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AEW Dark Report for 3/25/2020

The show is hosted by Tony Schiavone and Cody. Dasha Gonzalez is doing the ring announcing. Before the show begins Tony announced that the first half of the TNT Title tournament will feature Shawn Spears vs. Cody and Sammy Guevara vs. Darby Allin. The second half of the bracket will be revealed on tomorrow night's episode of Dynamite. 

Matt Sells, who lost to the Natural Nightmares last week, is up against Sammy Guevara in the first match. No caricatures in the audience tonight, gotta practice that social distancing.  Sammy begins by hanging on the ropes. Nice reference to the Mulkey brothers by Cody. Look them up. Sammy wrestles Sells to the ground. He then throws Matt into the ropes and gets a dropkick. He goes to the top rope and then decides to drop to the ring and slap him. Sells then gets a reverse and does the Rear View for a one count. After a baseball slide gets only one, Sells gets to the corner where Sammy gets off a dropkick. He throws Sells into the corner and slaps him. Sammy then throws Sells into the corner and hits the cutter from the ropes. After he picks up Matt on a two count, he picks him up and does a prolonged suplex. Poses on top of Matt for two and then does a chin lock with a knee in Matt's back. Pickup and drop to the mat. Sammy picks him up and dead lifts Matt, who reverses into a forearm smash. Whip into the ropes is reversed into a gut kick into a neck breaker cutter style. Grapevine pin gets two for Sells. Sammy gets up and whips him into the ropes for a knee smash. Then Sammy hits the Burning GTS for the win. He gets on the mic after the match and challenges anyone in the back. GOOD: Typical Guevara style match with plenty of reverses and good promo work in the end. BAD: What was Matt Sells doing humping the ring?  

Shawn Spears taking on Captain Shawn Dean. Fun fact: Dean used to be a barber in the Navy. Could make a lot of money in house calls during this pandemic if this wrestling thing doesn't work out. No Tully Blanchard with Spears tonight. After a lockup they go into the corner where referee Aubrey Edwards gets them to break. Spears gets an arm bar. Nice of Cody to reference their training during their WWE days. Spears gets an arm whip and puts the Captain to the ground. Dean reverses it into an rear bear hug which gets countered into another arm bar. After a series of reversals, Spears gets up and taunts Dean. After talking to the camera, Dean gets off some knife edge chops and a mule kick into the mid section. Spears lariats Dean to the ground then whips him into the corner and lays some chops to him. Cody doing a great job of discussing how important the lariat can be an effective move when executed properly, a nod to Stan Hansen. Running Death Valley Driver finishes the match and Spears gets the win. GOOD: Nice series of reversals by both competitors. BAD: The entire match was just there.

Preston "Vanilla" Vance vs. Darby Allin. Vance has some size on him, will be interesting to see how he mixes it up. From the jump Vance gets a huge German suplex and throws him out of the ring. Whips Darby into the bike racks. Vanilla refusing to let him take his jacket off while he continues to punish him with a whip but Darby gets on his feet and kicks him into the post. Darby tries for a body press but is caught by Vance, who gets a one count on the pin. Nice reference to discuss using leverage on the pin attempt by Cody, AWA style. Vance gets off a huge boot to Darby's dome. After a whip into the ropes followed by a series of knife chops, Darby gets some momentum back with a drop kick. Vance gets a forearm smash and then another running forearm smash. He tried it too many times and Darby escapes, throwing Vance outside the ring and turns it into a mid-rope suicida. Darby throw him back into the ring.  Lionsault gets two. Double axe handle slam into a Code Red by Darby gets two. Darby gets a headlock but it is reversed by Vance. He then throws Darby into the ropes and gets a pickup cutter. Suplex attempt by Vance gets reversed by Darby into a cutter. Allin goes up top, Coffin Drop Elbow for the win. Say goodnight Vanilla! GOOD: Vance came off like a real player in this match with a series of power moves BAD: Should Darby be allowing a novice to get in this much action going into a title tournament next week? 

Faboo "The Monarch of Manliness" Andre vs. AEW World Champion Jon Moxley. Moxley is working one of the TNT cameras before he gets his title and walks into the ring. A lockup turns into a forearm smash by Mox and then some stomps into the corner. He gets a suplex and after picking him up, Faboo gets a kick and then an arm whip. After whipping the champion into the ropes, Mox kicks him in the gut. Gotch piledriver turn into the STF and that is all she wrote as the champ gets the win. Hager attacks Moxley after the match with a blind clothesline into the triangle submission. Mox is out of it. Hager lets go and slaps Mox in the face. Good to see Hager defending the honor of Faboo.  GOOD: The post-match attack by Jake will keep this feud going BAD: Welcome to Squash City Faboo.  

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