AEW News: Double Or Nothing Media Call 5/21/20


Join me here for live coverage of the media conference call with Cody just ahead of Double or Nothing. 

In this call Cody will be discussing what fans can expect from the upcoming DOUBLE OR NOTHING event, preview his showdown with Lance Archer for the TNT Championship title, discuss the current state of AEW, and have a Q&A session.

The conference call has begun and they are running through the rules of the call. 

Cody opens the call saying that he's been honored to be a bright spot during these rough times. 

Cody is asked if the card has changed at all due to the pandemic?

"90% of what was planned is what we are running". Cody also credit Jim Morris, Kevin Sullivan and especially Tony Khan.

Cody also states he's happy to have more of his roster back, especially Hangman Page. 

Cody says they have had lots of evolution from last year to this year. Cody wants to make AEW and Double or Nothing must see programming. He also states how it's difficult to gauge what's working without a crowd. Cody says the company looks different than it did when it first began and he says it's beautiful. 

Cody states his mindset is to make AEW the best damn buffet and the most diverse show available.

How has he had to shift focus during the pandemic for shows?

Cody says just to get to his office, he has to get two temperature checks. Cody runs down all the safety precautions AEW is doing. From the creative side he's loved the challenge of working without a crowd. Who knows what spot works or not, the fact he can't throw his weight belt to the crowd to pop them.

He says that it's been very clear who has stepped up during this pandemic, mentions Chris Jericho by name.

Cody gets a questions about how the TNT Championship will affect the rankings process.

He says that Tony Khan addressed everyone individually and that the TNT champion would not be ranked. They are not looking at the titles as one and two.

Cody is asked about Brodie Lee getting this championship opportunity and this spot.

Cody says he's very proud of Brodie and that Lee has stepped right in as a leader to a young roster. 

Cody speaks about adding some size to the roster and how they have added some good super heavyweights to the roster. 

Cody is asked if they have gotten more comfortable with working in their current situation at Daily's Place.

Cody states that Daily's Place is very special to them, mentions the kickoff press conference was done there. Cody talks about how he loves that they are working outside and loves watching the sunset as the show goes on. 

Cody is asked about taking the show back on the road.

Cody says the plan right now is to stay in one spot.

Cody says he's extremely excited about the toys, action figures coming out soon, especially for the kids.

Cody is asking about adjustments that AEW has made during the pandemic that may carry over.

Cody talks about how shaking hands maybe a thing of the past but does speak on how he understands the history of it and why it's been so important. 

What would happen if someone tested positive for Covid-19?

Cody states that the testing is done under quarantined blocks and they aren't done at Daily's Place. They have a very structured plan on how to test to lower risks of spreading from a potential positive person.

Cody states how much he and the talent miss the crowd and how wrestling is truly for the fans.

Cody is asked about Mike Tyson and how the deal come together.

Cody says they met Mike Tyson at Double or Nothing last year and they've gotten closer over the years. He says the Tyson deal was one of the final pieces to fall into place.

Cody would rather the TNT Championship be a secret until it's handed out but doesn't rule out that it could leak.

Cody says the MJF is destined for something incredibly great. 

Cody explains that microphones are still needed so that the television audience can hear the performers. 

Cody says that no shows have been canceled, that all have been postponed or rescheduled. 

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