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AEW Dynamite & WWE NXT Quarter Ratings Breakdown (1/27/21)


AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT viewership came out yesterday and it was very much a surprise to many at how close the total viewership was. It's worth noting that AEW still finished 18 places ahead of NXT in the key demo numbers. Neither show did well in the second half of the shows with both shows posting their best numbers in hour one. Meaning people tuned out for both huge main event tag matches on each show. Below I will breakdown each quarter with the numbers in the key demo and total viewership:

Quarter 1 

(AEW Dynamite) Lance Archer vs. Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley Interview
760,000 viewers and 366,000 in the key demo.

(WWE NXT) MSK vs. Dain & Maverick
832,000 viewers and 356,000 in the key demo.

Quarter 2

(AEW Dynamite) Sting & Allin Promo and Jericho/MJF vs. Varsity Blonds
731,000 viewers and 396,000 in the key demo.

(WWE NXT) Curt Stallion Interview & Kai/Gonzalez vs. Kamea/Aliyah
820,000 viewers and 324,000 in the key demo.

Quarter 3

(AEW Dynamite) Pac, Shaq, Cody, Red Velvet Interview/Promos
788,000 viewers and 424,000 in the key demo.

(WWE NXT) Gargano/Way Promo, Scarlett Promo and Rust vs. Rios
785,000 viewers and 296,000 in the key demo.

Quarter 4

(AEW Dynamite) Hangman Page vs. Ryan Nemeth, Hardy Promo
737,000 viewers and 377,000 in the key demo.

(WWE NXT) Balor/KOR Promo and GYV vs. Kushida/Ruff
717,000 viewers and 255,000 in the key demo.

Quarter 5

(AEW Dynamite) Jungle Boy vs. Dax Harwood
736,000 viewers and 385,000 in the key demo.

(WWE NXT) Ending of Dusty Cup, Regal/Escobar/Curt, Storm promo
712,000 viewers and 261,000 in the key demo.

Quarter 6

(AEW Dynamite) Jungle Boy/Harwood post match, Tax Promo, Baker vs. Shanna
712,000 viewers and 359,000 in the key demo.

(WWE NXT) Storm, Io, Martinez brawl, Scott vs Reed
642,000 viewers and 249,000 in the key demo.

Quarter 7

(AEW Dynamite) End of Baker/Shanna, MJF/Sammy Promo, Bucks/Good Brothers/Omega promo
715,000 viewers and 358,000 in the key demo.

(WWE NXT) End of Reed vs. Scott and Thatcher/Ciampa Promo
625,000 viewers and 249,000 in the key demo.

Quarter 8

(AEW Dynamite) Bucks/Good Brothers vs. Dark Order + Fallout
705,000 viewers and 360,000 in the key demo.

(WWE NXT) Balor/O'Reilly vs. Lorcan/Burch + Fallout
629,000 viewers and 222,000 in the key demo.

The main event segments for both shows were the lowest viewed segments of the night. This is pretty shocking as AEW has put lots of effort and time over multiple promotions into this angle. Also with NXT this Balor and Undisputed Era angle has been a large part of their shows for the last month. 

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