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AEW Dynamite Live Coverage & Results 4/1/20


We are live for coverage of tonight's AEW Dynamite show that features the in ring debut of Lance Hoyt, a tournament preview tag match and Kenny Omega vs. Trent. Feel free to leave your thoughts of the show below in the comment section. Coverage will begin when the show starts!

The show starts with Tony Schiavone and Cody on the mic, with Pharoah the dog wearing his UGA Bulldog bandana. We do have some of the wrestlers at ringside such as the Gunn family, Kip Sabian, Penelope Ford and Dr. Britt Baker. They announce the second half of the TNT Championship bracket with Kip Sabian taking on Dustin Rhodes and Lance Archer will take on Colt Cabana. The other four wrestlers were announced last night, with Darby Allin taking on Sammy Guevara and Cody taking on Shawn Spears next week. The latter will meet in tag team action later tonight. Dasha is handling ring announcing duties. 

The first match of the night is Trent taking on AEW Tag Team Champion Kenny Omega. Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor join Trent at ringside. Trent practices social distancing by elbowing the Gunn family. Omega is on a 6-match singles winning streak. Aubrey Edwards is the referee. They shake hands before locking up. Trent whips Kenny into the ropes. They separate and lock up again, with Trent taking him down with a headlock takeover, only for Kenny to reverse it into a headlock of his own. Trent whips him into the ropes but Kenny gets a shoulder lock take down. Trent turns a leapfrog attempt into a knee smash and then a kick to the back of Omega. Forearm shots by Kenny and then a snap mare take down into a series of stomps on the fallen Trent. Kenny whips Trent into the corner and brings him down with an elbow smash. He picks up Trent and chops him, with a series of "Woooos" from the sparse crowd in attendance. Trent throws him outside the ropes and then pulls of a great somersault onto Kenny, resulting in the Best Friends hug. Bad idea as Kenny then gets back in the ring to pull off the middle rope suicida. He wants a hug of his own but Chuck pulls Orange Cassidy away. They re-enter the ring where Kenny hits a rear bulldog on Trent. He pulls up Trent by his hair and goes for a Bret Hart back breaker across the knee. He then moves Trent to the ropes where he gets in a few kicks for good measure. Scoop attempt into a back breaker pin for two. He picks up Trent and hits a few sledgehammer blows between the shoulder blades.  Kenny throws Trent into the corner while "Superbad" makes a few inaudible comments. In the ring Kenny continues to work the back with a hammer smash. Whip into the ropes results in a back drop on Trent. Kenny puts him into the corner and throws him into the other corner. They begin to brawl with Trent stomping on Kenny's fingers then grabbing them to gain an advantage. He throws Kenny into the corner where Omega falls and Trent gets off a few stomps of his own. With Omega on the ground, Trent continues to stomp on his fingers and places his hand on Omega's wrist until he can roll out of the ring. Trent follows, continuing to place his hand on Kenny's hand until Omega escapes. He gets Trent and executes a sick German suplex onto the floor! He whips Trent into the TNT-sponsored bike racks on the outside. He tries to throw Trent into the post but Trent turns it into an elbow attempt. Kenny picks him up and hurls him into the post! After Aubrey warns Kenny to get back in the ring, he obliges, pulling off a suplex into a knee smash attempt into a two count. He tries for a steamroller but Trent reverses into a Jerry Lynn-style DDT! Trent puts Kenny up against the ropes and then pulls off a baseball slide combo into a snap mare. Commercial break.  Back from the break and they're exchanging chops in the ring. Chests are seriously red by now. Half nelson into a snap mare, but Kenny gets a knee smash. Trent gets up and pile driver onto Kenny for a two count. Whip into the ropes but Kenny reverses out of it and hits the snap dragon! Full nelson but Trent back elbows his way out of it. Kenny goes into the ropes but Trent hits the lariat. Kenny power bombs Trent and hits the V-Trigger. Kenny and Trent hits chops on the outside until Kenny gets him back into the ring. They go to the top rope, where Trent back drops him into the middle of the ring. Kenny goes to the ropes and hits a knee strike and gets off the One Winged Angel for the pin! Handshakes after the incredible match by the competitors. GOOD: Great match with a series of reversals and power moves by both guys. 19 minutes of high intense action. BAD: None, this was a match that could be a main event.  

We get a recap of Jericho and Broken Matt Hardy from last week. I'd rather see the recap of Jericho arguing with Vanguard 1 instead. Hardy says in backstage promo that he must break the Inner Circle.

SHIDA is in the house as Hikaru makes her way to the ring. She gets a promo video, I think AEW needs to do more of these, especially with the women's division.  Her opponent Anna Jayy is in the ring already with the jobber's entrance. The match starts with the lock up and a whip into the ropes by Jayy. She has the look and swag of a star. Shida whips her into the ropes and a Jayy holds on the ropes to get a running knee strike. Exploder suplex attempt by Jayy doesn't work as Shida fights it off to get a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cassidy is holding a blank sign. Shida and Dr. Baker get into a war of words, with the dentist forcing social distancing. In the ring the women exchange blows to the mid-section. Shida takes the hair strap off and then gives the five finger slap. Suplex attempt by Shida turns into a reversal of kicks by Jayy. A schoolgirl pin attempt by Jayy is reversed into a scissorhead hold by Shida. Suplex by Shida turns into a pin attempt for two. With Jayy getting up, Shida hits her in the head with a knee attempt and then hits the Falcon arrow for the win! After the match, Shida and Britt exchange words, with Britt taking off her shoe, only for Shida to kick the bike rack. How did Britt get that sandwich? Anyway, Chuck gives Shida her gear and she walks off in victory. GOOD: Both women got ample time to get some moves in, and Jayy looks like a future talent in the women's division. BAD: Cody, under no circumstances, should ever say the word "scrilla" again in his life! 

We get a recap of AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and Jake Hager going at it with Hager attacking the champ on last night's episode of AEW Dark. Hager gets some solo promo time discussing how good he is and Mox has no idea how to m beat him. Mox responds with a promo of his own saying that everyone wants to take away what belongs to him and the fans, and that's the title. Jericho gets into the scene with a promo of his own, saying that the Inner Circle only does things for themselves, reminding us of how the Inner Circle has continued to beat down Moxley at all opportunities. Interesting how Moxley discusses how they traveled together and worked out together, doing a great job of putting Hager over. They continue to show Hager's prowess in the Octagon with Sammy Guevara putting over his skills. AEW does a great job of getting people invested in these feuds with solid promos and video work. Jericho puts down the Elite while rooting for Hager to win the title so it can come back into the Inner Circle. They will have a No Holds Barred match in two weeks! 

We're back with Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana with Tony in the booth and he's looking for his AEW jacket. Dasha announces the next match which is Marko Stunt vs. the Murderhawk Lance Archer. No Luchasaurus or Jungle Boy to accompany him, which doesn't bode well for him. We get Jake "The Snake" Roberts with a great promo to introduce Archer, saying that AEW is delaying the inevitable. He says that Cody is smart enough to be afraid, or maybe that his better half is telling him not to get involved. The Snake is the master of promo work. Archer enters without Jake as he takes out someone at ringside. He takes down Stunt with a clothesline. He throws Stunt around like a rented mule. Slaps the small Stunt into the ropes and allows Marko to get a few hits before hitting a forearm smash. He's using the ropes for leverage and yells at Aubrey for a few seconds. He hits a release suplex that would make Tazz jealous. He puts Stunt in the middle of the ring putting his knee on Stunt. Archer picks up Stunt and throws him to the ground while Cabana discusses their matches in Japan. Stunt ducks out of the way with a baseball slide and avoids some of Archer's clotheslines. Marko tries to get some offense in with some dropkicks, which Lance sells pretty well. He then clotheslines Marko outside, only to put him back in the ring and Goozle with the chokeslam, only to pick him up at the two count and then hits what is called the Blackout (reverse Razor's Edge) and that is all. Say a prayer for Marko. GOOD: Incredible opening promo by Jake and dominant moveset by Archer. BAD: A bit long for a squash match. 

Afterwards, Archer throws Stunt into the Gunn family and Orange Cassidy. He should do a better job of social distancing. 

Next, we get a promo of "The Exalted One" Brodie Lee with a non-working television set. He asks for one of the minions to stand next to him and asks him to call him Mr. Lee, another nod to Vince. He gets him to say the catchphrase. He chastises another minion for yawning. The television set not working is a nod to Vince because he claims that he doesn't watch television. 

We get numbers 8 & 9 of the Dark Order taking on the Natural Nightmares with Brandi Rhodes. QT still has the mask they gave him last week, but he throws it in 8's face and hits him with the uppercut. Tag to Dustin and after a series of whips into the ropes, leapfrog attempt by 8 turns into a takedown by the elder Rhodes brother. He tags in QT who gets a splash attempt for two. They do a suplex combination. 9 tries to come in and gets thrown down by Dustin for his troubles. QT gets off a few chops but 9 hits him in the back with a knee. Chops by 8 who gets in 9, who stomps QT into the corner. After a tag attempt a body press attempt by 8 turns into a slam by QT. He suplexes 8 and tags Dustin who gets an uppercut and a knee lift. He throws 9 into the ropes for a powerslam. 8 attempts to got after Dustin but falls over the ropes. Dustin gets a somersault onto 8 and tags in QT. They perform a power slam attempt into a bulldog by QT for the win. GOOD: The Natural Nightmares look better with each match. BAD: 8 and 9 look worse in hopefully their only match together. 

Afterwards, Mr. Brodie Lee comes out, with Brandi trying to pull Dustin away. Lee walks past Dustin to address his fallen minions, only to slam 8 with a powerbomb. Where is this Dark Order storyline going? 

NOTE: The show is taking place from the Nightmare Factory in Norcross, GA.

Le Champion speaking from a jacuzzi. He discusses the importance of April Fools Day while cutting down the Elite. Don't bring babies into the promo! Even calls the EVP Cody Exotic. Unbeknownst to Jericho, Vanguard 1 is in the area hovering over Jericho. Why is he wearing pants in the jacuzzi? He and Vanguard 1 have a meeting of the minds. Their discussions are getting better ratings than Tiger King. He offers Vanguard 1 a mini-version of the Inner Circle shirt and offers an elbow-to-propeller handshake. When Vanguard 1 refutes his offer, Jericho sends his puppies after him, vowing revenge for Vanguard 1's act of defiance. 

They announce the setup for the TNT Championship tournament, which begins next week. Kip Sabian holds up a sign that says "Yawn." Make sure you go to YouTube to check out the Dynamite Post show with JR, Tazz and Excalibur.

Next, there's a video with the Young Bucks trying to get Nick Jackson back into shape. Matt brings a wrestling ring onto a tennis court in Rancho Cuchamanga. They discuss the actions of the Inner Circle. Nick says he has no memory of what happened but he is trying to work with younger brother Matt on his skill set. Nice shot of his family in the background with the new baby. 

It's main event time as Guevara teams up with Spears to take on Cody with Darby. Sammy practicing social distancing with the elbows. Assuming that the days of "The Chairman" as a tag team partner must be over with him in the TNT Championship tournament as he enters the ring with the "Impress Me" shirt. Jimmy Havoc is not impressed. Darby comes to the ring sans the skateboard. Cody joins the festivities with Brandi rooting him on. Spears reminds Cody of why he is referred to as "The Chairman." Darby and Sammy begin, interesting choice of bedazzled shorts by Sammy. They each tag to their respective partners, who lock up until Spears gets Cody in a side headlock. Cody grabs Spears' hair and throws him into the ropes and hits a pump kick. Tags in Darby who gets off the axehandle. Spears tags in Sammy, who is vlogging during the match and shows off his skills to Brandi, who takes his phone. Darby takes advantage of the distraction to give Sammy a knee smash. Spears attacks Darby from behind. Back in the ring, Darby gets a dropkick and tags in Cody, who gets a rear kick onto Spears and throws Sammy outside the ring. Double team suicida from both faces on the outside of the ring. We get a commercial break. 

Back from the break with Sammy whipping Darby into the ropes. He tags in Spears who quickly meets Darby's elbow. A forward roll is countered by a knee smash by Sammy. Cody distracts referee Aubrey Edwards which allows Sammy to throw Darby into the bike rack and then into a chinlock once they re-enter the ring. A double stomp on the shoulders of Darby and Sammy then tags in Spears. He chops Darby in the chest. Sammy then bets Sammy $50 bucks that he can't hit a prolonged suplex for 10 seconds. I thought gambling was illegal in Georgia! Spears tags in Sammy who does the same thing to win back his 50 bucks. Sammy eventually drops Darby into a two count. Spears gets the tag and tries to do the same thing but Darby schoolboys him for a two count. Slingshot suplex attempt by Spears is reversed by Darby into a suplex for a two count. Sammy is tagged in and Cody gets in with the hot tag. Snap slam to Sammy. Nightmare cutter by Cody for a two count. He takes the belt off and throws it to Brandi. Sharpshooter attempt is broken up so he can put Spears in the Figure Four, which Sammy breaks up with a shooting star press. Cross Rhodes attempt is broken up by Spears. Cody is thrown over the bike rack and the heels sitting at ringside (Baker, Sabian, Havoc) jump the EVP! Commercial break. 

Back from the break with Sammy having Cody on the ropes using his feet as leverage. He tags in Spears who throws Cody down and taunts Darby. A series of punches in the corner. Cody reverses it and they trade punches in the middle of the ring. A whip into the corner results in Cody hitting Sammy and then does a reverse somersault, looked like he fell on his knee. Darby with the hot tag and he's like a house of fire kicking down both Sammy and Spears. They each attempt to go after Darby but he throws them outside of the ring. He then hits Sammy with the middle rope suicida but Spears catches him when he tries the same thing. After a few punches that puts Darby over the bike rack, Sammy dropkicks Darby. Cody to the rescue. Back in the ring, the Chairman hits the C4 (Death Valley Driver) but Darby is the legal man as noted by Cabana. Darby climbs up the pole and hits the Coffin Drop Elbow on both men. He throws Spears in the ring to do it again but Sammy interrupts and throws Darby outside of the ring. Cody with a top rope Cross Rhodes but Spears hits the frog splash. Sammy brings in a chair but Darby throws it away. As he does so, Spears gets the roll-up pin attempt for three! As Cody tries to console Darby, he's having none of it as he hits Cody square in the mouth! GOOD: Great use of double teams by all four competitors and Colt was great on commentary. BAD: The gambling spot took away from the seriousness of the bout. 

The show closes on that note, and a reminder that next week the TNT Championship tournament begins! Thanks for watching. 


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