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AEW DARK 03-17-2020

First match to start off Dark, peter Avalon vs Colt Cabana. Avalon starts off the with his usual shtick of sssh’ing everyone. Colt messes with Avalon’s books and fakes out Avalon before kicking him in the mid section. Cabana and Avalon grapple in the middle of the ring with an assortment of submission holds. Cabana keeps Avalon in body scissors before Avalon sends Cabana out of the ring with a drop kick. Avalon gets Cabana steamed up with a bunch of chops to the chest. Colt matches Avalons chops with some elbows and chops of his own. Cabana attempts to go on the top rope before being blocked by Leva bATES. The two play tug of war with Bates, before Bates and Avalon have a romantic moment and Cabana takes the distraction to get the W. 

Next match up is a tag team bout with The Hybrid 2 vs. Brandon Cutler and Micheal Nakazawa. The match begins with Evans attacking Cutler with a springboard head kick before the bell. Angelico follows Evans lead and attacks Nakazawa before Evans tags in to land a spinning head kick. Evans and Angelico double team Nakazawa for a near follow. As Angelico tags in and attacks Nakazawa with strikes. Angelico looks Nakazawa in a submission hold and tags in Evans. Nakazawa is corner by TH2, but fights back and nails Evan with a spinning head kick. Angelico tags himself in and attacks Nakazawa from behind. Angelico then pulls back on Nakazwa’s arms before Nakazawa sprays himself with oil and slips out of Angelico’s grasps. Evans gets the tag and Nakazawa sprays both members of TH2 with oil. Cutler finally gets the tag and cleans house with TH2. Cutler knocks out Evans into Angelico before landing a springboard forearm strike. Cutler then hits Evans with a spinning guillotine leg drop before nailing Evans with head kicks.

Cutler then nails Angelico with a suicide dive and hits Evans with a springboard elbow drop, but only gets a two count. Nakazawa gets the tag in and sprays oil on Evans before he and Cutler double team Evans. Nakazawa accidentally sprays oil into Cutlers eyes. Which allows Evans to knock Cutler out of the ring, nailing him with a suicide dive and Angelico nails Nakazawa with buckle bomb for Evans to land the 630 for the three count.

The final match is Christopher Daniels with SCU vs. Stu Grayson with The Dark Order. The match begins with the referee sending SCU and Dark Order to the back. Daniels nails Grayson with a number of strikes. Grayson then corners Daniels and Daniels lands more strikes. Daniels drops Grayson with a shoulder tackle and Grayson leaves the ring. Grayson renters the ring and lands an elbow strike. Grayson leaves the ring again and Daniels knocks him into the barricade with a drop kick. Daniels throws Grayson into the barricades a few more times and then enters the ring before landing a top rope cross body for the two count. Daniels drags Grayson around the ring, smashing his face into the turnbuckles. Grayson recovers and hits Daniels with an uranage. Grayson stands over Daniels while attacking him with a bunch of strikes before trapping Daniels into the corner and landing more strikes. Grayson then drops Daniels wth a knee strike for the near count. Daniels fights his way back into the match with a plethora of strikes and roll ups.

Grayson recovers and drops Daniels with some chops for the two count. Daniels falls onto the ring apron and Grayson hits him with a slingshot swanton bomb. Grayson leaps off the top rope and daniels avoids the attack before landing an exploder suplex. Daniels drops Grayson with a number of forearms strokes and a STO. Daniels follows that up with a blue thunder bomb for a near fall. Grayson fights back and nails Daniels with a tornado DDT, followed y a knee strike foe two. Grayson looks to hit Daniels with Nightfall, but daniels avoids it before exchanging head kicks. Daniels attempts the angels wings, but Grayson avoids the move fo a near fall. Grayson then goes for the double jump moonsault and Daniel avoids him. Daniel then sets up the Angel’s Wing, but only gets a near fall. Grayson fights back and locks Daniels in a Japanese necktie as The Dark Order member distract the referee. Grayson argues with a Dark Order member and Daniels takes the distraction and nails the member. Grayson goes for Nightfall, but Daniels counters into a roll up for three and gets the victory.

After the match, The Dark Order attacks Daniels until SCU and Colt Cabana save the day.

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