AEW Results From 2-5-20

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SCU vs. Best Friends

Best Friends, being accompanied by Orange Cassidy, makes their way into the ring. The opponent SCU enters the ring with the help of the crowd chanting their catchphrase (SCU SCU SCU). Orange Cassidy with the thumbs up to the cameras at ringside. SCU gets the advantage against Best Friends and wins the match. The dark order invades the match and attacks the best friends. Orange Cassidy enters the ring and stands tall against the Dark Order. The Dark Order attacks orange Cassidy. The crowd is not pleased with the results of what just occurred.

Tazz gives his input on how he believes that MJF is taking the feud with Cody too far. Tazz thinks that Cody is not only mentally ready but is more driven. In the Cody vs. MJF promo

Dr. Britt Baker enters the ring walking around ringside taunting the crowd. The opponent Yuka Sakuzaki makes her debut in AEW with smiles and enthusiasm. Dr. Baker, with a forceful, aggressive arm-twist to the newcomer Sakuzaki taking advantage of the match. Sakuzaki, with athletic stunt flying, move over the ropes against Dr. Baker. Dr. Baker attempts the lockjaw, but Sakuzaki counter-attacks and wins her first AEW match. While celebrating her victory, Dr. Baker grabs the ring belt and attacks Sakuzaki against her spine. Dr. Baker starts pulling on Sakuzaki teeth, and her tooth fell out. Blood is on the ring from this unnecessary attack. Dr. Baker walks off with a smirk of satisfaction.

Next the eight-man tag team match

Butcher Blade, along with Bunny, makes their way into the ring. Their partners Lucha Brothers make their way into the ring. The opponent Being the Elite makes their way into the ring with a new entrance. Hangman starts the match with momentum against the Blade. Hangman with the tag to Omega, and they dominate Blade with their teamwork. All men are in the ring the ref has no control. As one of the Lucha brothers makes the jump from the top ropes and lands on all the members of Team Elite. It seems some discomfort lurking in Hangman's eyes as if he looks not happy with his tag team partner. Matt Jackson with back to back suplex on the Blade, the crowd goes insane. Team Elite with the advantage against Butcher Blade and the Lucha Brothers as Hangman takes a flip off the top ropes into the opposing team. Young Bucks were teaming against the butcher with their signature suplex. Lucha Brothers with the pin dropper and wins the match for the team Butcher Blade and Lucha Bros. Upset Lost for Team Elite. Hangman and Kenny seem to not be on one accord. Hangman leaves the ring.

Kenny Omega is in the middle of the ring for an interview. Omega is interrupted by the Bastard forcing a match against Kenny using Riho as bait .Riho gets attacked by Nyla Rose. Kenny agrees with the match against the bastard

Promo of Darby Allen, he is not over the shot to the throat from last week. Revenge is soon.

Kip Sabian, accompanied by Penelope Ford, enters the ring. The opponent Joey Jonella (The bad boy) enters the ring. . Jonella with the quick attack against Kip. The crowd chants,” You suck” to Kip as he makes a cheap shot against Jonella. Jonella with the pressure against Kip. Jonella and Kip in a kicking battle. Penelope intervenes in the match by bouncing Jonella head against the stairs. Kip Sabian now has the advantage of the match, and Penelope continues to engage when the ref is distracted. Jonella flies over the ropes and onto Sabian. Jonella does the German suplex on Sabian ringside. Penelope gets attacked by Jonella and Sabian with a tarnished victory against Jonella.

The inner-circle promo against Jon Moxley due to early encounter using the key to the eye against Santana. Santana challenges Moxley next week,” Eye for an eye.”

Backstage, Hangman was about to get interviewed and was interrupted by Young Bucks displeased with his actions.

Earlier today, Dusty Rhodes speaks on behalf of his brother. Dusty claims Cody is tougher than MJF thinks.

MJF with Wardlow enters the ring. Cody Rhodes appears and enters the ring. The Crowd chants for Cody and Cody soak in the crowd's participation. Cody took his shirt off and began receiving beating from MJF. Butcher Blade and Bunny walks along ringside. Cody continues to take beatings from MJF. The Coach comes out to stop the abusive challenge, but is declined. MJF taunts Cody to quit. Dustin comes suggesting to take the beating for Cody, but MJF refuses the offer. The crowd chants asshole as MJF laughs while Cody is in pain. The young bucks joins the support for Cody ringside. MJF gives the belt to Wardlow to take a shot. Cody goes down in blood.

Brandi Rhodes makes her way to the ring to encourage Cody to take the last beating. Cody takes his recent beating to the chest. 

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