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AEW Revolution sure lived up to it's namesake, it was a revoltion.   The night had a ton of ponce and circumstance.  The show kicked off with a Buy-In Pre-show & then an amazing rendition of the national anthem.  AEW Revolution really gave the vibe of a big time ppv, which is what AEW is going for with their ppvs.  Here is a recap of all the matches:

Buy-In Match: The Dark Order v. SCU 

The Dark Order verse SCU was a back & forth match between two great tag teams in AEW.  The match was fought tin and out of the ring, with SCU usually taking a beating on the outside from the other masked Dark Order members.  After some great tandum offense by both team and some counters to the Dark Order's finisher, Evil Uno hits a big lariet to the back of the head of Scorpio's head.  Grayson rolls him up for the win.  Impressive statement win for The Dark Order.

Dark Order wins by pinfall.

After the match, the Dark Order beats down SCU & Colt Cabana comes down for the save.  This is the first time we have seen Colt in the ring as a wrestler in AEW.  Here is Colt coming to save SCU


Jake Hager v. Dustin Rhodes

This match was dominated early in and out of the ring by Rhodes.  Hager came fighting back with a viscious elbow to the face of Rhodes.  Hager's wife was ringside enjoying the beating.  After beating down Hager in the ring, Rhodes went to ringside and kissed Jake's wife.  Back in the ring Hager got a near fall after a Vader Bomb.  Rhodes also got a near fall after hitting a Code Red.  Dustin tried to lock on an arm bar, but Hager reversed it and put him in an ankle lock.  Dustin kicked his way out, but almost hit Aubrey Edwards.  Hager hit a low blow on Hager while Dustin was distracted by almost taking out Aubrey.  Jake Hager put Dustin to sleep with a Standing Arm Triangle for his first victory in AEW.

Jake Hager wins by submission.

Now we see a promo for an event in Newark New Jersey on March 25th.  The match will be called Blood & Guts and it seems it will be a War Games type of theme.  Here is the promo:

Darby Allin v. Sammy Guevara

A fast paced, high intensity match between Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara.  Both men hit some insane moves in and out of the ring. I did not expect nothing less between these two men.  The environment also played a roll in this match as Sammy hit a 630 senton to the outside through a table onto Darby.  Just insane.  

Sammy got a near fall on Darby, but it was Darby who would get the upper hand and then go for, what I think is the hottest finisher in the game right now, the coffin drop.  Darby climbed to the top and landed it halfway across the ring for the win.  

Darby Allin wins by pinfall.

Omega & Page v. The Young Bucks-Tag Team Title Match

This match was amazing and a recap does not do it justice, but I expected nothing less between these two teams.  Hangman Page is very over with the crowd & "Cowboy Shit" has become a fan favorite chant.  You could feel the tension between Page & Omega and even see it throughout the match.  As far as the wrestling goes, both teams brought their A games.  Back and forth offense and high intensity moves by both team.  Lots of near falls after big time moves.  The Young Bucks kicked out of the Buckshot Lariat/V-trigger combo. My two favorite spots of the night were the Young Bucks hitting a Golden trigger on Omega and Hangman Page hitting Omega's finisher, the One-Winged Angel.

In the end, it was Hangman Page landing Buckshot Lariats on both the Bucks to pick up the victory.  There was also a tease of Page going for the Lariat on Omega.  As I said, this match was amazing and this recap does not do it justice.   If you get the chance, go watch it.

Hangman & Page win by pinfall and retain the AEW Tag Titles.

Nyla Rose v. Kris Statlander for the AEW Women's Championship

In my opinion, this match was put between a rock and a hard place by following that tag match.  Between quick buildup and being placed behind the tag match, it was going to be tough.  But these ladies held their own & put on a great match.  Statlander was in control early on and hit a moonsault onto Rose.  The big spot for me was when Statlander hit a suicide dive sending Rosa through the barricade.

Back in the ring, Statlander did the best she could to put down Nyla Rosa.  Statlander kicked out of a Beast Bomb and even landed an impressive superplex, but in the end Nyla was too much for Statlander.  Nyla caught Statlander when she went for a hurricanrana and landed the final Beast Bomb for the victory.

Nyla Rosa wins by pinfall and retains the AEW Women's Champtionship.  

MJF v. Cody Rhodes

This match had a very old school feel to it and you got the vibe from the start with MJF avoiding Cody at all cost.  The two men battled back and forth before MJF took advantage.  Cody crawled out of a submission to break the hold my grabbing the rope with his teeth.  MJF focused his offense onto Cody's injured toe, even biting it at one point.  WARDLOW tried to get involved, but Arn Anderson diffused the situation.  The match picked up the pace after Cody busted open MJF by slamming his head off the steel steps.  Cody even the odds by suplexing MJF to the outside.  MJF held on to Cody and both men went over the top.

MJF was begging Cody for forgiveness, but was just playing possum and spit in the face of Cody.  An irate Cody landed two Cross-Rhodes and was going for a 3rd, but MJF used the Dynamite Ring to drill Cody in the face.  An exhausted MJF fell onto Cody for win.

MJF wins by pinfall.

Orange Cassidy v. PAC

Bully Ray from Busted Open always says a match between different styles is what makes a great match.  This is the definition of a match between two different styles.  In classic Orange Cassidy fashion, he landed some lazy kicks, but an irate PAC shoved him to the mat. 

PAC executed some dropkicks and back breakers, but Cassidy kicked out at two.  The match continues to showcase Orange Cassidy and his style and the relentless style of PAC.  The spot of the night for me was when Orange Cassidy kept rolling out of the ring after PAC landed a big time move.  Cassidy hit a Superman punch and a stunner, but PAC kicked out.  This match neared its end when the Lucha Bros ran in and attacked Best Friends.  PAC used this distraction to lock Cassidy in the Brutalizer for the tap out.

PAC wins by Submission.

Jon Moxley v. Chris Jericho for the AEW Heavyweight Championship

Moxley came firing right out of the gates and the match went outside and into the crowd.  Aubrey Edwards was very laxed int he match and did not call a DQ.  Both men went after each other's war wounds.  Moxley bit the face of Jericho and when Moxley started bleeding from his head, Jericho attack him with some punches.  Moxley and Jericho were leaving it all on the line in this match.  Moxley reversed a Liontamer into a heel hook, but Jericho escaped.  Jericho went for another Liontamer, but Moxley reversed it into his own Liontamer.  The Inner Circle made their presence felt as Ortize hit Moxley with a madball and Hager got invovled as well.  Jericho landed a Codebreaker on Moxley, but Moxley kicked out at two.   

Jericho finally got Moxley in the Liontamer and Moxley was in some serious pain.  Moxley was able to get to the ropes and break the hold.  After a Hager right hand, Aubrey kicked the Inner Circle out.  During this chaos, Sammy Guevara came running in from the crowd and leveled Moxley with the title belt.  Both men traded punches in the ring until Jericho hit a big boot and a knee to the face.  Jericho went for the Judas Effect, but Moxley blocked it and landed a Paradigm Shift.  Moxley pulls his eye patch down and JR puts over the fact that he could see the entire time.  Moxley then lands another Paradigm Shift for the cover and the victory. 

Moxley wins by pinfall and is the new AEW Heavyweight Champion.

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