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Opening segment starting out good with a backstage segment between the young bucks and the librarian and brandon cutler they go back and forth and they put over the young bucks new book due in august hey young bucks if you read this hook it up please. 

Opening match Max Caster vs "the chairman" sean spears. A lot of back and forth not a bad match. "The Chairman" wins with the death valley driver easy win for The Chairman. 

Lance Archer vs Pineapple Pete: pete took a lot of damage from archer. Archer for part of match just toying with him. Pete gets him in the corner has a little offense but not enough to keep the big guy down. Archer just playing with pete at this point pete reverses out of the blackout. More offense by pete hits him with the headbut gets him down to one knee. But archer comes back with the blackout cross 1,2 and 3 for Archer. Hes not done joey janella runs in with a leaf blower to even the odds and archer runs out of the ring

Griff Garrison vs Ricky Starks: Garrison and starks having great chemistry in the ring starks gets garrison in the corner with the head to the turnbuckle, starks stomps him with the boot hits him with a back elbow, puts him back in the corner knees him down to the bottom tbe corner garrison throws starks into the corner hits him with a splash in the corner. First combo he has got with the match for garrison sparks hits garrison with the spear 1 2 3 its over what a spear. Starks heads over to the announce team and fists bumps.

Brady Pierce vs Scorpion Sky Sky is coming out to some new music. The pyro is phenomenal wakes up the crowd. Sky flying around the ring like superman hits pierce with a beautiful drop kick. Pierce finally gets some offense throws him.into the corner covers him up 1 2 and sky kicks out. Sky send pierce over the top hits him with the flip onto the outside sky rolls pierce back into the ring hits him with the flying cutter from the top rope 1 2 3 its over. 

Next up 

Kilynn King and Skyler Moore vs Brandi Rhodes and Allie. Brandi and Kilynn start it out puts brandi into the corner brandi reverses it with a flip kilynn gets brandi into her corner a lot of double teaming between skyler and kilynn back and forth allie tagged herself in went for the cover 1 2 kickout by kilynn brandi tags herself back in too much time and a clothesling by kilynn throws brandi into the corner tags in skyler skyler does the boot tgen tags in kilyn double irish whip brandi reverses. Skyler and Brandi in ring just skyler taunting allie brandi hits skyler with a stunner tags in allie. Allie hits the bulldog hits kilynn off the mat. Allie hits her finisher, tags in Brandi to get the pin 1 2 3.  

Butcher and The Blade vs low rida and fuego del sol. Fuego and Blade start out the match picks up Fuego and throws him down. Blade tags in butcher and they double elbow guefo then throws fuego across the ring. Rida takes in Butch plans Rida Butch tags in Blade clothes line to rida, blade chops rida in the corner butcher using illegal hold ref turned away big backdrop drive from blad to rida. Tags in butcher chops rida in the corner rida reverses rolls over tags in Fuego lefts and rights to Butch insiguri the cloverleaf is applied by butcher Rida tries to kick butch off no luck Blade interferes gets rida out of the ring. The Butcher wins with the cloverleaf Fuego taps. 

The young bucks vs The Librarian and Brandon Coulter and Nick Jackson starts it off in the ring. Lock up jackson goes around coulter reverse drop toe hold a lot of back and forth coulter in the arm matt reverses it with a drop kick tags in Nick. Brandon has his arm goes to tag in the librarian who denies. Matt tags in nick arm drag to the librarian then Matt tags in nick head shots with the fists nick runs back met with a knee to the back coulter and avilon cant get on the same page double drop kicks to both of them by The Young Bucks dive to the outside and knock out the Librarian and Coulter. Matt tags in blind tag spear to The Librarian foot to the head by Matt. Matt locks in a front face lock. The Librarian gets out of it The Librarian runs into Matts corner matt reverses it tags in Nick after a slingshot to the head of the librarian. They get up going back and forth. Nick calls for the superkick The Librarian reversed. Coulter hits Matt with the crossbody tags in The Librarian. The Librarian and Coutler finally on the same page. Coutler hits a huge ddt. Nick saved Matt from the pin. Matt tagged Nick in Nick and Matt superkick The Librarian and Coulter bte to the librarian 1 2 3 its over. It was fast paced and tough to keep up. Best match on the card. Follow @realninjagreg on Twitter, for all of your AEW recaps!

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