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Alberto Del Rio Story Gets Weirder w/Triple H Endorsement

For those that believe Friday's Tweets on the verified WWE Twitter account regarding Alberto Del Rio being responsible for his own actions were the result of social media manager Cody Barbierri (the employee that Del Rio allegedly slapped) going into business for himself, think again.

Triple H Re-Tweeted the comments on his verified account, making it known the office is well aware the Tweets were made. It feels like there is still more to the story, as all of this goes completely against WWE's protocol for releasing talent. The idea that Barbierri instigated a racially charged situation with an inappropriate joke and Del Rio retaliated, doesn't make complete sense. While Del Rio isn't well liked backstage, it seems unlikely that Hunter (or anyone high up in the WWE office) would take sides in such an incident.

By the way this is playing out, either Del Rio was clearly 100% at fault for the incident or it's part of some type of storyline. Sources suggest it's not an angle, so we'll assume the former at this time.

Below are the Tweets from the verified WWE Twitter account with Triple H's Re-Tweet, in which we take as an endorsement:

Triple H Shoots

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