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CAPITAL VICES & Jon Cruz VS Jurassic Express:

Jurassic Express was never a going to lose this match. In the end, it was easy Luchasuarus and Jungle Boy executed their Tag team cutter on Jon Cruz for the win.

Brandon Cutler And Peter Avalon/w Leva Bates Vs SCU (Kazarian and Daniels)

Brandon was not too happy with Avalon throughout this match with his dirty tactics, and tension started to build between the two. They had a couple of chances but nothing SCU couldn’t withstand. Eventually Cutler rolled out of the ring after a double team and SCU took care of Avalon with their Celebrity Rehab To win.

Dani Jordyn VS Big Swole

Big Swole won this match with Dirty Dancing finisher Squashing Jordyn.

David Ali VS Lance Archer/w Jake Roberts

This match was dominated by the Murderhawk, Archer hit the Black Out for the pin but lifted Ali up on two. Archer then used the claw to smash Ali head into the mat for victory.

Musa And Shawn Dean VS Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss

Janela and Kiss used there friendship in this match working together but during the match, Lance Archer came out onto the ramp. Archer was hyped and angry but Jake Roberts controlled him and got archer to the back. Musa and Dean used that distraction for their advantage but Janela got control off the hot tag. Janela hit a super hurricanrana to Musa. Kiss hit a flying split-legged leg drop for the win.

Kenzie Page and Red Velvet VS Allie and Brandi Rhodes

Allie was obviously the heel and Brandi the Babyface in this match.They began with good teamwork and good offence but then the fun and games started. The crowd cheered whenever Brandi hit a move. Allie to became jealous of this. Allie demanded a tag but Velvet during the disruption pushed Brandi into Allie. Allie fell off the apron and hurt her ankle. Brandi was on on defence for a while and struggled . She fought back and hit her spear but Allie tagged herself in as Brandi was against the ropes. Allie entered the ring to steal the glory on the winning pin.

Lee Johnson VS Shawn Spears/w Tully Blanchard

Spears was a different man tonight, he was focused and determined. There was no nonsense or taunting. Spears ended the match with a sharpshooter.

Brady Pearse and John Skylar VS The Dark Order ( Evil UNO and Stu Grayson)

Quick work for The Dark Order as the hit Fatality for the win. Mr Brodie Lee made an appearance which he then applauded UNO and Stu with their victory.

Griff Garrison VS Jimmy Havoc

Squash match here, Jimmy hits the acid rainmaker for the victory.

Skylar Moore VS Penelope Ford/w Kip Sabian

Basic match here with Ford winning using her handspring cutter and using a bridge for the pinfall.

Robert Anthony VS Scorpio Sky

A very good showing for both competitors, back and forth action. Until Sky used his different level of skill and experience to get ahead , Scorpio Sky gets the victory with a running boot TKO .

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