An Inside Look At The Success Of Total Divas, Jerry Lawler Reflects 1 Year Later


Total Divas Story Producer on Show's Success

The Temple News has an interesting article online featuring quotes from Total Divas story producer Mike Wehr. In it, he talks about the show's success.

“You can usually get a sense of how good a show is going to be from your first day of work,” Wehr said. “If I’m watching something and I don’t laugh or sense drama, then I get worried. On ‘Total Divas,’ there was always some sort of nugget that could be translated into good television. The fact that the WWE fan base is so huge and E! was so gracious to promote it as much as it has definitely helps. But I didn’t think the numbers would go up every week. We went from a 1.3 to 1.7 [million] in just two weeks. That’s not unheard of, but I think the surprise of it all is that people didn’t expect a show about female wrestlers to rival shows like ‘The Kardashians.’”

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Jerry Lawler Reflects

One year after suffering a heart attack on live WWE television, Jerry Lawler reflected on Twitter:

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