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Kenny Omega and Adam Page (C) VS Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall

Dynamite started off with a Tag Team Title Match between the champions Kenny Omega and Adam Page VS “Natural Nightmares” Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall. Very solid match as expected with the champions retaining.

Anna Jay Vs Abadon

This was the TV debut of both competitors, the match itself ended abruptly as Abadon took the win with a spike hurracarranna. 

While Anna Jay was left in the ring hurt, The Dark Order Arrived and offered Colt Cabana on the outside a contract while the rest of The Dark Order helped Anna Jay to the back. Will Anna join the Dark Order?

MJF Vs Billy

MJF as per usual trying to cheat to win , but billy holds off. Until Wardlow intervenes and throws MJF the AEW ring, which is used in the victory.

Cody (C) VS Ricky Starks TNT Championship 

Match started off slowly but began to accelerate quickly , great offence by both men . Starks looked a real match for Cody at times. Eventually Cody hit a strong CrossRhodes for the win. Both competitors shook hands after the contest.

Superbad Death Squad VS The Young Bucks

This was no right to be as good as it was, back and forth action the whole way through. Dirty tactics to top rope moves , always enjoyable. Interference from The Butcher and The Blade caused distraction, Until FTR arrived to scare them off. Bucks get the victory from the up and coming tag team. After the match Butcher and Blade attacked The Bucks but FTR defended them. Both Teams struck down the Butcher and The Blade .

Best Friends VS Le Sex Gods

Main Event time with Matt Hardy joining the commentary table. Classic tag team match with all sorts of shenanigans going on between both teams. Jericho eventually gets his bat into the mix which later skulls Trent in the head followed by Sammys shooting star press but only gets a two count. While Jericho and Chuck battle on the outside , Trent gets the better of sammy and gets the victory for his team, Kenny and Page await Best friends at Fyter Fest.

After the main event, one of the camera men entered the ring and it was Freshly Squeezed “Orange Cassidy” who attacked Jericho viciously,  Which then prompted a match between Orange Cassidy and Le Champion Jericho at Fyter Fest.

Everybody look forward to next week, Things are starting to heat up!

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