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Catch up on AEW Dark

This week episode of AEW Dark took place in Denver, Colorado and here is what went down:

First off, Kip Saban and The Librarian Peter Avalon vs Jurassic Express. Luchasaurus and Saban start off the match. Saban mocking the dinosaur, while Avalon was terrified to say the least. Jungle Boy gets the tag and get the upper hand against Avalon, before Saban tags himself in. Jungle Boy turns into a one man wrecking crew as he hits the inside out senton to Saban, followed by the cross body to Avalon. Avalon sweeps Luchasaurus before he can get tagged and Penelope Ford helps in the effort by grabbing onto Jungle Boys legs before he can spring off the ropes. Saban capitalizes on this by hitting the twisting neck breaker, but only gets a two count.

Jungle Boy is corned and isolated from Lauchasaurus because who wants to mess with a giant dino? Avalon hits a beautiful moonsault, but no one is home and Jungle Boy tries to tag in Luchasaurus, but Penelope Ford denies the tag by distracting the ref. Throwing one of Leva Bates’ books into the ring. Marko Stunt, Leva Bates and Ford all have a moment and the distraction lasts long enough for Luchasaurus to get the tag. Giant chops, superkicks, and body slams ensue as Luchsaurus takes full control of the match. Saban hits a reverse move, but has enough momentum from the hit that Luchasaurus can tag in Jungle Boy. The last few seconds of the match is sided towards Jurassic Express as they get the W!

Followed by Severino Corrente vs Jimmy Havoc. Havoc’s record is 2-0 in 2020 and abandoned his recognizable style of beating his opponents to a bloody pulp for a slightly more technical style. Corrente put up somewhat of a fight before Havoc hit him with the Acid Rainmaker. As Havoc was leaving the ring Luther attacked him from behind. smashing Havoc into the barricade and into the ramp before pointing to his [Luthers] third eye. Since the Nightmare Collective is no more, no one is really sure what to call the duo of Luther and Mel. Or what their purpose is, especially what Jimmy Havoc has to do with all this.

Next up, the women got their time to shine in Dark with newly recruited Abadon, who resembles something that fans would see if Su Young and Rosemary had a baby versus Hikaru Shida. The number one contender starts the match perplexed by Abadon, unable to start off with any defence. Which Abadon takes advantage of. Shida comes back with a number of elbow strikes after being licked by the “zombie” as Excalibur continues to call Abadon. Then going for the missile drop kick, an awkward crucifix pin, another elbow strike. Abandon attempted to scare Shida before hitting the running knee strike to the face. Pinning the unranked opponent for the three count.

Sonny Kiss and Brandon Cutler teamed up to face Private Party. It was a little too obvious who the favourites of this match were as Cutler and Kiss have yet to get a win in AEW’s 2020 season. Cutler and Isiah Cassidy start the match. with a couple of blind tags made from their respective partners and a sequence of scouted out drop kicks from all four wrestlers. Both duos have seemed to have down their homework as no one seems to have an upper hand early on. Kiss is eventually isolated from Cutler by Private Party and the cohesive movement and in-ring IQ Cassidy and Quinn have. Kiss escapes a double suplex, slides under Cassidy and Quinn to finally tag in Cutler. Who springboard clotheslines both members of Private Party. Cutler doesnt waste time or body movement in getting his teams first W. There is a lot of high flying, and twerking going on before Cutler hits the “TPK,” but a miscommunication in who was the legal man costs the unranked team the three count and ultimately the win as Private Party hit “Gin and Juice”

The win is spoiled by the new faction Death Triangle, who attacks Private Party, Kiss and Cutler. PAC takes the mic and addresses AEW. That he, Rey Fenix and Pentagon should get the respect of athletes their caliber should receive. As Dark comes to a close, Death Triangle continues their attack on the tag teams before Joey Janella, The Best Friends, and Orange come to aid of baby faces and Death Triangle retreat. All this seems to be setting up a six man tag title picture for the very packed tag division of AEW.

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