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Shawn Spears defeats Brian Pillman Jr.

AEW Dark opened this week with the match they most heavily promoted on social media, the debut of Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Shawn Spears. Spears and Pillman had a good back and forth match, but Spears got the win in the end. I expected Pillman would get a longer match in his debut, and maybe even have a better showing, but Spears made relatively quick work of the second-generation wrestler.

Staying true to his heel character, though, Spears had to get another shot in after the match to drive home the fact that he beat Pillman. While this is no doubt not the end of Pillman Jr. in AEW, and he did look good in the little bit of offense he got in this match, it left a lot to be, desired, which is a good thing.

Big Swole defeats Rache Chanel

This match was sloppy from the opening bell. It was relatively obvious that Chanel is fairly new to wrestling. Big Swole tried to make her look good, but for most of the match, Chanel got in her own way and kept Swole from making her look good, which Swole tried to do.

Backstage Interview

Next, we were sent backstage to see Alex Marvez sitting with Brandi Rhodes and Allie. The pair talked about their success as a tag team, as well as their previous rivalry, the duo were then joined by Dustin Rhodes who asked Allie not to hurt his friend QT Marshall.

This segment was fine, it was just odd to see the three of them sitting in chairs they brought in for the interview, when the area they did the interview in was clearly full of chairs they could have used. Maybe I'm nitpicking here, but it was just odd to see.

Frankie Kazarian defeats Luther

This was another kind of sloppy match, which was odd considering both of the men in this match are veterans of the industry. It is nice, however, to see Luther get a chance in a major promotion America. But it seemed throughout that neither man knew how to wrestle the other. It looked like throughout the match they were trying to figure each others styles out, and couldn't really get it done. Kazarian eventually won the match with an awkward roll up.

Both men looked good in the match, aside from the few sloppy moments in the match. Like I said, it was just odd to see two veterans of the industry have this sloppy of a match. It was nice to see Kazarian pick up his 20th career AEW win.

Butcher/Blade & Lucha Bros defeat Joe Alanzo, Brady Pierce, Tony Donati, & Faboo Andre

Let's call this what it is, a squash match. The Butcher and the Blade and the Lucha Bros ran through their competitors with relative ease, and that's not really a surprise. The heel competitors looked strong, and hit some vicious moves on their opponents to pick up the easy win.

Orange Cassidy defeats Will Hobbs

This match was over rather quickly which was kind of surprising. Hobbs came out of the gate cocky, mocking OC, and OC made him pay rather quickly with a superman punch that dropped Hobbs for the three count.

This match made Cassidy look strong going into his match against Chris Jericho at night two of Fyter Fest.

Michael Nakazawa defeats Shawn Dean

Shawn Dean is still winless in AEW after losing to Nakazawa tonight. Dean has talent and plenty of potential. He'll get his win, and when he does it'll be a big moment for him and AEW. Dean deserves to get that win on an actual episode of Dynamite though, with the announcers playing up the fact that he's been on a losing streak on AEW Dark.

Scorpio Sky defeats Serpentico

Sky and Serpentico had the best match of the night. It's nice to see Sky get the attention he deserves in singles competition. AEW's giving him good competition, and plenty of time to showcase his talents. Sky and Serpentico had great chemistry, and were able to put on a really good match. Plus, Sky has some really awesome entrance music.

Dark Order defeats Peter Avalon & Brandon Cutler

Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler continue their losing streak against Dark Order here tonight, still though, they both were given the opportunity to look strong, and showcase some of their talents against the higher-ups of The Dark Order, they even got to take out some of the underlings in the process. Avalon and Cutler will get their win eventually, but The Dark Order needs to continue looking strong.

However, it looked like Evil Uno may have gotten injured in the match. It's possible it was part of a story line but the doctor was ringside checking on Uno's wrist during the match. Hopefully it is part of the story and Uno is fine, but the way things went during the match it didn't look good. Towards the end of the match Grayson went to tag Uno in to set up for their finisher, and Uno wasn't on the ring apron, leaving Grayson to change the ending and finish the match off on his own.

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