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We have Tony Schiavone and Cody doing the commentary, with Dasha Gonzalez doing ring announcements. 

Billy Gunn vs. Shawn Spears beings the program. Billy is accompanied by his son Austin Gunn. They practice social distancing with the elbow taps to Dasha and the referee. Spears comes in fresh off a loss on Dynamite to Cody in the opening round of the TNT Championship Tournament. As he enters the ring Billy corners Shawn forcing him to exit the ring. 

The match begins with Shawn still on the outside. He goes in to talk trash to Gunn and stalls for time. Austin starts a dueling chant with no one. Lockup into the corner and Spears escapes. Snapmare by Spears and he taunts Gunn with his old WWE gimmick. Lockup again into a hammerlock by Spears. Gunn powers out of it and brings Gunn down with an arm drag. Arm bar by Gunn. Spears tries to roll out of it but gets potato punches for his troubles. He complains about his teeth (prompting Tony for him to call AEW's local dentist, despite Cody's insistence that Britt is more of an assistant - BURN). Spears enters the ring and gets a chop from Gunn, which Spears reverses into some gut kicks and a whip into the ropes. Chops by Gunn gets a 1 count. Cody trying to put Gunn over saying he beat the Rock in a foot race (guess we're not going to discuss Rock destroying his career in one promo eh EVP?).

Austin taunts Spears as he rolls outside once again, only to turn into the massive Gunn and quickly goes back into the ring, only to get tossed to the outside. Gunn joins him and slams his head on the steps, which causes him to lay his head near Dasha. Billy brings him back near the ropes and lays in some shots until Spears throws him into the posts and eventually the staging area. Spears rolls into the ring and calls for the count-out victory. Gunn re-enters and receives some boots to the head from Spears. He rolls outside where Gunn follows him and gets chopped for his troubles. Spears gets back into the ring and chops him some more but gets DDT'd by Gunn for a one count. Spears gets up as Gunn crawls up and is getting hit consistently as Spears does a D-X crotch chop. Gunn with the lariat to the throat! 

Boots by Billy and whip into the corner. C4 attempt by Spears is reversed into a Fameasser attempt. Spears ducks and gets a punch to the chest for a two count. Spears heads for the top rope while Gunn recovers. Double stomp is missed and Gunn hits a modified uranage. Both guys up and Spears thumbs the eye but when he goes to the ropes Gunn gut kicks him and hits the Fameasser. However, Spears rolls out. Gunn brings him back into the ring and tries a Stinger Splash but misses. Spears hits the C4 and wins the match! GOOD: Spears gets a much needed win in a match with a lot of counters by both men. BAD: Too much lag in the beginning hurt the pace of the match.

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