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We start off with Jake the Snake and Lance Archer at the Murderhawk Compound! They tout the the TNT Championship as a ball, and with every win they get one step closer to their goal. Jake puts over Colt Cabana his opponent for tonight, and stays that Lance had to go to Japan to get an opportunity. He does a great job of making Lance as a threat.

Tony and Le Champion Chris Jericho is on commentary bringing the greatness in the booth tonight. We see that Dr. Britt Baker will be in action as well as Sammy Guevara. Tonight we get the debut of the "Bubbly Bunch." Dasha is doing ring commentary. 

But first, it's time for the second quarterfinal of the TNT Championship tournament. Cabana discusses that he's not looking past Cabana but desires to win the title and get to the next level. Colt comes to the ring first, and Archer is next and smacks away Austin Gunn's sign and knocks someone to the ground. He forearm smashes Colt to the ground before removing his ring gear. Colt gets up  and chops him forcing him out the ring. He stays out there while Colt celebrates. As he returns to the ring, Colt tries a few more shots and an armlock, only to get whipped into the post. Colt tries to get a corner splash, but Archer picks him up and full nelson slam to the ground. He throws Colt into the corner and no sells Colt's chops. Half-lariat knocks Colt down. After a few punches Lance resorts to some chest slaps of his own. Aubrey Edwards forces him to break it up. Boots to the head by Lance as he is in total control of the match. Sidewalk splash gets a two count. Lance goes outside and we still don't see what happened to that poor guy who got hit as we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial and Lance gets the big boot on Colt. A few slaps and a gut kick by Colt but Lance isn't having it. Someone in the crowd yells "Show some mercy," as Archer misses the splash. Colt chants in the crowd. He gets off a few kicks and a flying head scissors. Stomp into a splash gets a two count. Punches by Colt but it looks as if Lance is laughing it off but gets an elbow by Colt for his troubles. However, Lance quickly counters with a Pounce (shoutout to Monty Brown) and a one armed slam! Colt gets up and elbows a charging Lance. Colt up top, and Lance gets him in the Blackout, and that's all she wrote as he gets the win! GOOD: It was great to see Lance in a match where he's not facing jobbers, as the match went longer than previous bouts. BAD: The match was plodding at times.

We see Dr. Britt Baker in her 9-5 office discussing the need to be a role model. She puts down the actions of Hikaru Shida from last week. She pulls out a glove and says "Who's the real winner here?" Not one of her best efforts, she's much better with a live crowd where she can antagonize people.

We have Ariel Helwani from ESPN discussing how Hager is going to win tonight's main event. Taz discusses how Moxley has to be careful of Hager's mat game and experience in MMA. We come back and Taz is showing the effectiveness of Hager's triangle choke. It's great to see how they're putting over the finishing moves. Brings a real sports element to it that casual fans can buy into. 

We have Cassandra Golden, who lost in February to Shida, getting ready for an appointment with the Dr. as Shida looks on in disappointment. Hey, Pineapple Pete in the house! Finally some heels show up to give her support, including the newly signed Anna Jayy. Quick kicks by Britt to bring down Golden. She poses by the downed Cassandra and knees to the back as Aubrey has her move out of the way. She puts Cassandra's teeth on the ropes and stomps on her head! Three count is academic. GOOD: Britt showed off some great moves in a squash. BAD: Not much to say.

We have comedian Ron Funches bringing his prediction for tonight's match between Moxley and Hager. Mike Goldberg of Bellator predicts that Hager will win based on his own tale of the tape. 

They announce Double or Nothing taking place on May 23. Hey, if WWE can get away with it, why not AEW?

We're back with the debut episode of "The Bubbly Bunch." Santana and Ortiz are talking about the Young Bucks reminding them of people from the Bronx. Guevara says that they are jacking their style as he shoots down Broken Matt Hardy. We get Hager putting over the eventual Blood 'n Guts match. Jericho gets in a shot at Hangman Page while making a mess of his kitchen counter. His hounds are looking on in disgust as he laments over having no toilet paper. 

In the ring it's Suge D (Pineapple Pete) rolling into the ring about to take on Sammy Guevara. Suge D is apparently the victim of a hit by Le Champion. Guevara gets a waistlock into a takedown. He poses and waves at Suge D. They have a staredown and Suge gets a wristlock. Sammy gets a chest slap and Suge is too busy playing around when he gets a wicked knee smash by Guevara. Roll out of the ring and Sammy kicks Suge around and brings him back in. Suplex by Sammy gets a two count. Stomps on the back by Guevara followed by a head stomp. Whip into the ropes and Sammy body presses him into a back body drop. Two count. Roll up by Suge gets a surprise two count but Sammy quickly gets a gut kick and another two count. Chops by Sammy and a whip into the ropes but misses the elbow smash. Suge attacks with knife edge chops and an European Uppercut. Sammy whips him into the ropes for a high knee smash. Inverted torture rack into a GTS. Three count and it's all over. GOOD: Not much here as Sammy gets a much needed win going into next week. BAD: Too much playing around by Suge, who you would expect to take this opportunity more seriously. 

Sammy channels his inner Paul Heyman and provides a spoiler alert of how he's going to beat Darby Allin in next week's TNT Title quarterfinal. He begins beating on Suge only for Darby to run in. 

"Big" John McCarthy of Bellator MMA puts over Hager as the winner of tonight's match. 

Time for "Superbad" Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford to make their entrance. Chuck Taylor is accompanied by freshly squeezed Orange Cassidy. Jericho is not too pleased as he puts down OC's cavalier attitude and approach. Lockup and Kip rolls out of a wristlock but Chuck reverses it into a headlock. Whip is reversed into a shoulderblock by Chuck, who gets a single leg hold. Jericho puts over Bobby Eaton, who showed you can be a great wrestler despite a non-athletic physique. In the ring Kip gets off some stomps. Le Champion puts down Vanguard 1 as Chuck gets off a knee smash and the thumbs up from OC. Elbow by Chuck gets 1. Chops by Chuck but Kip leapfrogs over him and throws him out of the ring. Baseball slide by Kip misses and Chuck gets a suplex. Jimmy Havoc tells him to stop playing around and go to work. Reverse moonsault misses and Kip gets off a drop kick. Stomps by Kip but Chuck throws him into the corner but receives a superkick for a two count by Kip. He throws Chuck to the outside and Penelope stomps him while Kip and Orange Cassidy discuss the efforts of Dr. Fauci. Two count for Kip once Chuck rolls in the ring. Surfboard by Kip. He tries a moonsault but Chuck gets out of the way, and Orange Cassidy is fired up! Kicks by Chuck followed by a few chops. Suplex is reversed but Chuck gets a powerbomb for a two count. Stomps by Chuck but Kip superkicks him and then suplexes him on the ropes. Laying in the shots as Orange reminds him of the two count. Sweet reversal by Chuck on a springboard cutter into a DDT. Penelope distracts Chuck but OC decides to do the same thing. Jimmy Havoc has seen enough and spikes him to the ground. Penelope gives Chuck a top rope Frankensteiner as the referee is distracted by Kip! Rollup into the three count, and Kip wins! GOOD: Both guys shows a lot of moves and counters. BAD: Nothing.

More videos on the upcoming Mox vs. Hager match, this time coming from the Inner Circle picking their boy to win.

We're back with a recap of last week's match between Cody and Spears, with Spears taking the loss but winning last night on AEW Dark. Tonight he takes on Justin Law, making his AEW debut. He sizes down Law and gets a snapmare. Asking Law if he wants some more, Law obliges, and Spears wristlocks him. He lets Law get off a chance to roll him over, and Law gets a two count! Jericho roots for the rookie, only for Spears to let out his frustration with kicks to the mid section and then a clothesline. Running C4 by Spears and that's it! He fought the law and...oh forget it. GOOD: A quick squash and good to see Spears with some momentum after last week's loss. BAD: Too fast to be anything special. 

Next week we will have two quarterfinal matches in the TNT Championship tournament. Also, Orange Cassidy takes on Jimmy Havoc and Omega will be in action!

We get one more final video, with Josh Thomson of Bellator MMA and Santana predicting that Hager will win, which is NEXT!

Tale of the Tape for Hager and Moxley, and Good 'Ol JR is on the mic. Here we go! 

Hager comes in first to his sick theme music, followed by the champ! Bell rings and they try a feeling out period as they go into the corner in lock ups. Moxley tries for the leg and gets the takedown. Hager tries for a triangle choke but Mox moves away. They wrestle to the ground and Mox gets a double wristlock. Armbar is broken up by Hager's punches! Single leg lock by Moxley as he trips Hager to the ground. Hager gets the leverage and Mox reaches for the ropes. Hager gets in the ropes and knee strikes to Mox. Mox fights off with some chops and goes up to give him some elbow smashes. Wristlock takedown by Moxley. Hager reverses it into a headlock. A lot of MMA-style grappling so far. 

Hager gets some stomps in the corner but Mox fights out of it and they trade punches until Mox whips him into the ropes and throws him over the ring. Flying clothesline by Mox into a cross armbreaker! JR doing a great job of explaining the rules as we go to a commercial break. 

We're back as Moxley rakes the eyes as JR questions the need for railings if no one's here. They're on the concrete as Hager backdrops Moxley onto the ground! They're moving up the seats. Hager kicks Moxley in the face and gets some straight shots to the face. Mox's attempt to throw a chair distracts Hager long enough to get in some knee shots but Hager fights is off with an elbow smash. Figure four by Moxley on the railing! Shades of Bret Hart! He encourages Jake to give up but that ain't happening as he fights off the lock. Forearm smash by Mox onto Hager's back followed by chops. Front face lock is reversed into a whip into the railing by Hager. He dumps Mox on his shoulder. Knee into the chest of Mox as Hager throws him over the railing. Back near the ring, and Hager throws Mox into the steel steps as he poses looking into the camera. Hager throws the champion into the ring. Gets some knee smashes and throws him into the corner. Vader bomb misses and Moxley hits him with a running knee smash. They trade punches and Hager counters with knee strikes into a gutwrench powerbomb. Hager gets a two count. We go to commercial break!

We're back as Hager smashes into Moxley with clotheslines. His last attempt misses as Moxley clotheslines Hager to the ground, but it comes at a cost as he clutches his arm. He picks up Hager and gut style piledriver is reversed into an ankle lock but the champ gets a school boy for two. Hager gets off a front face choke as Moxley tries to power out. He gets some kicks and punches into Moxley's face. The champ gets out of the ring and Hager gets a steel chair (JR is right, why are there chairs in an empty arena?) to drive it into the mid section of Moxley. He puts the chair in the corner as he picks up Moxley to get a full nelson, but Moxley reverses it and Hager trips him into the ropes. A two count as we go to yet another commercial break.

Hager works the ankle as we return. Moxley powers out and throws him to the rope and he gets a triangle choke. However, Hager picks him up and they exchange blows. Chops by Moxley and elbow smashes into Hager's gut but he low blows him with an elbow. Hager runs after Moxley but he runs into a chair smash and Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift for the three count! Give that chair a raise! GOOD: This was as old school as it gets in 2020. Both guys brought the MMA-style grappling and moveset, taking it all around the arena without too many props being used outside of the chair. In addition, JR brought it on commentary, bringing back the days of Gordon Solie and Lance Russell. From a pure wrestling standpoint, this was AEW's best match on Dynamite. BAD: The flow was hurt by too many commercial breaks, but that's a minor gripe. 

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