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We have Tony Schiavone and Cody on mic, and they say it's the last time they'll be together. Dasha is doing the ring announcements. 

Our first match is Ryan Pyles taking on Number 10 of the Dark Order, accompanied by the Exalted One. 10 dominates from the start, throwing Ryan into the corner and getting off a brutal release suplex, all while looking at Brodie Lee. He gets in some knife edge chops and throws Pyles out of the ring. 10 proceeds to chop him some more. They go back in the ring and Pyles gets in at least one chop, only for 10 to look back at Lee and give him an uppercut. Lee throws down the chair he was standing with and 10 responds with a spine buster for the victory. Lee comes into the ring and stands next to 10. ANALYSIS: It was a quick squash and 10 looked impressive. Will be interesting to see how Lee uses him going forward once AEW returns to live tapings.

Our next match is "The Captain" Shawn Dean taking on the Inner Circle's Sammy Guevara. The Spanish God high-elbows the heels in attendance on his way to the ring. He takes his time taking off his gear and once the bell rings, Dean rolls him up for two. Guevara whips him in the ropes and leapfrogs Dean into a trip. He takes a quick vlog and then picks up Dean in a fireman's carry, working on his squats before he drops Dean for a one count. Guevara lays into Dean with some punches and puts him in a headlock before Dean gets off an extended suplex. Thunder roll by Dean into a knee drop for a two count. They lock up and Sammy throws him into the ropes and then gets some kicks to the head. Pineapple Pete in the audience rooting for Dean. Le Champion won't like that. Guevara gets a two count and then a headlock. He goes into the rear chinlock. Elbows by Dean into the gut and some elbow smashes but Sammy reverses with the chops. Deans gets in a clothesline with a DDT for a two count. Dean in the corner, misses with the splash and Sammy gets the elevated knee. Burning GTS puts the Captain to sleep as the Spanish God gets the three count. ANALYSIS: Maybe a bit longer than it should have been for a guy of Guevara's caliber, but it was a decent match. 

Time for the main event, and we have Kip Sabian coming out first with his girl Penelope Ford. Cabana comes out next and as the bell rings they talk trash to each other as Kip pushes him and gets off a slap. Side headlock by Colt into a shoulder block. Whip to the ropes and Kip leapfrogs him until Colt gets off a slap. Kip goes to his girl as Cody gets off a "Dr. D" reference. Watch Dark Side of the Ring for more context. In the ring Kip goes for a slingshot kick and misses. Arm drag twist by Colt onto the AC joint of Kip. Colt avoids the kick and holds his foot in a modified ankle lock into an STF. He holds on the fingers of Kip while putting him into a wrist lock. Colt picks him up and gets a side headlock. Whip into the ropes and another shoulder block by Colt. He goes outside the ropes and delivers some elbow shots to Kip and smashes him into the turnbuckle. Penelope distracts Colt only for Kip to get a top rope enzurugi! He slams Colt's head into the apron and throws him into the ring. Ford refuses to kiss her man, trouble in paradise? He goes back into the ring and stomps out Colt's head with aggressive kicks and elbows in the corner. Kip puts him on the ropes and uses his leg to apply pressure to the back of the neck. Colt tries to get up and they trade punches. Kip goes up top and gets a missile dropkick. Roll over by Colt for two. They go into the corner and Kip gets a few kicks in and a snapmare. Colt trying to fight him off but Kip jumps up top and tries to hit a bodypress but misses. Punches by Colt into a Dusty-elbow for a two count. He throws Kip into the corner and hits the splash. Penelope tries to distract Colt and he kindly ask her to leave, only to get the nut shot from Kip, who rolls him up for the three count. ANALYSIS: Both guys get some great moves, and it will be interesting to see the dynamic of Kip and Penelope going forward. 

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