We got a stacked card and Taz is at the booth with Excalibur! Dasha Gonzalez is doing the ring announcements. 

Our first match starts with The Captain Shawn Dean taking on Colt Cabana. Ever the gentleman he opens the ropes for Dasha. The ref is wearing a mask, despite everyone being tested before entering Daily's Place. Whatever. Match starts with a single leg takedown by Colt and Dean reaches the ropes. Side headlock takeover by Colt. Whip into the ropes results in a shoulder block by Colt, bringing Dean to the ground. Wristlock by Colt into a head scissors pint for two. Dean gets off a drop kick and salutes him. Colt back in the ring and he brings Dean down with another wristlock.  Frustrated, Dean gets off a knife edge chop and then a gutwrench suplex. They exchange chops until Colt lays into him with Dusty elbows, splash in the corner and the Superman lay out gets the win. 

The Jurassic Express are back! They're facing the tag team of Ryan Rembrandt and Mike Reed. Marko survived his squash from Brodie Lee. Jungle Boy starts off with a dropkick of Reed and a facebuster combo with Luchasaurus. He hits a top rope suicida on the hapless tag team. Tag to Luchasaurus who gets a double knee drop onto Rembrandt's head as Reed grabs his partner. He tags in and begins to attack Jungle Boy. Chops by JB as Reed tags in Rembrandt for a Hart Attack combo for a two count. JB fights them both out with chops and elbows then tags in Luchasaurus who goes to town. He no sells the punches of Reed and then gets the headbutt into the goozle. Rembrandt breaks up the two count. Luchasaurus ain't having it as he tags in JB and they get the assisted cutter for the academic three count. 

Private Party is back in the house as they take on Lee Johnson and Musa. Johnson and Quen shake hands and Johnson gets a gutwrench suplex. Quen brings him closer to Kassidy who hits a senton. They hit a combination suplex onto Musa. Johnson attacks from behind with an elevated moonsault. He throws Kassidy into the ropes but Quen attacks with a sunset flip and takes Johnson down with a leg lariat. Chops in the corner and Private Party double splashes Johnson. Foot stomp across the chest of Johnson and a guillotine cutter by Quen. Dive onto the ramp to Johnson by Kassidy. That's gonna leave a mark. Dumps him back in the ring and a rope assisted flatliner by Quen, leads to the top rope 450 by Kassidy and Private Party gets the win. 

Jeff Cruz is next as he takes on Number 10 of the Dark Order. Cruz runs right into his knee and falls to the mat. He tries to gut punch 10 but it's all for naught as number 10 hits a vicious knee drop that takes Cruz to the outside. 10 misses the football style tackle onto the steel steps. 10 is cut as he charges to the ropes but Cruz hits a side kick. Unfortunately, he goes into the ring and tries to charge at 10 who hits the Arn Anderson-style spinebuster for the victory. Afterwards, Brodie Lee comes out and claps for his pupil.

Ray Fenix is here as he takes on Alan Angels, who had a pretty good match against Kenny Omega on Dynamite. Angels gets off a schoolboy for two. He hits runs into an enzuguri by Fenix. Fenix with double chops to the back on Angels' neck. He picks up Angels who counters the double thrust elbow. Left hand to Fenix's jaw but eats a top rope dropkick. Pick up to Angels and the wicked front kick. Charge into the corner and Fenix eats a boot by Angels. Powerbomb by Angels gets a two count. Kick to the outside of the ropes by Fenix but Angels fights him off with a double knee stomp and a moonsault for a near two count. Fenix rolls outside of the ring and they exchange chops. They both fall to the ground and Fenix botches getting on the ropes but hits a plancha for two. Muscle Buster wins it for Fenix!

Our next match is Kris Statlander taking on Dani Jordyn. They lock up and Jordyn gets the headlock and they exchange schoolboys for two counts. Statlander gives her the boop to the nose and then the armlock, which Jordyn reverses into a two count. She runs into Kris' elbow and then does a baseball slide outside, but Dani throws her back in the ring. Back elbow to Statlander by Jordyn into a dropkick for a two count. Throw into the ropes and Kris moonsaults out of the way. As Jordyn goes outside of the ring she eats a dropkick. As they both return to the ring Statlander lariats Dani and the Big Bang Theory gets the three count. 

It's "Freshly Squeezed" Orange Cassidy taking on Jason Cade. OC is accompanied by the Best Friends. OC keeps the shades on and as usual, nonchalantly walks up to Cade. He throws the hands up, and Cade stops the movement into the pockets. Side headlock by Cade but OC interrupts it with a wristlock and one hand in pocket. The shades are off and Cade tries to fight him off but is wristlocked onto the ground. OC avoids his charges and ole to Cade as he hits the ground. Kip up by OC and he goes to Trent who puts the shades back on. He does a headlock take down and hands the shades to the referee. Cade does a side headlock to bring OC to the ground. OC no sells it, gets back up and allows the Best Friends to put back on his gear and the poster. He walks up to the ref and the ref raises his hand in victory? Cade gets into a hissy fit as OC walks off. 

Final match of the night as Dr. Britt Baker takes on Skyler Moore. Baker hands the cameraman her gear. They fight to a series of roll ups and Moore hits one too many as Baker begins to stomp her to the ground. Rope break and she puts Moore on the ropes with her knee. Baker talks smack through the camera about how she is a role model. She rolls out of the ring and pulls Moore into the corner, using it as leverage as she does a boot pull to the face. Pickup by Baker and a gut punch. Head scissors by Baker into a head lock but Moore stomps on her foot. Elbows to the face as Moore goes into the ropes for a sunset flip for one. Roll up for two by Moore. Baker does a fisherman suplex and breaks out the glove. Head scissors roll up into the Lockjaw and that's all she wrote as Moore taps! 

Main event time as Luther takes on Jimmy Havoc in a No DQ match. They had a mini feud prior to the pandemic, points to AEW for continuity. Jimmy is accompanied by Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian. Kip distracts Luther and Jimmy attacks from behind but he is thrown into the ropes! Havoc gets a wristlock and tries to bite Luther's hand. Havoc goes out to the top rope to get a plancha but Luther slams him to the ground! Havoc grabs a chair and begins to hit Luther in the knee consistently. Jimmy goes to Kip for help but Luther goes up and hits the moonsault. He slams Havoc on the chair and gets an elevated knee drop. Slams Havoc's head on the chair, followed by knee smashes. Takes him back in the ring and throws Havoc to the ropes and gives him the big boot. Kip throws in another chair which Luther uses to slam Havoc's head into the chair. Irish whip into the chair. Slam onto the chair by Luther. Suplex by Luther gets a two count. He brings in the other chair and places Havoc on it. As Luther goes up top, Kip distracts him and Havoc takes advantage. Boots by Luther as he takes Havoc to the outside. He takes Havoc's head and he is on the ropes with a drop onto the chair. Camel clutch by Luther but Havoc doesn't submit as Penelope distracts the ref. Kip throws in the chair and Jimmy hits the elevated DDT for the three count! 

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