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AEW and specifically Dynamite have had a great track record of doing consistent shows with storylines that don't just revolve around the main event title scenes. The titles are relevant but they don't feel like the end all be all of AEW, that being said it means you have to be something special to win a belt in All Elite Wrestling, so lets take a look at the current lineup of champions and see how they stack up.

Miro - B+


Miro is one of those guys that similar to Bronson Reed over on NXT hasn't had a chance to really get beyond that just won the title moment yet. His defense on Double or Nothing against Lance Archer was a lot of fun and deserved a potentially higher spot on the card but that is beside the point. 

Miro is working on moving past his first AEW gimmick of being Kip Sabian's best man and the big video game guy into being the monster he always should've been. He isn't quite there yet in my opinion but this title run should help get him on our screens on a more consistent basis so that he can further develop the character. 

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. A


There is a part of me that feels like it is too early to give Britt such a good grade, but her work hyping up her match with Hikaru Shida and her ability to turn in excellent performances in the ring remind me that she has absolutely put in the work for this run.

We don't know what the future holds for Dr. Baker, but we can only hope that her title reign continues throughout the summer and even into the fall and 2021. People love Britt and she is a great example of how to get yourself over when you don't always have the opportunity to do so in the ring. 

The Young Bucks A +


The Young Bucks are not everyone's cup of tea and that is ok. But this current championship run has been one of the more compelling title scenes in the last few months. Turning the bucks heel was an excellent idea considering that early in their reign I wasn't quite convinced that these guys needed to take the titles off of FTR.

The heel run has been fantastic both on and off-screen and has got people outside of the traditional wrestling media talking about their antics and expensive shoes. 

These titles are also some of the most visible on the brand and solidify the tag division on AEW as being world-class. 

Kenny Omega B


There is a legitimate argument that Kenny is one of the best wrestlers in the world right now. That being said his title reign over AEW has been a little lackluster. 

Pairing Kenny with Don Callis, The Young Bucks, and The Good Brothers was a fun idea at first, but now it is starting to backfire. The Bucks have been able to stay fresh and defend their titles against multiple legitimate challengers while Kenny has kind of just floated around defending his title from time to time against mid-carders and the occasional rematch. 

His feud with Jon Moxley even got take over to the tag team division so it doesn't quite feel like the World Champion is in a major feud for the biggest title in the company. 

That being said his belt collector gimmick has taken the world by storm is keeping Kenny interesting. Kenny isn't a bad champion but he certainly does feel like a downgrade from Jericho and Moxley who both held the title before him. 

What do you think? Was I too harsh on Kenny? Did I give Britt too much praise? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer

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