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AJ Styles Tried To Bring ROH's Hottest Act To WWE

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AJ Styles and The Young Bucks

Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks revealed in an interview with Vice Sports that AJ Styles tried to get them to come to WWE with him last year. Below is an excerpt from his comments:

Matt: "When A.J. was about to leave, he pulled us aside before anybody knew anything and he asked us about our contracts. At that point, it was December and we had just signed—we signed in November. He's like, 'You did? Ughhh.' The idea was he was going to try and get us to walk out with him and be the guys with him... If we never signed, there's a great chance we could have been walking out on Raw with those guys, I feel.”

Vice has an outstanding article online full of quotes from The Young Bucks that you can read at this link.

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