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Alberto Del Rio Misses Scheduled Booking, Whereabouts Unknown

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Alberto Del Rio, who now works as Alberto El Patron, missed a scheduled booking on Sunday in Houston, Texas. The word making rounds is that he “no-showed” the booking as the promoters claim they’ve had no contact with him. James Caldwell from the PWTorch website attended the event and filed a report.

Clutch City Productions issued this statement:


We would like to sincerely apologize to all the fans that came out expecting to see Alberto "El Patron" (Del Rio) in action tonight. Alberto was advertised as the main event for the "Bustin for Autism" charity event in Houston (Pasadena) TX and he did not show up.

Fans in the Houston area are familiar with our company and know that we have an excellent reputation. We would never false advertise any talent or mislead the fans. We will always state the facts, as of 11:55PM we have not received any information from Alberto's "camp" as to why he did not appear at the event. Alberto helped us promote the event through his social media and as of 9:00PM yesterday there has always been constant communication. Alberto was given money up front as a deposit, he was provided with a four-star hotel, as well as first class air-fare. We followed through with all the terms that were required by Alberto and have numerous e-mails, and text with all this information.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances sometimes happen and we are hoping that Alberto is doing well. It is unclear what caused the "no-show" but it is very difficult to comprehend as to why we weren't notified by a member of his camp. Alberto was to appear at an autograph session before his match from 4:00PM-6:00P, we have been attempting to contact him since 12:00PM today. Nevertheless, we scrambled and did everything possible to make sure that the fans of LoneStar Championship Wrestling left satisfied. Special thanks to professionals such as Tommy Dreamer & Lance Hoyt (who put on a hardcore match as the main event), and Gene Snitsky (who faced Carson in Alberto's place).

Again, we thank all the fans that came out tonight and supported a great cause!

Lone Star Championship Wrestling issued this statement:

We agree with and stand behind the comments of Clutch City Productions 100%. Like many, we were disappointed by Alberto El Patron's unexplained absence. We thank our loyal fans, who continually support our events and talent, for their understanding. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and/or supported this special event, where we joined with Clutch City Productions to benefit Bustin 4 Autism.

At press time, Del Rio had not posted on social media since Saturday.

Richard Reacts: I am now asking anyone that has Del Rio's phone number to give him a call and/or send him a text message to check in on him. I am somewhat concerned. Thanks!

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