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We're starting off with Cody being interviewed in preparation for his match with Darby Allin. Darby says that he didn't lose to Cody, he lost to Arn. He asks who do the people want as champ. Great opening video.

We have Tony and Le Champion back in commentary! They discuss the double main event which will be the TNT tournament semi-finals. Interesting choice to put Cody vs. Darby on first. Jericho puts over the Flim Flam, which took over Tik Tok, in the next edition of the Bubbly Bunch. 

Darby enters the ring as Dasha does the ring announcements. The heels and faces are on opposite sides, still practicing social distancing. Cody is accompanied by Brandi. Bell rings and they stare each other down until Darby runs into the ropes to attempt a shoulder block, which does nothing to Cody. They lock up and Cody gets a headlock. He goes for a quick pin to a one count. Chants of "Let's Go Cody," from the faces in attendance. They grapple in the corner, only to be separated by Aubrey Edwards. Schoolboy by Darby gets two. Cody reverses, gets a one count, and then Cody bridges out but favors his left knee. They go outside where Cody slams Darby's head into the apron. He stares at Shawn Spears. Darby charges at Cody but runs into Brandi. Cody hits him in the back with a forearm smash. Billy Gunn accompanies to the back. Meanwhile, Cody gets enraged and stomps on Darby as we go to commercial break. 

We're back and Cody is still laying shots to Darby in the corner. Delayed suplex and roll up gets two for the American Nightmare. Jericho wisely pointing out that it was Cody's incompetence that got his wife hurt. In the ring, Cody gets Darby in an elevated STF but Darby gets a quick one count. Cody goes back to stomping Darby until Edwards tells him to stop. Elbows to the back of the head by Cody. Slingshot suplex by Cody gets a two count. Stomp to the fingers of Darby followed by kicks to his head. Single Boston Crab by Cody but rope break stops it. Suplex by Cody is countered by Darby who attacks the knee. Whip into the ropes by Cody but then Darby gets off the Code Red! One count and Darby quickly gets the single leg grapevine. Cody grabs the ropes and he is clearly favoring the knee. Elbow by Cody but Darby drops him on the top rope. Splash into the corner by Darby. Double leg grapevine by Darby, using great psychology to attack his leg, so Cody rolls out of the ring. He pulls Aubrey to the side, while Dr. Britt Baker hits Cody in the head with her shoe! That dastardly woman. Back in the ring Darby headbutts Cody and gets some knife edge chops as we go to another commercial break. 

Back in Darby and Cody collide with dueling lariats. Jericho puts down the one and only Pineapple Pete. Cody gets his patented uppercut and gets a release suplex. Step up Disaster Kick, but can't cover due to the knee pain. Cody takes off the belt and hands it to Aubrey. It allows Darby to whip him into the ropes and runs into a schoolboy by Cody. Two count, but then Darby hits the Crossroads! He only gets a two count but then puts him in a figure four. Brandi comes back into the ring with a bottle of water. Meanwhile Cody grabs the ropes. She hands her husband a bottle of water. However, Darby hits Cody in the face with it and tries a springboard coffin elbow but Cody reverses it into a two count. Cody misses the lariat and Darby hits a spring board flip. He tries again and Cody hits him with his own Crossroads but only for a two count! Cody goes to the top and attempts a coffin drop elbow but Darby puts up his knees to stop it. Darby goes to the top and hits the Coffin Drop Elbow but Cody wisely rolls his shoulders up and gets the three count! GOOD: This was by far Darby's best match in AEW and Cody gets the win by the skin of his teeth. Great series of reversals by both guys. BAD: They tried to protect Darby by having him kick out of Crossroads but the finish is questionable. 

Scorpio Sky is back for the second of his interviews. He talks about how SCU recruited him. Sky said he was nervous joining them but it was the Worst Town gimmick that made him feel comfortable. He goes on to talk about his match with Jericho and his desire to be a legend. Great video that puts him over even more.

We get an MNN (MJF News Network) talking about how he met his nail doctor, who was in awe of his miraculous healing. MJF was on death's door but overcame the pain of his hangnail. The doctor's words, not his. MJF nixed his neck but he is a warrior going to solider on. He wants to entertain us because he cares but he'll be back. He is the only hope this company has left. We need him in our lives!

Next match is Musa, who lost in tag team action last night on AEW Dark, about to face Wardlow. I don't think Musa is going to improve his win-loss record here. Mr. Mayhem enters the ring and quickly goozles a charging Musa. Slamming Musa into the ropes, Wardlow uppercuts him and tosses him like a rag doll. A few slaps and then Wardlow tries to powerslam him, only to get the five finger slap by Musa. He tries again but Wardlow throws him into the ropes. Musa tries a springboard and is slammed by Wardlow. In the corner, he drops Musa with a front face drop. Off come the straps, and Wardlow hits the F10 and that's all she wrote. GOOD: Wardlow continues to pile up the wins in squashes. BAD: Only for friends and family of Musa to witness this horror. 

It's Episode 3 of the Bubbly Bunch, and Jericho suggests a Manitoba Melee match since no one can beat them. They gets off some Tik Tok action with some Street Fighter music in the background. What's Jungle Boy and Sonny Kiss doing here? We also get famous hockey player Chris Jericho's dad. Oh no someone hit Lou Ferrigno! You won't like him when he's angry. Also, Jay and Silent Bob join the fun with Fluffy Iglesias. All sorts of cameos are in here, from Virgil to Vickie Guerrero, who no sells the punch! That was the best Manitoba Melee ever according to Jericho. 

Time for tag team action as Havoc and Sabian w/Penelope Ford face the Best Friends w/Orange Cassidy. They go right at it as the heels gets in some punches. Charges into the corner but Trent oles Havoc out of the ring. Chuck joins him and sets them up only for Trent to get off the plancha onto the Englishmen. Chair shots by Havoc onto OC and he's knocked the **** out! This match already goes to the outside. Chuck tries to suplex Havoc on the chair but it's reversed. Meanwhile Kip gets a top rope plancha on Trent, who is wearing Bill Murray kneepads. Nice observation by Le Champion. Havoc is just laying into Chuck with the chairs while Kip throws Trent into the corner. Jimmy brings in the ladder and tags Kip. He throws the ladder at Trent, who is taking a beating. Havoc puts the ladder on the ropes and slingshots Trent into it. Only gets a two count. He tags in Kip and they double kick Trent in the back of his head. Chuck tries to get in only to get thrown back out of the ring. Kicks by Havoc to the midsection, using the ladder for leverage. Forearm shots by Havoc, who tags in Kip. Trent elbows Havoc and tries for a top rope reverse elbow but Kip puts the knees up! He puts the chair in the upright position, tags Havoc for splash Trent who ducks out of the way. Chuck comes back in and grabs his own chair, so the Best Friends throws their chairs at Havoc. They get a kick-snapdragon combo for a two count. Kip fires back with shots but Chuck reverses, only for Sabian to throw him into the chair in the corner. Trent comes back in to hit the tornado DDT, then goes to work on Havoc with the chair. Running kick to Sabian for the pin, but Havoc breaks it up. Trent hits Havoc with the chair and places Kip on the ladder but Havoc hits him on the top rope. Trent fights him off but Havoc quickly gets up to drop Trent on the ladder. Backbreaker suplex on the stacked chairs and a missile dropkick by Kip but Chuck breaks up the two count.  Chuck fights off Havoc and slams him on the chair, then piledrives Sabian on the other chair but Penelope pulls her man off the pin attempt. Whip into the ropes is reversed by Havoc and he drops Chuck into the ladder that's still in the corner. Orange Cassidy gets up and throws the chair into Havoc. Penelope goes to kick Orange but hits her own man. She charges into Orange but oles her and she hits him. Up top, he jumps on the engaged couple. In the ring Chuck gets a running piledriver onto Havoc for the three count. GOOD: A messy violent match but they took full advantage of the stipulation. Chuck gets the much needed pin as Best Friends build up their resume in the tag team ranks. 

Time to enter the dental office of Dr. Britt Baker, who did NOT steal her role model gimmick from Bayley. We get an appearance from Rebel/Tanea in TNA as her makeup artist, who apparently doesn't know her name. Rule 2: Not everyone can be a role model. She puts down fat people, people who wear glasses. It's her putting down Tony Schiavone the whole time. 

Back in action as Shawn Spears enters the ring, coughs and then gives Austin Gunn the finger. He's taking on Baron Black. They lock up and Spears gets the wristlock. Series of reverses until Black brings him down. Spears gets up and slams him into the ropes, firing off some chops. He does some twerking/flexing, allowing Black to give him some chops, only for Spears to hit the Thesz Press and kicks Black on the ground. He poses and gets a one count while he shouts out to Jericho. Vertical suplex and Black gets some chops of his own. Spears reverses and hits the C4 and then the Sharpshooter for the tap out! GOOD: Great to see Spears change his moveset and add a new finisher, adds depth to his character. BAD: It was a squash. 

We're back with Taz giving a sports-level discussion of Archer's Blackout. I love these videos, it really puts over the finisher, which I hope Cody doesn't try to use when they meet. 

Time for a taped funeral as Marko Stunt faces The Exalted One. Lee throws Marko to the ground and lays into him with chops. He steps on Marko's face and then runs into the corner with a charge. For good measure, Marko is heave-ho'd into the air. Lee throws him outside and poses while Marko barely beats the ten count. Brodie then gets off a black hold slam and then the powerbomb for the academic three count. GOOD: Marko sure can sell and surprisingly lives to fight another day. BAD: Another squash by Lee. 

We get the World Champion talking about appreciating the fans for watching. He's thankful for the No. 7, his wife (who got heat for his appearance on her show) and a steel chair, that he used to beat Hager. 

AEW returns next week LIVE next week but for now we get Archer vs. Dustin in the main event, with the Murderhawk laying out a stage hand, points at Colt Cabana and is ready for action. 

They lock up and Lance throws him into the corner. Dustin fires off some shots. They collide in the ring and Dustin rolls out to get consulted by his sister-in-law. He cautiously returns to the ring and Lance charges only to get thrown over the top rope. Dustin waits for him to return as he blasts Archer and throws him into the rope. Powerslam attempt doesn't work by Dustin and Lance pounces him out of the ring. Lance goes out to get a chair, but Dustin kicks it and punches him, only for Lance to kick his head into the chair. Jericho wants him to punch Pineapple Pete in the face but he goes after Brandi. Outside, Lance continues to lay into Dustin with shots and slams his head into the steps. We go to commercial break. 

We're back with Dustin (now w/color) punching Archer while Jericho puts over the big men of AEW. Archer takes him out of the ring and slams Dustin's head into the table. Dustin is getting in some chops but it's for naught as Archer slams his head onto the apron. Lance gets back in the ring as referee Aubrey Edwards is counting. Lance gets him up to the ring and turns his back only for Dustin to knock him off the apron. Quickly, Lance gets back in and forearm smashes Dustin. Places his hands on Dustin, Edwards begins the count. He grabs Dustin's nose and breaks up at the 4 count. Showing some fight, Dustin puts him into the ropes and hits the curtain call! Archer no sells and lays into the Natural. Roping lariat by Lance and then puts an armlock on Dustin as we go to break. 

Back from the break and Lance is charging towards Rhodes but he gets off a destroyer! Punches are exchanged until Dustin connects with the lariat. Kick to the gut by Dustin into the scoop slam. He takes Archer into the corner and tries to mount him with punches but Archer picks him up. However, Dustin hits his own version of the Crossroads, but Archer gets out at one. Dustin goes up top, but Archer catches him and chokeslam gets two. Archer goes up to the ropes and pulls Old School into a moonsault! Undertaker eat your heart out. Two count is the result. Archer puts Dustin on the top and then attempts the black out but Dustin fights out, only to get another chokeslam. Crucifix pin by Dustin into a two count. Frustrated, Archer rips the turnbuckle pad and slams Dustin's head into it. He' s bleeding like a stuck pig. QT Marshall comes in and is about to throw in the towel but Cody stops him. Archer pulls Dustin to the center of the ring, and throws the towel. He pounds Dustin's head to the ground repeatedly and then gets the win. Cody and his crew come into the ring and comes face to face with the Murderhawk Monster. GOOD: Archer showed what he can do in a long match. Dustin as always is a gamer. 

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