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Alberto Del Rio Claims To Have Legitimate Dislike For The Miz - Says He's Like A Little Girl

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Alberto Del Rio made an appearance on 95.7 The Game in San Fransisco yesterday to promote tonight's Smackdown live event in San Francisco and was very candid in his comments. He said early in the interview he didn't like most of the boys in the locker room when asked if they hung-out outside of work.

Del Rio claimed to have legitimate hatred for The Miz and said he's tried to "punch him in the face" several times. He said The Miz "is like a little girl" and called him a "stupid little kid." One of the hosts agreed with him, saying he had the same opinion of The Miz when he was on their program. Del Rio concluded by saying The Miz didn't have many female fans because he is "fat and ugly."

So much for anti-bullying and Be-A-Star. You can listen to the full interview at

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