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AEW Live Results 3/4/20: Revolution Fallout

Welcome to live coverage of AEW Dynamite for tonight. Tonight's episode airs from Denver, Colorado and is the fallout show from the Revolution PPV from last weekend. It will be the first show that has Jon Moxley as champion and has plenty of rumors surrounding the show. Let us know your thoughts below in the comment section.

We open up the show with a video recap of AEW Revolution. Jim Ross welcomes us to AEW Dynamite. Jon Moxley opens up the show Jon Moxley is greeted with crowd of cheers from the crowd. Jon says that the AEW title represents professional wrestling. Jon loves professional wrestling tons. Moxley says the AEW Championship is for every AEW fan. Moxley says he will defend the belt with honor. Moxley dares for the Inner Circle to come get him. Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle comes out. Chris calls the crowd idiots and tells them to shut up. Crowd tell Chris Jericho sucks ass. Chris tell Moxley cheated in the match. Moxley says he will send Chris Jericho packing for 60 days. 

SCU comes out. Colt Cabana comes out next. Commercial break. Back from commercial break and and Dark Order comes out. The 8 man tag begins. Colt and Stu Grayson starts the match. Cabana showing off incredible offense to Grayson. Grayson tags Uno and he is in control. Cabana tags Christopher Daniels. SCU are in control. Evil Uno is tagged in. Commercial break. Back from commercial break and the Dark Order are in control. Christopher Daniels goes for the hot tag on Frankie. SCU and Colt Cabana win the 8 man tag. Evil Uno says that the Exalted One is mad and heads will roll when he arrives. 

We get a recap of the Tag match between the Young Bucks vs Kenny Omega and Hangman Page. Big Swole comes out. Big Swole vs Leva Bates begin. Big Swole  hits dirty dancing and match is over. We get a recap of Cody v MJF.

Cody comes out. Commercial break. Crowd is crazy for Cody. Cody doesn't know how he feels about his loss to MJF. Jake the Snake arrives. Jake is tired of Cody crying. Jake says he has a client and Cody will find out. Best Friends come out. Commercial break. PAC comes out. PAC will be fighting Chuck Taylor. PAC in control over Chuck. Chuck hits a powerbomb for the 2 count. On the outside PAC send Chuck into the barricade and we got to commercial. PAC in control of the match. Chuckie hits a falcon arrow but PAC kicks out at 2. PAC wins. Lucha Bros attack Best Friends. New stable in PAC and the Lucha Bros. 

QT Marshall comes out with Dustin and Brandi. Commercial break. Hager comes out with Proud and Powerful. Jake Hager vs QT Marshall is next. Jake Hager in control. Hager went for Vader Bomb but QT had his feet up. Hager hits the standing up triangle and QT goes to sleep. Hager wins. Inner Circle beats down Dustin and QT but Cody comes for the save. To much for him but Matt Jackson come also. Superkick to Prowd and Powerful but Jake Hager overpowers him. Hangman Page comes out and help and he cleans house. The Elite stand tall.

We get Kris vs Nyla recap. We get a MJF promo. Commercial break. The main event will be Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara vs Moxley and Darby Allin. Chris and Sammy is out first. Darby Allin out next. Moxley out next. Inner Circle attacks Moxley. Moxley was put to sleep by Hager. Darby will fight 2 on 1.  Sammy has taken control. Chris is tagged in and taken control over Darby. Moxley is still out. The walls of Jericho is on Darby but he gets to the ropes. Commercial break. Chris Jericho taken control of the whole match. Sammy is tagged in and controls Darby. Jericho hits Judas effect and Chris wins. Moxley comes out after the match and cleans house. Inner Circle takes control and destroys Moxley. Triple powerbomb to Moxley onto a table. Inner Circle stands tall at the end of the night. 

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