Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez On Babyface Turn, Wrestlemania 29


Fox News Latino did an interview with World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. In it, they discuss the babyface turn and Wrestlemania 29. Del Rio revealed his father will be in attendance.

Below are the highlights:

Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez on babyface turn:

“I was having a blast being the bad guy of the movie, but I’m also having fun being the baby face, the good guy,” Del Rio told Fox News Latino.

“At this point in time [the fans] prefer us being a good guy,” said Ricardo Rodriguez, a WWE performer who serves as Del Rio’s personal ring announcer.

Alberto on Wrestlemania 29:

“It’s going to be an amazing night not only for me but everyone in Mexico and around the world,” said Del Rio. “We’re going to make history.”

“My father’s going to be there,” said Del Rio. “We don’t have too many successful people from Mexico doing things like this.”

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