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AEW Dynamite is here from an undisclosed location, and we start off with Jake "The Snake" Roberts coming in a dark room sitting on a chair to cut a recorded promo. He touts the talents of Lance Archer and wonders why anyone would challenge him. He discusses what happened to poor Marko Stunt last week and calls him an idiot for going up against the Murderhawk. He states that Cody might lose to Shawn Spears in the tournament so he doesn't have to face Archer. He asks Cody if he's a man or a mouse and to squeak up.

We have Tony and Le Champion on commentary! Several wrestlers, including the Gunn Club and some of QT Marshall's students are in attendance. Dasha is doing ring announcing as Archer comes in against Alan Engles. Immediately starts off with stomps and chops to the luckless opponent. Jericho puts over Archer's accomplishments in Japan as Lance is the recipient of chops only to throw Engles across the ring. Running elbow by Archer leads into the Blackout (inverted Razor's Edge) gets the pin fall for Archer. GOOD: It was a quick squash BAD: That sparkly jacket by Jericho is blinding!

Up next is Shida vs. Britt Baker. The heels are doing a better job of social distancing than the faces in the audience. Still wondering what happened to Shida's sword as she looks at the doctor in disgust. Baker avoids the lockup and kicks Shida in the gut. She rolls out of the ring and back in to push Shida. They exchange pushes as Baker then pulls her hair and whips her into the ropes. Forearm shot by Shida but the good doctor avoids the drop kick attempt by rolling out of the ring. As Shida returns in the ring Baker stomps on her and brings her to the ground with a headlock. Stomps by Baker leads into a hair pull. Shida returns the favor while Jericho calls out the ref for allowing her to do the same thing. He's gold on the mic. High knee lift by Baker as she gets a two count on the pin. Punches by Britt as Shida backs off, so she chokes her in the corner. Baker only gets another two count. Knee to the back of Shida's head on the ropes by Baker. She talks trash while Shida recovers. She goes to cut a promo to Tony as Le Champion warns her to look out! Shida hits her from behind as Baker throws her to the bike rack. Shida asks the students to help hold Baker down while she gets off a knee smash. That should be a disqualification! Shida suplexes Baker on the ground as we go to commercial. We return with Shida with her hair down and gets off a powerful vertical suplex. Knee smash attempt misses and Britt's pin attempt is reversed into a triangle choke hold by Shida. Britt grabs the ropes though. Clothesline attempt reversed into a slingblade by Britt. Only gets two though. Kicks to the head by Britt and Russian Leg Sweep into the Lockjaw (not the Mandible Claw, Tony!) but Shida kicks out. Punches exchanged as Jericho imitates JJ Evans "Dyn-o-mite!" Enzuguri by Shida gets her to draw color on Britt. Falcon arrow (she did the deal!) but school boy attempt is reversed for a two count. Ref gives Baker his glove so she can put her hand in Shida's mouth. He obliges. Britt with a kick to the face of Shida, and I think Britt broke her nose. Stomps by Britt is reversed as Shida dumps her out of the ring. They exchange punches as Shida goes to the top to suplex Britt back in the ring. Rake by Britt and kick to the shin as she goes to the top rope. Shida jumps up there and fireman's carry into a turnbuckle drop! Britt positions herself as Shida gets off the kick driver for the three count! GOOD: Post commercial break this match really picked up as they turned it up with great reversals and even a bit of blood. BAD: It was disjointed at times and it looked as if they didn't have great chemistry in the early parts of the match.

Kenny Omega and Michael Nakazawa are talking about what they should be called as a team. Um Kenny, don't you already have a tag team partner? Orange Cassidy comes out of the bathroom as they're calling themselves best friends. Trent and Chuck Taylor enter their trailer (does anyone in AEW practice social distancing?) and they fight over the name. Yes you heard me, they're fighting over the name 'Best Friends.' 

We're back with the Young Bucks talking about their days of backyard wrestling during their book called "Killing the Business." Excalibur brings us up to date on the title rankings. It's a good idea that AEW needs to do weekly to remind people that they matter. Question: How is Yuka Sakazawi third when she's only 1-1? 

We get a recap of last week's promo of AEW World Champion Moxley vs. Hager. Hager discusses his background as he tells of the financial benefits of being champion. Catalina Hager, Jake's wife talks of how they are a family of winners. Who's the heel here? 

Cody and Spears discusses their entrance into the TNT Title tournament. Spears talks about how he's been waiting months since their All Out match to get back at Cody. Great hype package leading into their match. 

We get the Best Friends coming into the ring accompanied by Orange Cassidy. Omega and Nakazawa make their way afterwards. Kenny is giving Dasha instructions as Spears tells Nakazawa to impress him. Why is Spears out there when he's got a match coming up, and calling for a tag team partner still? Chuck and Kenny lock up as Omega gets a wristlock. Chuck reverses it as Kenny whips him into the ropes for a shoulder tackle. Leapfrog turns into an arm drag takedown by Chuck. Trent is tagged as he gets a hammer smash on Kenny. Omega tags in Nakazawa as he lays chops to Trent who no sells it and gets some of his own. Nakazawa puts on the baby oil and Trent's chops have no effect. Pretty novel idea. Scoop slam by Nakazawa as he and Omega double team on both Trent and Chuck. Stomps by Omega on Trent. We go to commercial break. Back from commercial as we get Omega picking up Trent and tags in Nakazawa to hammer Trent. He uses the baby oil to get a Kentai slide on the ropes. Spears asks what is with the oil. We all do Shawn. He tags in Omega who gets a chin lock on Trent, who elbows his way out. Trent with a sick lariat on Omega he gets the hot tag to Chuck. Double axehandle on Nakazawa and Omega. Drop toehold on Nakazawa as he is clotheslined out of the ring by Trent. Orange Cassidy joins Best Friends for the hug but instead is met by Omega and Nakazawa. Omega chastises Orange for his refusal to hug which allows Best Friends to double team on Nakazawa. Nakazawa sprays baby oil. Again, shouldn't that be a DQ? Trent gets off a sliced bread for a two count. Elbow smash by Trent but Nakazawa gets a spear and turns into a hot tag to Omega. He is attacked by Chuck but gets a backstabber on Trent. Snapdragon on Trent. V-Trigger missed for a knee smash by Trent. Powerbomb by Chuck for a two count. Nakazawa back in the ring but he is quickly removed by Chuck. Best Friends chant as they attempt to double team Omega but Nakazawa throws Chuck out and gets a firearm carry on Trent. Backflip attempt for two. Omega throws out Chuck as Nakazawa attempts to get the his underwear out and uses it to smother Trent! He tries again but hits Omega instead. Omega breaks up the two count. Piledriver by Trent as Chuck throws Omega out of the ring. Best Friends double combo move gets the win as Trent pins Nakazawa! GOOD: Best Friends displayed great teamwork in getting the win. Nice old school comparisons by Jericho for Trent's moveset. BAD: Nakazawa was too goofy at times for my tastes. Great to see Jericho call him out on it. 

Brodie Lee promo time. He pulls up in a black Benz SUV and goes to meet his minions. He scolds two of them for their wrinkly attire and admires one for wearing a tie. The Exalted One tells the well dressed minion to follow him into an AEW office room. Nice promo by Lee. 

We're back as Brandi discusses that April is Autism Awareness Month. 

Britt is getting interviewed with still blood on her face. She talks about how Shida is a dirty wrestler and causes her injuries. Short but sweet promo as she walks off. 

More videos for Moxley vs. Hager. 

We are back with Broken Matt Hardy from the Hardy Compound as he responds to the 'Hole of the Ass' Chris Jericho. He asks a question I was wondering as to why he is wearing pants in a hot tub. He calls out Sammy Guevara for not possibly being able to speak Spanish. He wants to sink his teeth into Proud and Powerful. He calls Hager a Jake-enstine. The Circle that is Internal is not going to take over AEW and calls on Vanguard 1 to bring him the shirt but it's a different shirt. It is Hardy's new t-shirt. Vanguard 1 has put Jericho's shirt on fire. He invites Jericho to come to the Hardy Compound for an "Elite Deletion." Nice promo from Matt.

Lee Johnson walks to the ring. He was on Dark last night and makes his AEW Dynamite debut. Unfortunately for him, it's against the Exalted One. Methinks Mr. Johnson is about to go 0-2. He tries to get in a dropkick as the Exalted One swiftly moves away. He gets off a boot as we now get Marko Stunt in the audience. Swanton bomb by Brodie, impressive. Elbows into the corner by Brodie as he launches Johnson across the ring. He picks up Johnson for the Hansen-style discus lariat for the three! GOOD: Brodie Lee looks more motivated each week since going to AEW. BAD: Someone please check on Lee Johnson. 

After the match, the Exalted One looks at Marko Stunt and the Gunn Club as he walks off. 

It's TNT Title Tournament time as Cody takes on Shawn Spears! Great video package detailing their history together, including their match at All Out. They give us a Tale of the Tape prior to the match.

Shawn comes to the ring first and he gets support from the heels. Jericho isn't a fan of the tights he's wearing. Cody comes to the ring as Jericho calls him Cody Exotic. The EVP is accompanied by Brandi Rhodes and he gets the kiss for good luck. The faces are singing his theme music in support. He goes to shake the Greatest Referee in the World Aubrey Edwards' hand. Shawn avoids the lock up for a few moments and they fight into the corner. Cody gets the side headlock into a take down. Shawn gets a one count and rolls out of the ring. Jericho talks of his disdain for Aubrey. Leg takedown attempt missed by Cody as Shawn gets a rear waistlock. Knee strike to the mid-section by Spears that leads into chops. He whips Cody into the ropes but he reverses it into a one count. Shawn rolls out of the ring again and pushes Billy Gunn. He throws a chair into the ring. Springboard into a cutter by Cody for a one count. Aubrey removes the chair. Suplex by Cody into a drop. Two count for Cody. Roll up by Spears for two and another waistlock. Schoolboy rollup gets one for Spears. Cody gets a boot to the face for a two count. Bridge by Cody gets two. Jericho brings back memories of Jesse "The Body" on commentary. Cody goes up top for a moonsault, which he misses. Pile driver by Spears but only gets a two count. Spears takes him outside the ring and works the neck. Commercial break ensues as Spears drops Cody to the floor.

We're back from commercial as we see Cody and Shawn exchanging blows in the ring. Shawn gets off some forearm shots as Jericho touts the talented the great Canadian wrestlers, but someone in Guatemala must be better. Shawn goes outside, removes the TNT banner off the bike rack and exposes it. Cody fights him off and slams his head into the side. Cody tries to suplex Spears into the railing but he reverses it! Brandi attends to her man. Tony says we're going to commercial break but TNT has other plans as Shawn gets a scoop slam on Cody. He goes to the top rope and tries a frogsplash only to get the knees from Cody, who is still on the ground and struggling to get up. He eventually does and hits Shawn with punches and knee smashes into a quick slam into a two count. He takes the belt off and whips Shawn with it only to throw it into the ring. Beautiful Disaster reversed into a back drop by Spears for a two count. Now we get the commercial break Tony promised!

We're back as Shawn pulls a Devon Dudley and GETS THE TABLES! Cody hits a mid-rope suicida. He gets the table himself and follows him around the outside. Pineapple Pete holds Spears, allowing Cody to get into some chops. Back in the ring and a fall away superplex by Shawn from the top rope! Aubrey checks on Cody while Shawn exposes the turnbuckle. He goes to talk smack to Brandi who gets on the ring apron. Cross Rhodes attempt reversed as Shawn tires to dump Cody on the table. After a few moments he succeeds as the table splits in two! Cody is out! Aubrey begins the count but Cody gets in at 9. Shawn pouting at the mat while Jericho urges him on. He picks up Cody and slaps him but Cody gets off a few slaps of his own. C4 attempts reversed into the Cross Rhodes and then a second one, but Shawn kicks out at two! Figure Four by Cody and the pain is too much for Shawn as his shoulders hit the mat for three! GOOD: Great reversals and Shawn controlled most of the match and got off a nice table spot. Interesting that they would use the figure four as a pinning maneuver. BAD: Way too many commercial breaks hurt the flow of the match. 

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