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AEW DARK RECAP 03-24-2020

On This Weeks Episode of Dark

Packed night for AEW fans as Dark returns for another episode. First match of the night, Jake Hager with Sammy Guevara vs Joe Alonzo. Hanger takes control of the match early. Sets up with the go behind and pushes Alonzo into the turnbuckle. Alonzo chops Hager down, but Hager counts with a wheel barrel suplex. Guevara interferes and attacks Alonzo from the outside. Hager lifts Alonzo up and throws him into the turnbuckle. Followed by a triangle submission hold for the victory as Alonzo taps. Hager wins.

Next match is a tag team matchup with The Natural Nightares vs a new tag team to AEW in Jon Cruz vs Matt Sells. Dustin ad Cruz start the match. Dustin runs through cruz with a clothesline, followed by a dark drag. Dustin tags Marshall in and he plants a clothesline in the corner. Marshall goes for the cover, but only gets the 2 count. Cruz holds onto Marshall and tags in Sells, followed by Marshall raging in Dustin. Dustin DRAGS sells over to his corner and quick tags Marshall back in. The Natural Nightmare go for the double Russian leg sweep and Sells eventually gets Marshall back to his corner and tags Cruz. Cruz goes to the top rope and jumps onto Marshall’s shoulders. Quick tag comes from Cruz to Sells. Sells then locks Marshall up and tags cruz back in. Marshall gets some offence going and fights out of the hold and tags Dustin. Dustin hits Cruz with a right handed uppercut, followed by a running bulldog as The nATURAL Nightmares end the match with a power slam combo to get the victory.

SCU face off against Shawn Spears and Robert Anthony. Anthony and Kazarian start the match. Anthony takes advantage early and isolates Kazarian's arm. Kazarian reverses with a few arm drags. Anthony then tags in Spears as he charges in and gets sent down with an arm drag. Kazarian tags to Daniels. Daniels takes Spears down with a leg drag. Spears grabs Daniels and slams him down with a powerslam. Spears then slap across Daniels' across the face. SCU are both in the ring and have Spears isolated. SCU takes turns kicking Spears in the chest. After several quick tags, Anthony drags Kazarian out of the ring and throws him into the barricade. Anthony lands an inside-out on Daniels. Anthony with the lateral press, Daniels kicks out at 2. Anthony plants three bodyslams on Daniels. Anthony throws Daniels towards his corner and tags Spears back in. Daniels flattens Spears, ducks under a clothesline from Anthony, tagging in Kazarian. Kazarian connects a middle rope leg drop. Kazarian covers Anthony, Spears comes in and breaks it up, but accidentally strikes Anthony. Anthony gets a rolling death valley driver in and covers Kazarian. Kazarian kicks out at 2. All four men are in the ring. Spears rolls out of the ring. Anthony pulls through with a double clothesline on SCU. SCU ends the match with a moonsault/piledriver and get the win. After the match Spears gets back into the ring and hits the C4 to Anthony.

Kip Sabian vs Suge D. With Sabian back turned D attempts to go for the quick victory with a roll up pin, but Sabian gets his shoulders up. D flies in the air with a monkey flip. Ford on the outside attacks Suge D and then grabs his hair. Sabi an hits the running knee and goes for the cover, but Suge D kicks at 2. Suge D gets on the apron and knocks Sabian with a rand handed punch. Sabian then locks in octopus hold. Suge D taps out and Sabian gets the win.

Colt Cabana vs Brandon Cutler. Cutler is still looking for a W in his winless 2020 record. The two men start the match by exchanging holds, until Cabana sends Cutler down on the mat. Cutler then gets some offence and sends Cabana down, but Cabana gets up and walks into a arm bar. Cutler breaks the hold and Cabana sends Cutler to the outside. Cutler gets back in the ring and out again with a middle rope dive. Cutler misses the flying springboard and Cabana hits an elbows between Cutlers eyes. Ending the match with a Superman pin, Cabana wins.

Finally, the bad boy Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss vs Corey Hollis and Mike Reed. Hollis and Janela start the match as Janela gets control early. Janela backs up towards his corner and Kiss tags in. Kiss gets Hollis in an arm lock and tags Janela back in. Kiss slaps Hollis and ties him up and gets knocked back by Janrla. Janela duplexes Hollis and then tags in Kiss. Hollis then puts kiss in a chin lock, but Kiss gets up and sends Hollis into the turnbuckle. Hollis covers Kiss twice, but cant get the 3 count. Reed is finally tagge in as Kiss attempts to get the tag. JANELA tags in and knocks Hollis out of the ring with a Death Valley driver. Janela and Kiss set up for the double team as they are both at the middle and top rope. Janela jumps off Kiss’ back and Kiss flies off with a split dive onto Reed. Janela and Kiss get the W.

And that concludes AEW Dark for this week. Don’t forget to follow me @frannosaurus for more wrestling news!

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