Alberto El Patron Involved In Another Booking Controversy

Alberto Del Rio

Alberto El Patron is facing another controversy after being pulled from a show promoted by Germany's Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw). The promotion posted on their Facebook page about the change yesterday. The translation of the post reads:

With great regret that we must by Westside Xtreme Wrestling and Swiss Wrestling Entertainment you announce that Alberto El Patron will not perceive its bookings in Europe. We have fixed these dates already December 2014 after its cancellation for Superstars of Wrestling and then have flights from a particular city with a certain airline in the category Economy Plus agreed. Corresponding screenshots of its management are. On Saturday we have now written and six days before the event in Switzerland requires a flight from a small Mexican State in the category Business Class Albertos manager - cost point for this flight are at present around 7000 US dollars.

We have of course made and offered to cancel the flight, Alberto pay the cancellation fee and to allow him or his management book itself through its existing frequent flyer miles a flight on our existing agreement. This has rejected his manager and decided that Alberto El Patron and El Hijo de Dos Caras their bookings at 16.10. in Bern and at 17.10. will not perceive in Mannheim, despite the existence of the agreed flight. Although this is outside our control, we would like to apologize wrestling fans with you - a collaboration with this wrestler and this management is excluded for us in the future

El Patron

>tweeted a response later in the day to defend himself. Patron claims that he is always flown business class and not coach when being booked and that wXw didn't give proper itinerary and information regarding the trip. The full statement can be seen below. Click here to load (if not loaded)

This isn't the first time Patron has been involved in a booking controversy. We reported earlier this summer on Patron no showing an event in Texas, but that eventually got worked out.

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