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After a hyped PPV has come to an end, there were a lot of answers, but even more questions as we wake up this morning. What were some of the biggest takeaways from Revolution? Here we go...

Maki is All Elite (maybe). The Buy-In saw Dr. Britt Baker introduce Maki Itoh as her tag team partner when Reba was too injured to go. I'm not sure if her singing gimmick will get over long in the states, but the Cutest showed why she was worth the buzz as she did her trademark moves to a boisterous audience. Whether she ends up joining the AEW Women's Division is another story, but by the amount of support she got last night, it would be a welcome boost to a division that sorely needs more personalities like Maki.  

Will the Young Bucks' reign come to an end? After defeating MJF/Jericho in a spot-fest tag team match (when will referees in AEW learn to apply the rules to these guys?) the Casino Battle Royale revealed who their next opponents will be. It was a great finish between Jungle Boy and Rey Fenix, but the Death Triangle won out and will be next in line for a title shot. This has all of the potential in the world to be a barn burner, and quite honestly, this would be the perfect opportunity for DT to finally achieve gold in AEW. The Bucks don't need the titles to get over, and so many other teams do. This should be an epic match whenever it happens. 

The End of the Inner Circle? As for the losers of the tag team title match, it's obvious where they are going with the 'War Room Counsel' on Wednesday, and that's with MJF turning on Jericho. The Inner Circle has been reduced to a jobber squad since they lost the Stadium Stampede, and a change is necessary. The only question remains is how it will happen. The longer this drags on, the worse it gets for everybody.

Shida is THE face of the Women's Division. Last night she faced off in a match against Ryo Mizunami that, while not very hyped, was an excellent bout. At times we didn't know if this would be the day Shida would lose and end AEW's longest title reign ever. That was not the case, and with it demonstrated a way forward for the oft-criticized division. Although Jade Cargill might wind up the sports entertainment face of the group, Shida is the best worker by far, and it will take someone really good to dethrone her, and that person may not be yet signed to AEW as of today.

Define the Relationship Already! Hangman Adam Page defeated Money Matt Hardy with the help of the Dark Order. While it looks like Hardy and Private Party will engage in a feud against the cultish clique, where Page ends up in all of this remains to be seen. I've long predicted that he will be a part of the group, just not in any official capacity. Perhaps the path for him will be one of a mutual understanding that they have each other's back, which will be needed if Page is on the path to becoming AEW World Champion. 

3...2...1...Christian Cage is here. Everyone who was predicting the surprise signing to be CM Punk or (lol) Brock Lesnar, that is a you problem, not AEW's. Cage is a great fit for the company, and can engage in several feuds to put young talent over. Imagine him in a feud with guys like Cody, Omega, Page, and even Jungle Boy.

Sky finally gets his shot. Since the creation of the TNT Title, yours truly had predicted that Scorpio Sky would be a contender by 2021. That day is here, as he grabbed the 'brass ring' and won a solid ladder match to get the shot on Wednesday against current champion Darby Allin. He could be the best bet to make this the workers title that a secondary championship needs to be. Sky has also been showing a bit of heel work on the mic, so there's a chance he could be a foil should he win the belt. 

The match...the main event between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley was exactly what one expected it to be: a brutal, violent slugfest between two of the industry's best, and they delivered. It was a bit hokey in the beginning as they were trying to avoid the barbed wires, which make sense, but once they connected and the explosions went off, it kicked into another gear. Moxley using his feet to explode the wires to break out of the One Winged Angel was a nice use of the stipulations, as well as his Paradigm Shift onto the wires on the floor. Some people may have a problem with how Omega won, but I didn't. He's a heel, and having his friends help him out was exactly how it was supposed to go. It was a page straight out of the Four Horsemen's book when Ric Flair was champion. It's going to take someone who has support of their own to thwart the Good Brothers in order to finally beat Omega. So the match itself was an A...

...and then the ending, which was an absolute F. I'm a huge AEW fan, and I support most of what they've done, but this was a fail on so many levels. If they had just said that the barbed wires were going to shock, then it would be a success. However, they were setting up attendees and viewers at home with the expectation that we were going to see a ring explode, and then we got...sparklers. Gillberg's entrance has more fire. It was a disappointment, and fans had the right to boo, which makes the optics of what Tony Khan promised even worse. 

Yes, the silver lining was Eddie Kingston coming out to help his friend, which will set up an emotional feud next against Omega. However, AEW deserves some major criticism for overhyping this part and seriously underdelivering. Next time do better! 

Overall I think the botched ending hurt what was a solid PPV from AEW, and we'll see what happens on Dynamite as well as their new show AEW Dark: Elevation going forward. 

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