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Alberto Del Rio Attacked By Fan At WWC Show (Kayfabe?)

Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio was attacked by a fan while wrestling for the World Wrestling Council in Bayamón, Puerto Rico on Saturday night. The match was against Ray Gonzalez at WWC’s Lockout, when an overzealous fan got into the action with the current WWE United States Champion on the outside. Footage of the incident is embedded below:

Del Rio was allowed to work the show despite being under WWE contract as it was a commitment he made before signing. As part of his big money deal with WWE, they agreed to let him honor prior commitments.

December 7, 2015 10:48 AM EST Update: There seems to be some debate amongst the Puerto Rican wrestling community as to whether or not this was kayfabe. "Parte de el SHOW," World Wrestling League (a competing promotion) president Richard Negrin tweeted. I wasn't there (obviously) so I can only go on the footage. It could have been scripted, it could have been a shoot. Just be aware of that after you watch this video. End update.

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