't follow AEW intently. For the sake of 'mixing it up', Kingston seems to be a good bet to go after Moxley and is worth a take at +400.

Betting Tip: - Winner Market - Any of the top four names

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