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We've got Tony Schiavone and Cody on commentary with Dasha Gonzalez doing ring announcing.

QT Marshall vs. Lee Johnson, who was trained by Marshall at the Nightmare Factory so we'll see what he learned. They lock up and go into the corner. Marshall invites his student to come out and then gets a hammerlock into a drop toehold. Johnson strikes back with an elbow smash but leapfrog attempt off the ropes leads to a hiptoss. Nice reference to Dick Murdoch. Knee to the head by Marshall. Johnson fights it off and throws him into the corner where they exchange chops. Johnson tries a body drop from the top rope but QT powerslams him to the mat. Knee smash by QT but only a one count. Abdominal stretch by QT into a carry. Johnson gets out of it and hits a drop kick. Chops at the ropes is reversed into a side shoulder drop by QB. Big elevation by QT and he throws Johnson into the corner. Sloppy back breaker into a knee drop by Marshall. Swanton bomb by QT gets the three count. GOOD: Johnson showed great athleticism for only being two years in the business. BAD: Did not need to know about his hair implants. Thanks Cody.

Wardlow in action against Ryan Pyles, making his AEW debut. Taz is on commentary with Excalibur. Wardlow is still in his suit with MJF in the ring, who tells referee Aubrey Edwards that he needs time to remove his suit to get in his ring gear. MJF still talking trash to Pyles. The bell rings and Pyles charges right into an F10 by Wardlow. Say goodnight Private Ryan! Wardlow gets the pinfall. GOOD: Well the F10 sure looked impressive. BAD: If you're going to take a move like that make sure to fall down properly, as Pyles fell on his knees instead of his body.

Tony back on commentary for Kip Sabian w/Penelope Ford vs. "Totally 90's" Tony Donati. Hope he's not bringing back the Hammer pants. Jimmy Havoc is joining Schiavone on the mic, who's giving way too much information on Kip's locker room attire. They lock up and Kip gets a standing neck vice into a headlock take down. Donati reverses it into a hammer lock of his own. Neck breaker attempt by Donati turns into a side headlock. Kip tries to push out but Donati uses his leverage to bring Kip to the ground. Penelope cheering on her man as he gets up and uses the ropes into a hip toss. Arm lock by Kip. Reversal by Donati as he tosses Kip to the mat. As Donati goes to shoot his shot on Penelope, Kip boots him in the face and gets some stomps in the corner. While he has Aubrey checking on his shoulder, Penelope holds down Donati. Kip is better now and returns to get a surfboard on Donati. Penelope urging Donati to submit. Donati powers out of it but is kicked to the gut by Kip. Boots in the corner and an Irish whip into the other corner by Kip. Roll out into a heel kick by Kip only gets a two count. Whips into the corner but elbows by Donati gets him out of it. Hip toss by Kip but Donati reverses it into a brainbuster. Kip gets up with knee strikes to the face. Russian leg sweep into a submission lock and Donati can go back to signing grunge tunes. GOOD: Kip showed an impressive array of moves. BAD: The counters were sloppy at times and it hurt the rhythm of the match. 

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