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Dynamite started with a clip of Hangman Adam Page being interviewed by Tony Schivone. Kenny is our with a broken hand. So Hangman needs a partner. As tension has built between Page and the Bucks, Page states that he doesn’t want Matt or nick as a partner, but has a “secret” partner. Now let’s get to the matches...

First match to take place to start us off is Ortiz vs Cody. Cody takes control of the match early on, but seconds into the match Cody is distracted by Jake The Snake Roberts and Lance Archer. The newly signed addition to the AEW roster. While Ortiz takes advantage of this distract early on it doesn’t take long for Cody to reposition his offensive plan. Putting Ortiz in a single leg Boston crab, as the crowd chants Jake The Snake. Ortiz goes after the knee of Cody before throwing him outside the ring and Santana delivering kicks to the injured knee. Cody gets momentum in the match with a suplex and ten shots to the face. He then attempts to go to the top rope before Ortiz gets the distraction and stifles that idea. Ortiz attempts to go for the superplex, but Cody denies that attempt. Santana tries to aid his partner in crime, but Mrs nightmare aka Brandy wipes Santana. Ortiz finally connects with the superplex but can’t get the three count.

Cody hits an Alabama Slammer on the ramp, which gets the attention of Lance Archer. Cody, even with the bad knee puts the figure four on Ortiz and although Ortiz reverses the hold, he taps out and Cody gets the win. Immediately after the match Santana attacks Cody, but gets the save from his Elite brethren Matt Jackson and Kenny Omega. Again this moment is cut short as Le Champion interrupts the feel good moments and tells Cody that the Inner Circle will leave the Elite bloody and broken (for lack of a better term) before showing a bloody Nick Jackson as the latest victim of the Inner Circle.

Kris Statlander and the number one contender, Hikaru Shida take on the women’s champ, Nyla Rose and Bea Priestly. Shida and Rose start the match and Rose controls the match with a number of chops and body slams. Bea gets the tag and isolates Shida. While Shida attempts to gain some sort of control with chops of her own, Bea gets Shida against the ropes and away from Statlander. Rose takes over, as the suplex follows for 2. Shida fires back, Bea & Statlander tag in and Statlander runs wild on Bea as the Michinoku driver follows for 2. Bea counters Statlanders attack int an octopus hold and grounds Statlander. Statlander powers out and Bea has a slip before Statlander cuts her off with a back breaker. Shida tags in and double teams for a two count. Bea trades hits and running knees with Shida after surviving a German suplex. Rose tags in and dumps Statlander drapes Shida over the top rope and attempts a flying knee drop, but misses. Shida goes for the cover, but only gets the two count. Shida follows up with a Michinoku driver, but Bea saves the match. The match breaks down as Rose takes control and Shida counters the power bomb with a RANA, suplexing Bea. Rose spears Shida before the beast bomb finishes Shida for the three count.

After the match is over Bea lays out Rose and poses with the title

Christopher Daniels mocks the Dark order infomercial. Stating screw the Dark Order and discussing how SCU took them out. How the Dark Order started talking about the exalted one. Saying it is all a lie and there is no exalted one. Daniels proposes Uno and Grayson to a singles match. When no exalted arrives he’ll be proven right. 

MJF, The Butcher and The Blade vs. Jurassic Express are in a tag match. The Bunny & The Wardlow are at ringside. Stunt and MJF begin as MJF, in his I Pinned Cody shirt controls. They all standoff and MJF begs off of Luchasaurus until Butcher and Blade attack. The heels take the heat, attacking the leg of the big man, using quick tags and double teams. They have him isolated in the corner, continuing the attack on the knee. MJF follows with a dragons screw and Blade tags in and works double teams with the Butcher. The heels continue to control, grounding the big man. Luchasaurus fights them of, but the heels cut of the tag, taking out Stunt & Jungle Boy. Post break as Luchasaurus slowly battles back and drags Blade and MJF along and tags in Jungle Boy. He runs wild on all three as Marko flies in and they double team Butcher. The dive is caught, but Jungle boy takes them all out. Luchasaurus follows with a step up tope and back in, they isolate MJF as Luchasaurus runs wild until Butcher makes the save. He brawls with Luchasaurus, working into a double down. Stunt in and lays the boots to MJF. Bunny distracts Jungle Boy, and Blade dumps him for Wardlow to take out Luchasaurus on the floor. MJF finishes Stunt with the salt of the earth and gets the W.

We get highlights of Darby Allin in last week’s main event, and then dragging a body bag with a dummy looking like Sammy with his car. 

Tony interviews Dr. Britt Baker. Baker brings a coffee to Tony and then runs down the crowd and state rules against alcohol. She’s here to shake things up, and says there is a lot of high BMI and poor oral health here, but she can help because she is a dentist, don’t you know! She says everyone here looks alike, like one big family. You can do what you want, be a janitor, an assistant, and will lead by example as their role model. She thanks the fans for their great reactions and support (big heat on Baker) and Big Swole arrives. Baker only talks, and she hears her running her mouth. Baker says the only one in her house that cares about wrestling is her boyfriend. Swole says “I’m Married… bay bay.” Baker tosses Coffee on her and runs away.

Death Triangle (Pac, Pentagon Jr, & Fenix) vs. Joey Janela & Private Party: Death Triangle attacks and takes the others to the floor as Pac isolates Cassidy until Cassidy cuts him off. Pac puts a stop to that, Fenix tags in and Quen tags in for double teams on Fenix. Silly string follows and Pentagon and Janela tag in. Pentagon attacks with leg kicks, Janela battles back and follows with clotheslines. Pac attacks, as the match breaks down and the babyfaces take control. Janela follows with a high cross to the floor. Back in and the babyfaces isolate Fenix, until Pac crotches Cassidy up top. Pac takes over and stomps the shit out of Cassidy. Post break, Death Triangle take control until Janela tags in, running wild and follows with the suicide dive. Back in and Janela takes Fenix up top, and Quen joins him and then hit a different version of gin and juice, and Quen hits the shooting star press until Pentagon makes the save. he cuts off Quen, triple teams follow and Fenix follows with the top rope double stomp for two count. Pac delivers kicks, but Quen counters the German and Janela is in and fights them all off and Quen hits a dive as Cassidy topes onto Fenix and Janela hits an apron DVD on Pac. The top rope elbow drop follows for 2 by Janela. Pentagon cuts off Janela, cutter by Fenix and the MDK double stomp package pile driver follows Pac hits black arrow and Janela is done. Death Triangle defeated Joey Janela & Private Party.

Death Triangle locks on the Death Triangle submission on all three until Best Friends and Orange Cassidy makes the save.

Dustin Rhodes is dressed to fight and will step up tonight, and will team with Hangman tonight. 

NEXT WEEK: Lucha Bros vs. Best Friends, The Exalted One is revealed, the Elite vs. Inner Circle in a trios tag with the Blood & Guts advantage on the line.

JR interviews Moxley, who is not cleared to compete. Mox is pissed that he is hurt, and says he won the game and won the championship. He dares anyone to take the championship from him, and tells Hager to step into the batter’s box. Hager is just another guy to him, and he will not miss Blood & Guts in two weeks. The Inner Circle failed to take him out, and have to deal with the Elite, but he’ll be there in their blind spot.

Hangman Page & Dustin Rhodes vs. Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara: Hager, Santana, Ortiz, QT, & Brandi are all at ringside. Sammy and Page begin, Page takes control early and then works double teams with Dustin. Dustin takes over, Page gets dumped and Jericho steals a beer and mocks Page. Page fights him off, takes and drinks it, but Sammy cuts him off. Back in and Page cuts them off and Dustin then runs wild on Sammy, dumps Jericho and snap slams Sammy. Sammy eventually cuts him off with the double stomp following the Jericho distraction. Jericho works over Dustin on the floor, and back in Sammy takes over. Working the heat on Dustin. Jericho joins in as double teams follow, and Sammy and Jericho pose. Dustin gets the knees up on Jericho's lionsault, Page tags in and wipes out Jericho with a plancha. Sammy cuts him off, Jericho tags in and Page fights off the others and Dustin and Page take everyone out in and out of the ring. Jericho counters the buckshot into the walls of Jericho, but Dustin makes the save and Sammy misses the shooting star press. Jericho takes out page to the floor and Page takes him out as Dustin hits a destroyer on Sammy and the buckshot lariat finishes Sammy. Hangman Page and Dustin Rhodes get the victory.

Post match, the Inner Circle attacks until Kenny makes the save, but he’s also cut off and beaten down. Jericho lays him out with the Judas effect, but Cody is back and runs wild on the Inner Circle until Hager dumps him. Ortiz suplexes Cody on the ramp. They take Page to the stage and look for another powerbomb like they did to Mox last week. Matt Jackson makes the save, hits superkicks and spears. He comes face to face with Page and gives him the finger as Jericho lays them out with chair shots. The Inner Circle stands tall.

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