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So, AEW is one year old... Happy Birthday AEW! After such a groundbreaking 365 days, I'm taking a look back at my personal top 5 matches of their first year!

5. Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega - Lights Out Match (Full Gear 2019)

Moxley v Omega

Everyone knew going into this one that it was going to be violent however i don't think anybody quite understood exactly HOW violent.

Brooms, Baseball Bats, Exposed Timbers of the ring, Barbed Wire & more was used in the Main Event of the Full Gear PPV. Moxley had been itching to do a match of this variety as WWE clearly wasn't going to let him & he really got it out of his system in this one.

A different side of Omega was also showcased in this war, even though we saw the normal Kenny moveset we also saw a more vicious side of him that was highlighted by his insistence in using the spiderweb made of barbed wire.

Jon Moxley would pin Kenny Omega after a Paradigm Shift thus winning the match but with a bout like this it was us, the fans, who were the real winners.

4. "The Bastard" PAC vs Kenny Omega - 30 Minute Iron Man Match (Dynamite #21 Feb 26 2020)

PAC v Kenny Omega

Put two of the best in the world in a wrestling ring, in a match that is guaranteed to go 30 minutes & what do you get? An instant classic.

Omega & PAC beat the absolute tar out of one another for 30 minutes & it was fantastic.

Omega won the first fall by DQ after a chair shot from PAC then shortly after PAC would win the second fall after a Black Arrow. The last 10 minutes of the contest would see PAC throwing everything at Kenny Omega including having him in the brutalizer for nearly the entire last minute however time ran out.

The match would continue into sudden death overtime in which Kenny stunned PAC with two V Triggers, channeled his inner Kota Ibushi with a kamigoye then finished it off with a thunderous one winged angel for the victory, 2 falls to 1.

3. The Young Bucks vs The Lucha Bros - Escalera De Le Muerte for the AAA Tag Team Championships (All Out 2019)

Young Bucks v Lucha Bros

Just thinking about these 2 teams in a ladder match makes your body hurt but then you watch what they do to each other & it makes your body hurt even more.

The Bucks defeated the Lucha Bros for the AAA Tag Team Championships but then lost them back to the same team which lead them to All Out & this absolute barnburner of a contest.

Multiple ladders, multiple tables, tornado ddt's, springboards, planchas, topes & yes of course flipping piledrivers (this writer only refers to Petey Williams version as the Canadian Destroyer, sorry) including one off a ladder through a table.

This wasn't your technical masterpiece but it was never meant to be thus for the stipulation given this was amazing.

Lucha Bros would emerge victorious after taking both Bucks out on the outside to have a unimpeded run at the championships.

The end of this match would also mark the debut of 2 men wearing presidential masks & attacking both teams to make a statement, it was the longest reigning (at that time anyways) former Impact World Tag Team Champions, the former LAX, Santana & Ortiz.

2. Hangman Page & Kenny Omega vs The Young Bucks - AEW World Tag Team Championships (Revolution 2020)

Young Bucks v Omega & Page

Dubbed by many as the best tag team match to have ever taken place & it’s very hard to agree. These 2 teams threw everything at each other, double teams, signature moves as well as high octane offence. This match quite simply kicked all off the ass.

Throughout the match there was always the underlying question of will Hangman turn on Kenny thus handing the Bucks the Championships? Everybody assumed that the best tag team in the world were going to walk away with the Championships against the makeshift tag team but in the end everybody would prove to be wrong as Omega & Page would retain in a 2020 MOTY contender.

They teased a turn of Hangman after the completion of the match however I’m glad they held it off as it would have taken away from the match itself & as such the match is all that gets talked about.

1. Cody vs Dustin Rhodes - Nightmare vs Natural (Double or Nothing 2019)

Cody vs Dustin

Many will question why I have this as number 1 ranked above the previously mentioned tag team match & the reason is purely the fact that while from an in ring standpoint this wasn’t as crisp or as fluent as other matches, it was never meant to be. This was 2 siblings going toe to toe in a match they have wanted for years only to be told no, it’s not a draw, nobody wants to see it. In this writers opinion, this match is number 1 on sheer passion & emotion alone, the fact the match was a damn good one was just an extra cherry on top.

These brothers had years of frustration spilling out in a match they were allowed to 110% do there way & not be denied.

In the end amongst the blood, sweat & tears Cody emerged victorious but this was truly one of those matches that from start to finish never looked like having a loser.

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