AEW Dynamite 02.26.2020 LIVE Results


Welcome to the live results for AEW Dynamite, tonight's episode will feature Kenny Omega vs. Pac in a 30 minute Iron Man match and will also be the final episode before AEW Revolution. Keep refreshing to have live updates as the show is happening.              

We kick off the show with the Iron Man match! Kicking off strong. So I can only assume that Jericho and Mox's weigh in will main event.

Kenny Vs Pac Iron Man

Matt and Nick are with Kenny in his corner hut Hangman is nowhere in sight. 

Omega has been in control most of the match so far and has hit a big dive on the outside on Pac then a crusher bulldog for a 2 count. Kenny goes for a sliding drop kick onto Pac on the outside, reversed by Pac, good sequence on the outside. Springboard moonsault attempt from Pac, caught by Kenny but he turned it into a tornado DDT! HUGE super Brainbuster from Pac! Looked brutal. Crowd now chanting, "You killed Kenny!". Tiger Driver 98 and only a 2 count! Huge exchange and some major moves, V Trigger and only a 2 count again! 

Pac just smashed Kenny with a chair in the head and gets DQ'd. There is a 30 second interval in between falls. 1-0, Omega. Pac hits black arrow and now we are 1-1 with 13 minutes to go!  OH MY GOD! Pac just hit a FALCON ARROW from the apron to the outside on Kenny. That was insane! PAC HITS A SHOOTING STAR ON KENNY THROUGH A TABLE! The ref has been down during all of this by the way. Pacyas the brutalizer locked in on Omega with 2 mintues left, middle of the ring! 

Kenny got to the ropes. Now with 1 minute and 30 seconds left. Brutalizer locked in again with less than a minute left. TEN SECONDS! IT IS A TIE! 1-1 and fans aren't happy with that. Pac lays out the ref. 


One winged angel and the 3 count! Omega wins!

Tony is interviewing Pac on the ramp and Orange Cassidy comes out, stare down, Pac punches him and stomps him. Crowd booing him out of the building. Now a promo for Revolution. 

Inner Circle Vs Jurassic Express

Inner circle has their own music now, which is cool. Jungle Boy hits a big drop kick on Sammy, Luchasaurus hits kicks on P&P and Marko woth some dives! Now Inner Circle triple teams Marko and are in control headed into the first commercial break for this match. Marko still getting beat down, crowd pops as Luchasaurus gets tagged! He takes out all of the Inner Circle. This match has been too fast paced to keep up but very very good!

Darby is here! Distracts Sammy and Jungle Boy gets a 3 count!

Jurassic Express win

Vignette showing MJF throwing in the towel for Cody and hitting the low blow at Full Gear. Hyping the match for Revolution. 

That was well done and did a great job getting me even more hyped for this match on Saturday!

Best Friends Vs The Butcher and Blade

Starting us off, B&B hit some cheap shots and get in control early. Best friends have had little offense in this match so far. Trent gets a hot tag and hits a flurry of offense! Big spear on blade on the outside. OC and Bunny both in the ring now! Bunny goes for the low blow and he blocks it. Big dive into Butcher and then the double team to Blade, 1-2-3. 

Best friends win! 

Tony is in the ring and just said Orange Cassisdy Vs Pac at Revolution! His first singles match! This is huge news! Says the joke is on Pac because he is going to "TRY"! 

Womens 4 Way 

Yuka, Swole, Shanna and Shida. This one should be great. These 4 women are very talented! All 3 take out Yuka after her not getting involved. Yuka comes in and gets some offense, a load of near fall roll ups with all 4 women, very cool sequence. Swole is wearing X-Men's Storm inspired gear. Looks great! Another sequence of near falls and then a very close one on Yuka from Shanna. All of these women seem to be over as well which is a nice change from early on in AEW. 

Shida picks the win up with that running knee strike on Swole. 

Interview with Hangman & Kenny as well as the Bucks from earlier today. Matt says he never thought Kenny and Hangman would be tag champions. Kenny says this all came about by accident. Hangman gets offended, Jim asked why Adam is uncomfortable, Bucks say that the end of Revolution they are leaving with the titles. NICK CALLS HANGMAN A JOBBER IN ROH! Damn, that was intense. Go back and watch that if you missed it. 

Main Event 

Weigh in between Mox and Jericho! I have a weird feeling about this but I felt the same about the celebration party when he fake joined the inner circle so I'm optimistic! 

This match does have that big fight feel and might I add, Taz adds so much to commentary. Inner Circle all have matching track suits, great visual. They say, "Painmakers Posse" on the back. Jericho is asked to step on the scale first and Jericho insults WCW because the announcer they got for this. Jericho says the painmaker goes last. Mox weighs in at 238 pounds. Jericho now taking his sweet time taking off each article of clothing one by one and tells Kansas City to shut their ass. Jericho calls some sports guy a piece of sh*t. 

Mox headbutted Jericho and busts him wide open! IC then beats down Mox and now Dustin comes out and takes out Hager! Hager and Rhodes go to the concession area and trade blows. Hager then low blows Dustin. Mox getting beat down and hear comes Darby! Sammy hits a big knee on Darby then breaks a skateboard over Darby's head! Mox goes for the big DDT, gets low blower by Santana, hits the double arm to Mox onto the scale! Jericho and the Inner Circle stand tall going into Revolution!

Thanks for joining me tonight and hope you enjoyed this live coverage! 

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