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Alternative #30 Entrant Fantasy Booking 2021 Royal Rumble


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The Rock makes his return to the WWE as the final entrant into the match and he immediately gets to work on Rollins, Sheamus and Keith Lee. He hits numerous Rock Bottom's on everyone in the ring and then goes face to face with Keith Lee in the ring.

Rock eliminates Sheamus first from the ring and this leaves us with Lee, Rollins, HHH and Rock as the final four in the match. Lee and Rock face off until Edge and Rollins break it up and then Edge and Rollins face off one on one. They brawl until Edge drops to the mat and Rollins back up for a Curb Stomp and Lee attempts to blast Rollins out of the ring however Rollins moves and drops the rope and Lee is eliminated. Rock then eliminates HHH from the Royal Rumble with Rock and Seth Rollins going face to face. 

Rock hits a rock bottom, people's elbow and then tosses Rollins over the top rope and wins the Royal Rumble

The Rock

This leads us to The Rock vs. Roman Reigns in Tampa, Fl for the Universal Championship and the head of the table. 

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