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Omega & Page defeat The Private Party

Night two of AEW's Fyter Fest kicked off with the AEW Tag Team Championships on the line as Omega and Page took on The Private Party. While no one really thought AEW was going to take the titles off of the team of Omega and Page, that split is likely being saved for Double or Nothing, Private Party held their own in this match taking the Champions to their limits.

This match did what AEW needed it to do, it got things started, and got fans watching at home intrigued in the show. Private Party, while still looking somewhat green, managed to, at moments, look like they could dethrone the Champions. Private Party isn't ready to be Tag Champs yet, but by this time next year, if they stay on the path their on, they should be.

Eventually, AEW have to split Omega and Page, a split that at this point needs to come sooner rather than later, because having two of your best singles competitors tied up in the tag division is a waste of time in the long run. Don't get me wrong, it's entertaining, and they're putting on great matches, it's just time to move on. Omega needs to chase, and hold a singles title. It would be better for him and better for AEW in the long run. Especially when Hangman Page dethrones him sealing this storyline nicely.

Lance Archer defeats Joey Janela

Next up was Joey Janela and Lance Archer going toe-to-toe in what turned out to be an exciting match to watch. Honestly, when the match started I expected it to end in quick fashion, as does most Lance Archer matches, with Janela getting very little offense in. But, Janela got his fair share of strikes in and actually countered the big man's finisher at one point in the match, almost getting a pinfall out of the counter.

Eventually though Joey Janela setting up a table on the outside proved to be his own undoing, as Archer used that table against Janela putting the Bad Boy through it on the outside of the ring. Archer than threw Janela back into the ring, and picked up the pin to win.

Both men actually looked really strong in this match, and Sonny Kiss, who was carried in and thrown on Janela to start the match, actually managed to get some offense in on the big guy when the refs back was turned dealing with Jake Roberts. While this match probably won't be remembered at the end of either man's career, it kept the pace of the event going, and both men looked good in the ring. It served its purpose.

Darby Allin Video, Taz Announcement

A Darby Allin video was the next thing we saw, and Allin was at Travis Pastrana's house practicing his Coffin Drop saying he was preparing for Brian Cage after Cage put him out of action for a month.

After the video ended Cage and Taz made their way to the ring so Taz could make his announcement. Tony Schiavone was already in the ring to perform the interview, and Taz had a velvet bag in his hands.

Taz said what he held was something that was built with his own sweat, and blood, and tears that he was tired of no promotion recognizing the Championship that he built, the FTW Championship. Taz then crowned Brian Cage the new FTW Champion, and said that whoever held the FTW Championship was the "Baddest MF'er on the planet." and that next week, at Fight for the Fallen Jon Moxley needs to watch out.

Butcher/Blade & Lucha Bros defeat Young Bucks & FTR

This match was everything everyone expected it to be. This was hands down, and without any surprise, the best match of the night. This match was different though from any other Young Bucks match, it wasn't a spot fest. Sure it had its spots, but it wasn't full of them. This was a technical masterclass in multi-team tag team wrestling, and every man in the match got to showcase their strengths.

The most surprising part of the match was when Dax Harwood and (I think it was Nick Jackson) hit FTR's finisher the Shatter Machine. Part of me expected The Young Bucks and FTR to win, but the slightest hint of division between these two teams needs to stay alive, and a win would cancel any of that division out.

This was a smart match from start to finish, and it kept everyone looking strong. It set up nicely for next week's action between FTR and the Lucha Bros. FTR seem to have a very bright future in AEW, where they can have more great tag team matches and can do so against new and fresh opponents.

Big Swole Gets Suspended

Next, we see a video of Big Swole arriving to the arena only to be met outside by Alex Marvez and an AEW office employee. Marvez informs Swole that she isn't allowed in the arena, and then office employee then hands Swole a letter informing her she's been suspended. Swole walks off angry, saying they could have called her and let her know so she didn't drive the three and a half hours to get there.

This was a... weird video. If this was the best take they got, they should have just scrapped the idea and had the announce team mention it in some way. Swole was suspended for "kidnapping" Britt Baker a few weeks ago, though we never really heard how long Swole was supposed to be suspended for.

Nyla Rose defeats Kenzie Page & KiLynn King

I'm honestly not sure defeats is the right word here, decimates may be a better word. Either way, Nyla Rose made quick work of the two women standing across from her. It's what she announced after the match ended that got everyone's attention.

Nyla Rose now has a manager in tow. While she wasn't willing to name any names, she did say that her motivation was that in AEW, people with managers win titles. She pointed to Brian Cage and Cody for proof. But, that's not entirely true. Sure, Cody has Arn in his corner, but Arn isn't the reason Cody won that title, and Taz literally handed Cage the FTW title earlier in this same show. Lance Archer, and Shawn Spears both have managers, and while Lance has had a title shot, Shawn hasn't exactly been winning matches in AEW.

Either way, Nyla, with a manager, could be interesting. But, it's starting to seem like AEW thinks their big men, and women, wrestlers have to have a mouthpiece. Nyla isn't even bad on the mic, granted she's not the best they have, but she's clearly not the worst.

Dark Order & Colt Cabana defeat SCU

Colt Cabana is in the back being checked by a trainer with a nasty bruise on his side. The trainer says Colt is cleared to wrestle, and Mr. Brodie Lee steps in and thanks the trainer before ushering him out of the room. Brodie then tells Colt that while they aren't sure who attacked him if he were under the Dark Orders protection, these things wouldn't happen, which seems to hint that Brodie Lee may be behind the attack that led to this—trying to sway Colt into joining his squad.

The match between the Dark Order with Colt and SCU was fine. Not really great, but not horrible either. Stu Grayson was the standout in this match, though. He looked great in this match and really stood out above the rest in the match. Brodie Lee forced Colt to pin Christopher Daniels after him, and Stu Grayson finished him off. Brodie and Colt then celebrated the win after the match.

This match had the right result. SCU didn't really need the win, especially with Scorpio Sky wanting to break out into singles competition. It's interesting to follow the will he/won't he Colt Cabana/Dark Order storyline, especially if Brodie Lee did orchestrate the attack on Colt that led to the bruise on his side. If that is the case, it will be interesting to see how AEW unfolds the storyline.

Chris Jericho defeats Orange Cassidy

This is the one match I am unhappy with. The match itself was great, don't get me wrong, but Orange Cassidy needed to win this match. It would have been a great kickstart to his AEW career, and it really wouldn't have hurt Jericho to drop one here. I understand that Jericho is the veteran, but that's the reason that Cassidy needed to win. Granted, losing doesn't really hurt Cassidy, but winning would have pushed him up the card.

Either way, the match was great, and being in the match itself helped Cassidy out. The involvement of Santana and Ortiz on the outside helped push the heelwork of Chris Jericho even further until the Best Friends had finally had enough and came out to rid the ringside area of the dastardly duo.

This match wasn't supposed to be the main event, but after Mox got exposed to COVID-19, AEW was forced to shuffle up the card, and this got bumped into the main event spot. It lived up to the expectations. Honestly, this was the match I was most looking forward too even when the Mox vs. Cage match was still on the card.

Cassidy just has an undeniably drawing power about him, and I'm not really sure what it is, but anytime he's on the card, his match is the match I most look forward too. Adding Jericho in as his opponent only added to the intrigue. The story the pair has told over the past few weeks has been the best AEW has had for a while. Hopefully, this isn't the end of this feud, this is something AEW can milk for a little while longer, and no one would complain, but Cassidy needs to win the next meeting, even if its just a six-man tag match, and Cassidy pins Jericho to pick up the win for his team. 

Fight for the Fallen is next week, and the card already looks to be very promising. It'll be interesting to see if that card can be better than either night of Fyter Fest, which it very easily could be given the promoted matches.

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