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I had the pleasure of sitting in on AEW's Media Call ahead of the television debut of AEW Dynamite. Below you'll find some notes from the call which had Cody Rhodes discussing multiple topics ahead of the debut and answers to questions from the media at the end of the call.

 - Jim Woodcock moderates the media call, gave a rundown of the AEW Dynamite debut

 - Cody on the line, thanks the media for joining him today for the biggest thing he remembers in his lifetime as a wrestling fan and potentially the history of the wrestling business. 

 - Cody says everyone has an origin's tale of how this got started whether it was BTE, his departure from WWE, or Tony's relationship with Warner Media. 

 - Cody credits the fandom for making this happen.

Media Questions

 - On Kenny Omega's comparison to NXT being developmental talent: Cody says Dusty was instrumental in making it a brand, says he will never disparage NXT, continues to say that many of the talent there are his friends. He says Kenny was in character and having fun, continuing a storyline with Being the Elite. Cody wishes NXT success

 - Cody says bell to bell wrestling, sports centric wrestling is a huge part of what they're doing, but viewers have to know who these people are. He says the Road To series was meant to let people get to know the new characters. 

 - If Sammy Guevara beats him at AEW Dynamite, he will take Cody's place at Full Gear. 

 - Cody says wrestling plays on nostalgia and he is guilty of it, but AEW must make sure they are not playing old songs.

 - Cody says he can use it, but he won't use it. He says he got the rub off of it plenty, but the reason he doesn't use it is because he got so used to being The American Nightmare Cody in Japan and wants to try to make his own name. Cody says he could use it and nobody would sue him, but he likes using his first name.

 - Cody says there may not have been an AEW if he had that offer, but the timeline played out perfectly to make AEW happen.

 - Cody jokes his 40% of the roster revealed comment could be because he's bad at math, but they haven't released all their talent yet. He says there are flavors of Nitro which had a lucha cast that he hopes he can feature on Dynamite. He also says they've held a lot of people back for the Dynamite era specifically.

 - Cody has had three sleepless nights, lots of nervous puking. He says he can't think of a more important night than MTV and Rock N Wrestling. He wants wrestling to be destination and to keep it that way. Cody wants to play into his nerves and be a "red light guy" as Orton suggested. Cody says they made a lot of promises about what AEW will be and that the best part of the promises is that the people in the ring made them.

 - He says there is a ratings number in mind to be considered a success, but he won't say it out loud. The more important thing, to Cody, is that the live audience reacts and that the show is good. Turner has high expectations as does AEW. They think the product will appeal to the several million people they've dubbed "the returners."

 - Cody says the product should reflect society. He says that Brandi has been instrumental in finding diversity in the AEW roster. Cody thinks African-American representation on their brand is huge and that there are stud men and women he'd love to have be a part of AEW Dynamite. He wants the most diverse and best roster.

 - Cody suggests he may do a UK scouting trip when he appears at Southside wrestling. He says there is more to the UK partnership and that what has been announced isn't all they have. He puts over Kip Sabian as an absolute star. He'd like to find more guys like him. Cody also says AEW will be coming to the UK for sure and wants to feature homegrown talent from the UK.

 - The roster is 85% full for the first bit of AEW Dynamite and that there is a lot of emphasis on longform storytelling. 

 - WWE superstars are not their target, just because they were in WWE does not mean they have a guaranteed roster spot if they are released.

 - Cody reinforces that AEW will provide content to introduce the roster and make the viewers care. The human connection is the key for AEW.

 - Cody says they are working their way down and across the Midwest with their weekly television. They want to bring their party to every city. AEW has field tested it and used their experience being on the road. After January, they will be moving out west and are definitely headed that way. Cody says they have the best market out West and will definitely be headed that way in 2020.

 - The only thing that matters to AEW is the fan's appreciation and whether they liked it. Being the Elite is the fourth wall element. The Road To series is meant to be old-school, southern wrasslin'. The two are meant to work together for AEW. Cody says neither of those will be watered down, "there is not one fan, all of our different styles work together to provide this buffet."

 - Cody strongly suggests the 4th PPV will be on the West Coast.

 - AEW is doing everything they can to get production to every country and their goal is for everyone to see. Cody says they do not have a network subscription just yet.

 - Cody says he'd really love to buy War Games back because Dusty created it, he says the current iteration isn't true to what his father created. 

 - Cody hopes a match type unique to AEW comes to them. He says Nick came up with the Casino Battle Royal and that he thinks the women's match was far superior to the men's battle royal. He says Tony Khan is coming up with a new concept seemingly every day.

 - AEW will be focused solely on their own show, Cody says it would be arrogant if they had a monitor showing the other show. AEW has to be themselves, says Cody.

 - AEW's strength is the bell to bell, in-ring action. He says the stories need to be told bell to bell like Ric Flair used to tell. AEW wants to spread the product and show it to returning viewers who may see something they recognize from way back.

 - The heart and soul of the stories will be AEW Dynamite and that there will be stories geared toward Dynamite and PPVs specifically.

 - Cody says he was blown away by Cain Velasquez and says there is something special about him.

 - AEW was almost called "Revolution" because what's happening right now is a revolution. Cody says their growth is based on the revolutionary fans spreading it. Cody credits the marketing and branding of AEW from Turner Media amazes him.

 - Cody says to get to fans that haven't seen wrestling it's about extrapolating fans with common interests, references Brandon Cutler and MJF's Dungeons and Dragons beef on Twitter last week.

 - Cody puts out his non-wrestling interests in an effort to connect with fans.

 - TNT have been wonderful allies for AEW. Cody mentions Keith Mitchell and puts him over as the man. He mentions NBA production and the level Turner produces that at, almost like it's a goal for AEW.

 - AEW will not just focus on wins & losses, but will focus on quality of wins, too. Cody compares it to College Football. AEW will also keep stats that show how many times wrestlers win with certain moves.

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