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Alicia Fox On WWE Hangout, John Cena & Damien Sandow At NXT

Damien Sandow

Alicia Fox on WWE Hangout

Alicia Fox was featured on a new episode of WWE Hangout on Thursday. You can watch it at this link or embedded in the video below:

John Cena & Damien Sandow at NXT

John Cena and Damien Sandow capped Thursday night's WWE NXT tapings in Winter Park, Florida with "The Damien Sandow Show." Below is a recap from our taping results:

Damien Sandow came out and said he would like to present the next step to cleasing the unwashed masses: The Damien Sandow Show! The cage lowering music plays and a table is lowered and a chair is placed for Sandow along with a red phone on the table. He said his first guest is the WWE Champion: John Cena. Sandow asked how he will deal with Ryback at Extreme Rules. The phone on the table rings. Sadie tells it says silence. It rings again. Cena answers. Sandow takes it and tells it silence. He throws it out of the ring again. Crowd chants “it’s your mom”. Sandow asks the crowd to not disgrace mother Sandow. He tells Cena he gets to hear him perform. Cena says that phone call was very important and that it was his cable company calling about his after hours PPVs. Sandow says it was documentary ppvs. It rings again and Cena made some comments until Sandow made him hang up.

You can view a photo below:

Jim Ross, who was at the taping, weighed in with his thoughts on the segment:

The next NXT taping is May 23, 2013. We'll have full coverage here at

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