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We have Tony Schiavone and Cody doing the announcing with Dasha doing the ring announcements.

The first match is "The Captain" Shawn Dean taking on Jimmy Havoc. They lock up and Jimmy forces Dean into the corner. Wristlock by Havoc as he goes for the fingers of Dean with a full dragon twist, Dean goes to the ground. Havoc takes control and gets in an armlock. Hiptoss reversal by Dean. Havoc, impressed by the moveset, offers a handshake to Dean, only to suckerpunch him, resulting in knife edge chops. Hiptoss again by Dean into an elevated dropkick. Japanese arm drag by Havoc as he suplexes Dean into the corner. Havoc gets on top of Dean and armlocks him. Ripcord lariat by Havoc and a fisherman style DDT gets the quick victory!

Next up is the tag team of Musa and Lee Johnson as they fight the Best Friends. Chuck Taylor starts it off with Musa. They exchange leapfrogs until Chuck gets an elevated dropkick. Each team tags in their partner and Trent levels Johnson with some fists, putting him into the corner with knife edge chops. Whip into the clothesline and he flips him inside out. He gets the two count then tags in Chuck as they begin to put in a double team elbow. Chuck gets the one count. However, Lee Johnson gets Chuck into the corner where Musa gets some blows on him. Chuck reverses it into some mud stomps in the corner. He goes after Lee but Musa schoolboys him for one. Kick to the back of the head by Musa for another two count. Lee and Musa begin double teaming Chuck, throwing him into the corner. Chuck avoids the collision then tags in Trent, who clotheslines Musa over the rope as the Gunn Club approves. Wipeout splash by Trent onto Musa outside! Trent brings Musa back in and tags in Chuck. They execute the Best Drop from the top rope and get the three count!

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