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AJ Lee Calls 2012 A Cinderella Year

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The Detroit News has a new article online featuring quotes from AJ Lee. Below is an excerpt:

"It's definitely been a Cinderella year for me," says Lee, born April Mendez, who will be a part of the action when the WWE's Holiday Tour hits Joe Louis Arena Wednesday. "It's been my dream come true. I feel like I was sitting at home writing this myself. It doesn't feel real, that someone has let me do all this stuff."

"Every time a chapter closes, I keep thinking it's over," says Lee, who oftentimes skips to the ring, an expression of youth that counterbalances the testosterone-driven environment around her. "I'm grateful and prepared for it to be the end of the road, and for me to disappear or something. But I don't, and then something really cool happens. So I'm going to keep that attitude, because it seems to be working.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

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