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AEW Dark Live Coverage & Results 1/26/21


Red Velvet vs. Madi Wrenkowski - Red Velvet
Jake St. Patrick vs. Powerhouse Hobbs - Powerhouse Hobbs
Shanna vs. Kilynn King - Shanna
SCU vs. Terrence & Terrell Hughes - SCU
Santana & Ortiz vs. Ryzin & Mike Verna - Santana & Ortiz
Miro vs. Fuego Del Sol - Miro
M'Badu & KC Navarro vs. The Butcher & The Blade - The Butcher & The Blade
Sean Maluta vs. Danny LimeLight - Danny LimeLight
Jurassic Express vs. Aaron Solow - Jurassic Express
Ray Jaz vs. Dark Order's 10 - The Dark Order's 10
Rey Fenix vs. Baron Black  - Rey Fenix
Davienne vs. Tay Conti - Tay Conti
Brooke Havoc vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. - Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.
Jazmin Allure vs. Ivelisse - Ivelisse
Abadon vs. Vertvixen - Abadon


6:06 PM - We start off with Fuego Del Sol & Miro. A clothesline by Miro to Del Sol brings him down fast. An appearance by lovely Penelope before the contenders begin again.

6:07 PM - That didn't last long... Miro ends it in a submission. Let's go, game over!


6:09 PM - New music! Tarzan Boy!

6:11 PM - Luchasaurus is killing it early with a fast 2 count.

6:15 PM - Solow delivers a BEAUTIFUL knee drop. Luchasaurus is back in again and I can't keep up with the way he's tossing bodies around the ring.

6:17 PM - There has been so many near pins, Jungle Boy escapes yet again but Solow takes advantage with a CLOSE upset!

6:18 PM - Jurassic Express wins. THAT was a nail biting match... we need to see more of this.

SCU vs. Terrence & Terrell Hughes

6:20 PM - The match starts with an attempt at a headlock, soon sending Hughes into the corner ring. He is caught up again and a tag is made.

6:22 PM - We have another 2 count and a recover. Twice. Two is the number tonight.

6:24 PM - We see a vey impressive crossbody on Hughes.

6:26 PM - After I spill coffee everywhere and scramble back, I hear there's a count and a leg drop by Frankie, tagging to Chris Daniels.

6:28 PM - Terrence & Terrell have BOTH opponents in the corners. SCU with the Meeting of the Minds. This match is fast paced with the teams taking control from one another, but SCU prevails in the end with the pin.

M'Badu & KC Navarro vs. The Butcher & The Blade

6:33 PM - The Bunny accompanies the Butcher & The Blade. The Blade takes no time to start attacking KC Navarro. And was that some foul play I saw there with a jacket around the throat? No never...

6:35 PM - Oh yeah. There's foul play. I see you, Bunny.

6:34 PM - Tag to The Butcher and The Blade catches Navarro and delivers him into the mat. M'Badu FINALLY gets the tag and meets a few chops by Butcher.

6:36 PM - I was hoping that would have lasted longer, but The Butcher and The Blade teams up to gain the victory over the powerhouse, M'Badu.

Baron Black vs. Rey Fenix

6:29 PM - Baron Black reverses a hold by Rey Fenix. I LOVE how fast paced these matches are tonight.

6:40 PM - A show of sportsmanship. A nod to Fenix by Baron Black. Both banter. I have a bad feeling about this... yep. A pretend hand shake and smack to Fenix.

6:43 PM - It looks as if Rey Fenix may have a chance at vengeance. That is quickly thwarted and defended by Baron Black. But wait. Fenix eventually sends Black into the corner, regaining temporary control.

6:44 PM - Fenix escapes a power bomb. How many times is he going to slip away?!

6:45 PM - Impressive submission attempt by Rey Fenix. Baron Black grabs the ropes and escapes as well. There's no telling who will win this. Baron Black and Rey Fenix chop at each other again.

6:47 PM - Another close upset tonight by Baron Black with a Powerbomb. It's not over yet.

6:47 PM - Rey Fenix has the final straw and ends the match with the count.

Kilynn King vs. Shanna

6:50 PM - Both ladies show off incredible athleticism. Shanna attempts a pin but it's way too early. Both Kilynn and Shanna end up outside of the ring with a 4 count.

6:52 PM - Kilynn King kicks Shanna in the corner with a running knee strike. Yet another attempted pin.

6:53 PM - Jumping Clothesline & Jumping Stunner by Shanna. Kilynn King somehow recovers and seems even more aggressive afterwards.

6:54 - Shanna wins by an IMPRESSIVE three count.

Brooke Havoc vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (& Reba not Rebel)

6:57 PM - I have been waiting on this one. Brooke Havoc with her AEW debut. And of course Britt Baker & Reba making sure everything is... aligned.

6:59 PM - Britt sends Brooke face first, taking complete control with a wrist control and a headlock.

7:00 PM - Brooke Havoc turns the headlock, but Britt manages to grasp her and roll her up and into a suplex. And Rebel. I mean, Reba, makes an appearance...

7:02 PM - Brooke Havoc is making some headway! But not for long.

7:02 PM - The Glove comes out. I suspect this isn't going to last much longer. And as stated, the lockjaw to Brooke Havoc ends it all.

Vertvixen vs. Abadon

7:05 PM - We have two polar opposites. Something tells me this won't bode well for Vertvixen. Abadon doesn't exactly play nicely. Or fair.

7:06 PM - Beautiful Sunset Flip. Another fast paced match. Tends to be that way with Abadon though. Vertvixen narrowly avoids being caught in the corner. Abadon pretty much makes a meal of Vertvixen's head and wins with a Cemetery Drive.

I wish I had more to report on this but Abadon seems to be in a league of her own.


7:08 PM - There's been a lot of speculation here. We have pretty judges Brandy Rhodes, Ref. Aubrey Edwards, and Jerry Lynn - Introduced by Pretty Peter himself. Not so kindly...

7:10 PM - I don't... what is happening? I'm new here. How do I prepare for this? Lee Johnson you walk it but what?

7:12 PM - Pretty Peter Avalon I guess is trying to teach his opponents a thing or two. By walking.

7:14 PM - The winner is Lee Johnson. WHO OF COURSE gets the brunt of some jealousy. And... it's over..? On to the next.

Ryzin & Mike Verna vs. Santana & Ortiz

7:17 PM - Ryzin & Mike had no chance. Literally not even time to tag. Santana & Ortiz win. I think that was maybe 2 minutes? This could be leading up to more...

Davienne vs. Tay Conti

7:20 PM - Notably, Davienne's AEW debut is against Tay Conti. It is a delight to see -1 come out with The Dark Order to support Tay Conti.

7:22 PM - Davienne reverses a pin. I am impressed. For a first move against Tay Conti, she killed that.

7:24 PM - Tay Conti dazes Davienne. She asks for a time out which Tay is not so keen to be asked. Tay Conti is like a cat with a mouse.

7:25 PM - Tay Conti forces a tap out. Davienne held her own fairly well for her debut. Enjoyable match, though quickly ended.

Ray Jaz vs. The Dark Order's 10

7:28 PM - 10 quickly corners Ray Jaz and we have a special commentary by -1!

7:30 PM - The Dark Order's 10 is taking quite the beating by Ray Jaz, to the very strong disliking of -1.

7:33 PM - 10 finally gets himself together and turns the tables on Ray Jaz. 10 delivers a spinebuster and a clothesline to the back ends it, giving 10 the victory!

Madi Wrenkowski vs. Red Velvet

7:37 PM - Madi Wrenkowski traps Red Velvet in the corner. Red Velvet is able to overcome, taking control of the match.

7:39 PM - Impressive drop to the turnbuckle by Madi Wrenkowski to Red Velvet. Both trade turns at an attempted pin before Madi regains control.

7:41 PM - As -1 says, "The Oven Is ON!" Red Velvet delivers a Moonsault. Madi Wrenkowski kicks out but Red Velvet double knees into a boot. Three count, you're out Wrenkowski.

Sean Maluta vs. Danny LimeLight

7:45 PM - Limelight catches Maluta in a roll. Maluta kicks out. Danny Limelight looks to take control early but Maluta is having NONE of it.

7:45 PM - Limelight's athleticism is NOT a miss. Maluta takes a dive and both are back in the ring. Limelight wins and I eat my words about him not taking control early.

Jazmin Allure vs. Ivelisse

7:47 PM - Another fast match. Ivelisse takes quick control by debilitating Jazmin Allure VERY early in.

7:48 PM - Ivelisse locks Jazmin by the wrist. Jazmin is able to regain herself, but Ivelisse is unrelenting. Jazmin Allure sees yet ANOTHER submission attempt by Ivelisse.

7:50 PM - Jazmin Allure gets the upper hand! Ivelisse is sent into the corner and Jazmin gets an attempted pin before both start to strike one another. 

7:51 PM - Ivelisse wins with a Tornado Kick. Jazmin Allure did all she could. Ivelisse is a great striker.

Jake St. Patrick vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

7:52 PM - Welcome Jake St. Patrick but you're against a literal Powerhouse. I hope you're ready.

7:53 PM - Jake St. Patrick is thrown out of the ring. Looks like the foul play isn't over. Powerhouse Hobbs gets a little help and both eventually find their way back to the ring.

7:54 PM - Powerhouse gets that look on his face. The one we all know. He's about to commit a crime on Jake St. Patrick.

7:55 PM - And... Powerhouse Hobbs wins. I have to commend Jake St. Patrick's energy upon entering the ring though.

That's all for Dark this week. Let's do it again next week.

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