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For the better part of a year now, AEW and WWE have been in a "war" on Wednesday nights. While AEW has come out on top for the majority of the weekly battles, ratings are starting to fall. Fans have to wonder if the company they love, run by wrestlers they adore, is beginning to falter.

AEW started off hot, while WWE seemed to drag their feet, getting a show that had been running for years on the WWE Network to gain any kind of traction on a more widely watched cable network. Nearly a year on now and NXT is starting to be the more viable contender to Dynamite that fans always knew it could be. The thing is, WWE hasn't changed their formula at all. They're still putting out the same caliber of matches they always have. AEW hasn't changed their formula either, they're still putting out great TV shows every week, full of great matches, the same thing WWE does on NXT.

So, why are AEW's ratings dipping?

Maybe fans are losing interest. But I don't think that's it, hundreds of thousands of fans still tune in every week, so interest isn't waining. Maybe it's just plateauing. Things starting off with a fever pitch is to be expected with a new company with as many top-tier independent wrestling stars as AEW had. So, maybe the influx of fans has wained to its constant normal. Perhaps, aside from a great card here or there, this is where things are expected to be from now on.

The real problem may be more profound than that, though. The Elite that runs All Elite Wrestling may be the cancer that is pushing fans away from their beloved company.

In-ring, they are, without a doubt, some of the most talented men in wrestling. Their company holds some of the most talented men and women in wrestling today, too, not signed by WWE anyways. It's what they chose to do outside the ring that could be the answer to their fans walking away slowly but surely.

Their constant backhanded jabs at WWE are starting to wear on some fans' interest in the company. WWE takes some shots at AEW sure, but The Young Bucks, Omega, and the rest of The Elite take some kind of shot at WWE almost weekly. They even went as far as to joke about NXT's Main Event being spoiled on their weekly YouTube video.

Understandably, the men who started AEW feel bitter, all of them being a part of WWE at one time or another. Kenny was in the developmental system, The Bucks were used as enhancement talent at different times, and Cody's time with the company needs no explanation. It's still no reason for them to take constant potshots at WWE.

It's honestly starting to make me enjoy their product less. Instead of trying to have a dick measuring contest with WWE, just prove your content is better than theirs on TV every week. Focus on your in-ring product more than the screw-ups of your competition, and maybe the fans will come back. This schoolyard style fighting is getting old. It was vaguely interesting when they were on the independent scene and weren't representing a company that holds the future of many other talents.

There has to come a time when 'The Elite' of AEW has to grow up and focus on making their company the superior entertainment it could be. Instead of continually putting their competition down to make themselves look better.

Are 'The Elite' a group of grown men? Or, are they the group of high school teenage girls that had to put everyone else in school down to make themselves look better?

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