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Coming up this Sunday (SUNDAY!) AEW presents their next Pay-Per-View in Revolution. There are several matches on the card that are of major interest as the company continues to shift with a new show on the horizon and potential new stars. So what's going to happen? I'm going to make predictions and analysis based upon how the card should be booked with a shocking surprise!  

While this match will potentially change due to the rumored injury to Reba, we'll go with what is currently on the card until further notice. Baker lost momentum after losing in the Women's Eliminator Tournament quarterfinals and might need a win to get it back, but it won't be here. Both Rosa and Riho also need a win and I think the faces get it here as Rosa gets some measure of revenge on the good doctor, eventually setting up their finale down the line as Rosa prepares for her NWA commitments. Winner: Riho pins Reba 

UPDATE: Death Triangle members PAC/Fenix have been added to the match.

This can go in so many directions, with the division looking to reset and establish a hierarchy based on what happens later in the evening. Battle Royals are always useful for creating new rivalries, and expect the same here. Having Death Triangle in the match puts them as a favorite, but I'm going to go with an upset. I predict that Butcher & Blade will finally get the long overdue push to compete for the titles and go over here.                            Winners: Butcher & Blade

In the match that should be on the buy-in but instead we get it on the main card. This has been a feud that seems like it's designed just to keep Miro in the spotlight, and if ever there was a time for AEW to make that move, now would be it. However, the Best Friends need to get revenge for Trent's injury and the way Chuck (I mean Charles) was humiliated, so they will get the victory on this one, setting up the eventual Miro/Orange Cassidy match. Winner: Best Friends

UPDATE: The Acclaimed's Max Caster was added to the match as a result of his win on Wednesday over Dark Order #10.

Similar to the Casino Battle Royale, this is to provide some order to the TNT Title picture. Cody is dealing with an injury and we've already seen he and Darby square off, so that's not happening again. Lance Archer is going to have his sights set on bigger things, so I think that he won't get the win. Same with Penta, as he is here to be the high flyer and do some death defying stunts. This leaves us with Caster and Scorpio Sky. Due to partner Anthony Bowens being out with a foot injury, Caster is going to begin getting a lot of shine in the single's division, and with the heat he's already getting from fans, it would be a perfect opportunity to win as Scorpio Sky is still coming back from injury and has unfinished business with Shawn Spears. Winner: Max Caster

Although I don't get the point of the stipulation, here we are. Page got the win on Wednesday and I think he keeps up the momentum, defeating Hardy with the help of the Dark Order. Winner: Hangman Page

In one of the more highly anticipated matches of the evening, we get to see Sting and Darby Allin in a Street Fight against Brian Cage and Ricky Starks. There are so many possibilities here as this feud's been going on since November and reaches its apex. This type of match hides the 61-year-old veteran's limitations but allows him to hit his signature moves. However, there's no way that Sting is losing in his AEW debut match and the faces will go over as the Icon pins Starks, who is the only one that can afford to take a pinfall. Winner: Sting and Darby Allin

This has been one of the best built matches in AEW's short history, and this can determine not only the future of the division, but of the company's longest running stable. The subplots here are tremendous, but there's only one outcome that would make the most sense here, and that's the Jackson brothers going over with a victory to retain the belts and set up a feud with Butcher & Blade, who were predicted to go over in the battle royal. 

However, it's how they go over that will be the story. We will see the return of Sammy Guevara as he begins what could be a massive babyface run if done correctly once he interferes and costs his former Inner Circle teammates the victory. It will not only set up his feud against MJF, but it will lead to the dissention of the group, as Santana and Ortiz begin their break away by helping out Guevara. Winners: The Young Bucks

As a result of Ryo Mizuami's win over Nyla Rose on Wednesday, she gets the right to face Hikaru Shida for the Women's Title, and while many may look at this as the 'bathroom break' match, this has the chance to be one of the better technical bouts of the evening. Shida is head and shoulders above everyone in the division, and even with Ryo putting on her working boots, she's not going over the champion as Shida retains...

...only for IMPACT's Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo to attack Shida at the end and claim her opportunity to knock down the 'forbidden door,' setting up a champion vs. champion match at a later date. 

Where to go with this one?

It's going to be violent, messy and at times cringe-worthy, but it will be memorable. Expect a brutal slugfest between the two rivals, and at the end it will be the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega retaining with the help of the Good Brothers...and Scott Steiner. Winner and still AEW World Champion: Kenny Omega

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