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AEW Dark begins with Tony Schiavone and Cody on commentary with Sasha doing the ring announcements! 

Our first match is Penelope Ford taking on new signee Anna Jay, known as "The Star of the Show." She's dressed as the DC superhero Zatanna. Ford is accompanied by her fiancee Kip Sabian. They lock up and and Ford gets a headlock only for Jay to reverse it. Sidelock takedown by Ford but Jay reverses it into a head scissors. Ford with a nice flip to break the move. Another headlock to the ground by Jay but Ford reverses it into a scissors lock of her own. Kick to the gut by Ford. She goes to the ropes to knock down Jay with shoulder tackles. Leapfrog by Ford into a hiptoss by Jay. Great height on the toss and an elbow smash into a rear kick by Jay. Kip gets on the ropes to distract Jay, allowing his girl to somersault into the corner and connect! They sneak in a kiss as she places her knee on Jay's head. Oh the power of love.

Forearm smashes by Ford in the corner and she gets a suplex for two. Knee into Jay's back by Ford but she lets go at the 5 count. Whip into the corner but her handspring attempt misses and Jay gets a drop kick. Snapmare gets a two count. Ford fights off a clothesline and ducks into a cutter. Fisherman (fisherwoman) suplex gets the three count victory for Penelope. GOOD: Jay is improving for someone who's only 21 years old, and Penelope Ford is already showing that she is a presence in the Women's Division. BAD: Nothing here.

Next match is Joe Alonzo vs. The American Nightmare Cody, who is accompanied by Brandi. They shake hands before the match and Cody decides to work the leg instead of locking up. Nice change of pace. He gets of a wristlock and goes for the leg but Alonzo takes him into the corner. Cody goes to sneak off a kiss to his wife and they resume locking up. He goes back to countering Alonzo's attempt to get off a wrist lock by taking him down with a side headlock. Shoulder tackle gets Joe down. Cody goes for a handshake but Joe flips him over. Slide dropkick attempt misses and Cody gets a powerslam! Brainbuster suplex by Cody and decides to work on his traps with some push ups. Gut kick by Cody into his uppercut. Joe slides out of the ring and tries to shoot his shot with Brandi, which is the wrong move as her husband jumps outside and rams his head on the apron. Brandi roots him on but Joe gets a snapmare. Springboard moonsault into a cutter. Cody no sells and hits him with the big boot. Alonzo rolls him up for a two count. Cody slaps on the Gale Lock and it's over! GOOD: Joe Alonzo showed off some impressive moves in an extended squash. BAD: For a main eventer, Cody let Joe get way too much offense in. 

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